wordpress plugin nextgen gallery review

we written wordpress plugin nextgen gallery review. NextGEN Gallery most downloaded gallery plugin which makes us to organize your images and galleries.

NextGEN Gallery is a most downloaded wordpress gallery plugin which makes us to manage and organize your images and galleries. There are many wordpress gallery and sideshow plugins but nextgen gallery is most used and popular in wordpress world. In every second website we need to show the gallery or sideshow. For showing gallery or sideshow, Nextgen gallery is quickest and simple solution. Every wp designers and developers first choice for gallery or sideshow is Nextgen gallery plugin.

wordpress plugin nextgen gallery review

NextGEN Gallery

wordpress plugin nextgen gallery review  by purabtech.in
wordpress plugin nextgen gallery review

NextGEN Gallery is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin, and one of the most popular WordPress plugins of all time, with over 7.5 million downloads.

It provides a powerful engine for uploading and managing galleries of images, with the ability to batch upload, import meta data, add/delete/rearrange/sort images, edit thumbnails, group galleries into albums, and more. It also provides two front-end display styles (sideshows and thumbnail galleries), both of which come with a wide array of options for controlling size, style, timing, transitions, controls, lightbox effects, and more.



  • Very easy to install in wordpress and using Nextgen gallery is simple.
  • Simple and easy gallery management tools – It has simple image upload and gallery creation interface.
  • It works with custom post type very smoothly
  • Support of short codes so you can easily integrate anywhere in wp site
  • Easily create sideshow through NextGen gallery
  • Many types of effects and JS support using multiple plugins
  • There are many wordpress plugins which can adds effects to gallery or sideshow.
  • If you are wordpress developer then you can easily customize the plugin and add the new effect.
  • We can use Lightbox Plus, FancyBox and Lightbox-type wordpress plugins for gallery and sideshow.


  • We cannot include videos in gallery or youtube video in gallery
  • After upgrade of Nextgen gallery you must need to take backup of whole system because many times it will broke your website.
  • WordPress new version release issue – After new wordpress release, there is no guarantee to it will work in Nextgen gallery.
  • It consumes too much processor and so many database queries are fired on server.
  • Poor logic programming, poor user interface, slow user interface, lot’s of queries are just some of the many bugs and bad design of application
  • Performance is low it there are too many requests
  • No caching support.
  • No SEO support


If you have high traffic website then do not use the nextgen gallery plugin. If you have low traffic or any organization website then you should go for Nextgen gallery plugin.

There are so many supported plugins for Nextgen gallery, so you can add multiple effects using this plugin.

I used Next Gen gallery plugin for many of my sites. But there is always issue with up-gradation.

But SEO wise this plugin is not so nice.

use animated smileys and emoticons in wordpress post

Smiles and emoticons are always important show your expressions in short way. Earlier also I posted articles about same. Here is link about that. here in this article written about animated smileys. I given very detailed information to use animated smileys and emoticons in wordpress. animated smilyes and emotions are used everywhere now in mobile device.

use animated smileys and emoticons in wordpress

By default wordpress supports some basic emoticons. Here I can suggest some very cool wordpress plugins.

Kaskus Emoticons

Kaskus Emoticons is an emoticon set inspired by Kaskus, the Largest Indonesian Community – consisting of over a million active members from all over the world. The images which are used in this plugin are copyright of Kaskus

Speedy Smilies

Speedy Smilies takes emoticons in WordPress to the next level (where it should be already and hopefully one day will). The end goal is to make smilies load faster in the browser for visitors and make them easy to insert into posts/pages for authors. In addition to the speed benefits, Speedy Smilies allows authors to easily change the appearance of emoticons using smiley sets.

Speedy Smilies is free software licensed under the GNU GPL version 3.

Tango Smileys Extended

Tango Smileys Extended (TSE) disables the built-in WordPress smileys and extends the number of available smileys from 18 to 202. The extended smileys can be input using standard emoticon shorthand, or through the CTI (Click to Insert) interface. Smileys in comments is supported and may be inserted using the standard emoticon shorthand or through the CTI interface. MCEComments is also supported.

This version of Tango Smileys Extended is for WordPress 2.8+
WordPress versions pre-2.8 are no longer supported. If you are using WordPress 2.7.x, please use Tango Smileys Extended WordPress 2.6.x and earlier are only supported in versions of Tango Smileys Extended older than, and including,

Moods Addon for Ultimate TinyMCE

This plugin is designed to be used as an add-on to my Ultimate TinyMCE plugin. However, it can also be used as a stand-alone plugin as well.

For best results; You can download Ultimate TinyMCE here:

This addon will add a button to your visual tinymce editor for posts/pages. Clicking the button will open a popup window with over 50 professionally animated .gif smiley’s.

You can insert these smiley’s into your post/page content areas. Simply click a smiley, and it is automatically inserted into your content area.

Font Emoticons

Replaces WordPress’ smileys (based on images) with font-based emoticons (see screenshots). Font-based emoticons have some advantages:

  • They have the same size as the surrounding text. No more distorting the heights of lines containing smileys/emoticons. They always fit the font size.
  • They have the same color as the surrounding text.

The following emoticons are supported:

  • :) :-) :smile:
  • :( :-( :sad:
  • ;) ;-) :wink:
  • :P :-P :razz:
  • -.- -_- :sleep:
  • :thumbs: :thumbsup:
  • :devil: :twisted:
  • :o :-o :eek:
  • 8O 8o 8-O 8-o :shock: (No real icon for “shock” yet. Using “eek” instead.)
  • :coffee:
  • 8) 8-) B) B-) :cool:
  • :/ :-/
  • :beer:
  • :D :-D :grin:
  • x( x-( X( X-( :angry:
  • :x :-x :mad: (No real icon from “mad” yet. Using “angry” instead.)
  • O:) 0:) o:) O:-) 0:-) o:-) :saint:
  • :'( :'-( :cry:
  • :shoot:
  • ^^ ^_^ :lol:

Notes: * Emoticons must be surrounded with spaces (or other white space characters); e.g. the emoticon in that:)smile won’t be replaced * Emoticons won’t be replaced in HTML tags nor in <pre> or <code> blocks.


wp-monalisa is the plugin that smiles at you like monalisa does. place the smilies of your choice in posts, pages or comments.

There are a lot plugins for smiley support out there and some of them are really useful. Most of them don’t work out of the box and this is what wp-monalisa tries to achieve, giving you the ability to maintain your smilies and even turn them into img tags.

it’s easy and it smiles at you…what else do you want?


  • maintain your smilies in a separate directory
  • activate or deactivate smilies for posts or comments
  • replace smilies with img tags
  • extend or replace wordpress smiley replacement
  • while edit posts or pages, pops-up in a draggable meta-box
  • extends your comment form to give you visitors the freedom to smile 🙂
  • support for fckeditor (tested with v3.3.1)
  • fully integrated ith BuddyPress
use animated smileys and emoticons in wordpress post
use animated smileys and emoticons in wordpress post

link_to with image_tag in Rails

This is very basic form tag in rails. but some time you get confused about using this tag.

How to displays a image inside link_to instead of text?

Here is answer:
<%= link_to image_tag(“/images/submit.jpg”, :border=>0), :action => ‘create’ %>

Section Option:

<%= link_to image_tag(“/images/submit.jpg”, :border=>0,:class=>’sub20′), :url =>{:controller=> ‘user’,:action=>’create’}  %>

Paperclip with Rails for image manipulation

I used the spree e-Commerce CMS for checking or R&D of Spree code. Spree is the really nice and basic tool for e-Commerce CMS.

When i was going through Spree i got to know about paperclip plugin which is used for image manipulation. Earlier i used “attachment_fu” for image manipulation and file uploading in rails projects.

How to use “Paperclip

First install perperclip plugin to your project.

Windows and Linux user can use my code. (I used this in WindowsXP and Fedora 9)

#ruby script /plugin install https://svn.thoughtbot.com/plugins/paperclip/trunk/

through this command perperclip get installed in your project folder.

Many time you need photo upload functionality for customer

Here i used Customer contoller and Customer model for this lession

First run following command

#ruby script/generate paperclip ModelName FieldName

In my case command is:

#ruby script/generate paperclip Customer customer_pic

One migration file will be created through this command. Run that migration.

In Customer model file paste this code:

class Customer < ActiveRecord::Base
# Paperclip
has_attached_file :customer_pic,
:styles => {
:thumb=> "100x100#",
:small => "150x150>" }

Using this command you will save three pic(photo) in your system folder.

Default upload url of peperclip is (RAILS_ROOT/public/system/…)

You can use following lines in your model file. (copy & paste this code under styles code)

:url => “/uploads/:class/:attachment/:id/:style_:basename.:extension”,
:path => “:rails_root/public/uploads/:class/:attachment/:id/:style_:basename.:extension”

I added uploads folder front on :class. That is optional you can remove also.

If you are already having forms for customer and if you want to add that to form. Just use this code in your form tag.

:html => { :multipart => true

and in from <%= f.file_field :customer_pic%>

That sit. you need to add or use following code in View

<%= image_tag @user.customer_pic.url %>

<%= image_tag @user.customer_pic.url(:thumb) %>

Paperclip Validations

Here i giving some validation for Paperclip. You need to just copy & paste in to your model where you want to use image upload.

validates_attachment_content_type :avatar, :content_type => 'image/jpeg'

validates_attachment_presence :avatar

I found this plugin is very usefull for Me. It really saves lots of time.