9 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

We will give you 9 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site If you have been part of virtual world for some time, it’s least likely that you haven’t heard about WordPress, but did you know?

Speed Up Your WordPress
Speed Up Your WordPress

I think this might give you a hint of how popular WordPress is right now (and its popularity doesn’t seem to halt anytime soon!).

And oh, my bad, I forgot to mention these few bits:


Fact of the matter is that WordPress serves amazingly well as an efficient CMS platform, but it can slow down as well if it’s not optimized rightly. And trust me, you don’t want this. Why? Because a study by akamai.com shows that:

  • 47% people showing up on a website expect the page to load in less than two seconds.
  • 40% are likely to move elsewhere from a web page that takes over three seconds to load.
  • 52% of online shoppers confessed to show loyalty to a site whose web pages load quickly.

Speed Up Your WordPress

So, here I am with these 9 tips to help you get the best of WordPress in speed.

1. Start with a fast and reliable web hosting company

One of the simplest (and yet overlooked!) ways to improve your WordPress site is to resort to a fast as well as reliable web host. I recommend not going for cheap shared hosting solutions, as those are really overcrowded and you might end up sharing your hosting resources with hundreds of other users.

So many hosting companies impose various limitations to their shared hosting plans, hosting (read hording!) hundreds of sites on just one server to slash hosting fees, which chokes the resources. The better alternative is to go for a VPS or managed WordPress hosting depending upon your site visitors, business niche and financial viability.

2. Choose an efficient framework/theme

This is where sometimes even people having years of experience can make a mistake, i.e. choosing an inefficient and heavy framework/theme. Many people trade speed and efficiency of a WordPress framework/theme with unnecessary features, which can affect them seriously.

It’s better to keep away from bloated frameworks loaded with fancy features (which a serious web contender seldom needs) that can delay the process of crawling your site. Similarly, too much plugins also take a toll on your site speed. So, make sure you equip your website with only what it needs to keep up with its functionality seamlessly.

3. Resort to helpful caching plugins

Talking of plugins; instead of falling for some fancy plugins that might choke the speed of your site; go for caching plugins, which are designed to help improve page loading time significantly. The best thing is that you can get all of them on WP.org free of cost and they are not complicated to use at all.

Based on my personal experiences, I would recommend W3 Total Cache rather than trying anything else. It is loaded with all features that can help you better your site speed. It doesn’t take either much of time or effort in downloading, installing and using it.

4. Make use of a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

You might have never heard of this, but all those big blogs out there that you like so much, are making use of CDN, also known as Content Delivery Network. It is one great way of reducing loading time of a webpage.

What it does is collects all the static files present on your website (images, CSS, javascript, etc), places them strategically on a collection of serves across the globe. Now whenever a visitor wants to download them, he is routed to the server located closest to him geographically, saving much of his time doing so.

There is also another aspect to this. Since the content of your site is being loaded from multiple servers in different locations, any traffic spike is least likely to bother visitors.

5. Leverage image optimization

Many of you must have used or at least heard of Smush.it, a wonderful image optimizer used by Yahoo. It helps you reduce image file size drastically, more importantly, without affecting quality of the image.

The good news is that you can do the same on WordPress with a plugin called WP-SmushIt for free. In fact, if you have it installed, it will optimize all images that you choose to add to your site by itself, automatically, leaving not much on you to worry about.

6. Don’t forget about WordPress database optimization

Fact of the matter is that you cannot expect a database-driven website (all CMS-based sites including WordPress) to work well without optimizing your database.

There are a few things you have to consider in this regard, starting from monitoring code for slow queries. For sites on VPS or dedicated server, enabling query caching and optimizing database server configuration does the trick.

Or, you can resort to a wondrous tool like WP-Optimize plugin, which will take care of all such concerns without even letting you know when and how it’s done.

7. Homepage needs optimization too

Call it tweaking if too much of ‘optimization’ is driving you crazy, but you can’t overlook it if you want your WordPress site speed up. Though whole of your site should be fast enough, but homepage remains the most important part of your site, as majority of people will land there more than anywhere else on a website. Some of the things you can do to optimize homepage of your website include:

  • Limit the number of posts to be seen on a page.
  • Display a brief excerpt as an intro with your posts rather than showing full post.
  • Cut down the number of social sharing widgets on homepage

In short, these are just a few things to help you make your homepage load quick; ultimately do everything possible to keep it this way.

8. Introduce LazyLoad

Well, this is another great way of serving your visitors with a quickly loading webpage. It involves loading only those images on a webpage that are above the fold (the images which visitors can see in their browser windows). The next set of images is loaded as soon as a visitor scrolls down, minimizing loading time ingeniously.

This not only results in your page loading quickly, but it also helps in saving your bandwidth, as less data is loaded for users who don’t scroll down through the end.\

9. Avoid Pingbacks and Tracbaks

WordPress is designed to respond to the requests from other blogs featuring pingbacks and trackbacks by default, which ends up harming more than charming when it comes to site speed. Turning this intrinsic feature off in your WordPress settings will not affect the backlinks strengthening the position of your website; it will just reduce extra labor.

Over to you now

This is where my list to improve WordPress site speed ends for now, but this can’t be all about it, surely. That’s why I am handing it over to you now; feel free to share your experiences and opinions with us on this in the comment section below.

Top WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2016

We collected top WordPress Pricing Table Plugins. WordPress is used to create and manage the content written on websites. It is installed on a web server. A company after examining its various products, determines its price. Pricing table enlists the price of the products. The best thing a WordPress has, is its plugins.

Top WordPress Pricing Table Plugins 2016

Pricing table is up to the point and enlists only the information that would be needed by the consumer. It grabs the attention of the customer and help him make a comparison among different product and services. WordPress Pricing Table plugin helps to publish the pricing table on WordPress. Following are the plugins available:

Easy Pricing Tables Lite by Fatcat Apps

They are one of the most popular pricing tables these days. They help to create beautiful pricing and comparison tables that are easy to create and publish. They are gaining popularity as they don’t require any complex configurations or a code. Just a plugin is installed and it starts working. They have 10 design templates and a premium e-mail support. They come with pricing toggles, that lets the customers view the rates a business charging for a particular service in different currencies. Google Analytics add on are one of their more highlighting factors.

Pricing Table by Supsystic

It is one of the premium looking plugins. They come with a variety of theme options. It allows to create responsive pricing tables with a drag and drop builder. It carries various tooltips support which helps to create unlimited pricing tables. Column images and videos should be used to lend colours to the table.

Responsive Pricing Table

They come with a user friendly interface and clear cut designing which is easy to use. The best part is that the free version of the Responsive Pricing Table plugin is not limited.

WRC Pricing Table

It is a free WordPress plugin that displays the data in a more professional way. It uses a shortcode, to develop tables. The plugin is designed with clean CSS3, and no JavaScript is used. They come with easy functionality and are responsive to all devices. They give the user ample number of options as they come with unlimited background colours, rows and columns. The position of each feature can be changed any time and they are supported by all major browsers.

Go Pricing

WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables- They are used to create traditional pricing tables and supports several media elements including images, maps, audio and video. It comes with an intuitive admin panel, thus installation is easier. The plugin is integrated with Font Awesome, Icomoon, Linecon and Material Icons that can be used on the custom pricing table. They have more than 250 template designs and more than 650 Google Fonts. It offers an instant preview and have an access to unlimited buttons. It uses PayPal button shortcode.

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

It is a plugin based on pure CSS3 that allows to create beautiful plus responsive plugins. It is of premium pricing. One can choose from light and dark styles and each comes with 20 colour variations. HTML version of this plugin is the latest trend these days. It comes with an extensive admin panel, which gives the user full control over designing of the tables. They offer live configuration and comes with a feature of expandable rows.

Kento Pricing Tables Free

They offer customizable pricing plugin for WordPress. Kento Pricing Tables created with CSS and HTML which can create beautiful price tables, that won’t slow down the site. They have unlimited rows, columns and background image area. A responsive design with an easy to use admin panel is the highlighting factor. Size of rows and columns can be altered simply.

Pricing Table Extended

Pricing Table Extended is a free plugin which is easy to use and install. The highlighting feature is the unlimited theme options. It comes with a complete documentation page along the feature of translation. Basically, this plugin provides with four themes, but a user can create his own theme too.

Pure CSS Pricing Table

They are a pure coded table and involves no JavaScript. They help to create an unlimited CSS Responsive pricing table with an unlimited combination of colours and styles. It offers unlimited colours and layout selections. The tables can be easily customized and look of fonts can be changed. It is infused with pure CSS and HTML style and CSS3 tooltips.

Pricing Tables Builder WordPress Plugin DZS

It is a fully responsive plugin that uses HTML5 and CSS3 technology to make it a modern and high performing tool. It has an amazing admin panel that helps to create tables according to the requirement. They are optimized to suit iOS and Android requirements and are compatible with all the major browsers.

Pricing tables should be concrete and offer only the necessary information needed by a user. One can choose the plugin according to the requirements and make use of different fonts and styles to make the tables eye- catching.

List of SEO Plugins Alternative to Yoast

WP SEO plugins are most important these days. In this article, We collected List of SEO Plugins Alternative to Yoast. “Good SEO work only gets better over time. It is only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change” –Jill Whalen

Without a doubt, search engine optimization (SEO for brevity) remains to be one of the digital marketer’s ingenious techniques in getting a page seen, making a particular content relevant and having people discover that particular content. As SEO remains to be a vast field, the logistics regarding it are not as forthcoming and more often than not, would require years of continuous and consistent practice in order to master it.


This would require a deep commitment from SEO specialists to know more about the field. However, if you are committed to developing your content and are serious about your blogging, business or portfolio then it is highly imperative that you would enhance your authorship and brand presence. One of these ways is through SEO which would enable you to drive more organic traffic, customers and leads towards your website.

Apart from this, you need to have a deep understanding of the optimization of your website and have the essential tools and accessories necessary for it. As it is, most of you have probably chosen WordPress as your blog’s platform and you may have noticed Yoast as an effective tool assisting you in SEO on all essentials aspects. As a bonus, it would help you write better and riveting content as well. That is as far as it goes superficially, however in a technical sense, the Yoast plugin would compel you to choose a sole focus keyword when you are writing your articles and use that same focus keyword everywhere. However, Yoast is only one plugin and if you truly are committed to your craft, you know you would not want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Of course, you would want to diversify and seek other platforms alternative to Yoast as well and luckily for you, we have noted some of the best down below. They are all functional and have various options which you would soon find out as you read on below.

List of SEO plugins

1. Smart WordPress SEO

Boost your wordpress SEO: Full SEO features Meta Tags, webmaster tools settings, Social AuthorShip for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and XML sitemap
You do not need to do anything extra anything for wordpress SEO. Just setup properly smart wordpress SEO. This plugin will take care of all SEO properties.Super Fast
This plugin is really fast. Do not use any other SEO plugin with this because it will give all type of SEO.

You can enter your meta keywords and description for your homepage and each post and pages.

This plugin will add different Meta description for each individual post as your excerpt of your post.

This will help your blog to rank better in google. You can easily increase your blog traffic using this plugin.


Rank Reveal is an SEO tool with a premium service. It has a special feature which would allow you to discover the keywords for which you are currently ranking, which you could possibly rank higher in the future and the ones which were virtually nonexistent to you. Additionally, Rank Reveal would assist you in finding long tail keywords with high conversion minus the competition. Rank Reveal is one of the SEO plugins with the largest collection of ranking data which routinely oversees search engines for their website rankings and it also uses proprietary graph data.

This is a service which allows you to not only know regarding all the keywords for which you are ranking for on SERP but would also allow you to keep track on your competitor’s choice of keywords and their rankings.

3.) All in ONE SEO Pack

This is probably that one SEO plugin that is easily recognizable as it is famous worldwide and is predominantly one of the world’s most advanced SEO plugin that would encompass features built for bloggers, online business, magazines, and ecommerce. This SEO plugin comes in two versions: Free and a pro. The pro version would naturally offer you a multitude of other advanced features that are otherwise unavailable in its free counterpart. This includes premium support and installation.

All in ONE SEO Pack is perfect among bloggers who have little to no idea about SEO and who could not be bothered to perform any on page optimization. This plugin will automatically do it for you such as generating meta descriptions and meta keywords for your blog posts. Apart from that, it can even add alternate tags to all your images found within any of your posts. Lastly, this is the only SEO plugin which offers support for ecommerce websites making this that one catchall plugin ideal for advanced users and novices.

4.) SEOPressor

Another powerful WordPress-built SEO plugin that has the all-encompassing ability to manage all your posts, pages, custom post formats. Simply put, SEOPressor is a powerful plugin that would manage your complete website. Some of its features would include an inbuilt keyword research tool that would allow you to find long tail keywords and it allows you to use the drag and drop functionality which would insert the keyword into your content in just a click saving you fifteen to twenty minutes per post basis. Additionally, SEOPressor utilizes a powerful page and post analysis algorithm which would calculate the SEO stats of your content and would then give you a rating.

SEOPressor is also advantageous to bloggers trying to make their websites more social friendly as it adds a Facebook open graph and Twitter mediadata tags. Overall, SEOPressor is a powerful as well as a versatile alternative to the Yoast plugin.

5.) Google Sitemap

Another alternative SEO plugin that is easy to use but incredibly powerful is Google Sitemap which is developed by bestwebsoft. This plugin’s features would allow you to quickly create and submit your sitemaps to the Bing Webmaster or Google Webmaster tool and would generate the .gzip file which Google usually uses and considers. This SEO plugin is perfect for those who value simplicity yet maximum functionality as well as its support for many post formats.

6.) SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images is a plugin that allows you to rapidly increase your website visitors as you can divert traffic to your website from Google Image search. Statistics has shown that almost ten to fifteen percent of searches made on Google have something to do with pictures and graphics. Consider that even for only keywords such as SEO and blogging, even if your ranking is positioned in the third or fourth position in the image search, you are still able to drive hundreds of extra visitors to your website depending of course as to how attractive your particular photo or snapshot is.

This plugin would allow you to automatically add the alternate and title tags for every image on your individual posts.

Considering there is an abundance of diverse plugins available online, choosing one can be a bit overwhelming—especially for those of you who are still newbies to WordPress. However, this article has considerably narrowed your search by providing you five of the best alternatives to Yoast, but do consider that for every blogger and SEO specialist enthusiast out there, a certain alternative plugin would appeal to them. The same would apply to you whether your choice largely depends on which ones would align most to the needs of your website or which ones are easiest and most straightforward to use, just be sure you are well comfortable with the features and it would guarantee you maximum and optimal results.

When you have chosen one, do not just stop there, take a moment to get the general feel of the plugin and of course, do not be afraid to try some new others too. Remember, as the world of SEO is evolving so will the needs of your website and if you would want to keep up, you would have to be flexible and adaptable to these.

How to hide unwanted items from wordpress Admin Area

If you want to disable or hide unwanted items from wordpress admin area. There are many solutions and wordpress plugins available for admin features. I always like one wordpress plugin which is really great for admin area enhancement.

Main advantage of plugin is, it is truly opensource. you can modify this plugin as per your client and development needs. If you are wordpress developer than following information will be informative to you.

For development see this repository: https://github.com/bueltge/Adminimize The master branch is the current version and the new will leave in the v2.0 branch.

hide unwanted items from wordpress admin



If you manage a multi-author WordPress blog or WordPress sites for clients, then you may have wondered if it was possible to clean up the WordPress admin area for your users? There are lots of things in the WordPress admin area that your users don’t need to see or use. This plugin help you to hide unnecessary items from WordPress admin area.

Adminimize makes it easy to remove items from view based on a user’s role.

Search for helping hands

Over the time the plugin was extended the plugin with much requirements and his solutions. But the source is not easy to maintain for me, I’m unhappy with the source. I have learned about coding, architecture etc.

Currently I search for developer there will help on dev and support the plugin. The plugin have a github repository to easy add a issue or a create a fork, pull request. Also to add issues to understand problems.

Especially the functionality for WP Multisite is currently more a hack as a solution. But is very complex, not easy to create a solution for this.

Following are some admin screen of this plugin.

hide unwanted items from wordpress admin
hide unwanted items from wordpress admin


Support Custom Options on all different post types

With version 1.6.1 it is possible to add own options for hide areas in the backend of WordPress. It is easy and you must only forgive ID or class of the tag. Also it is possible to use a fixed menu and header.

Support Custom Post Type

Also it is possible with version 1.7.18 to use on custom post types; hide ‘unnecessary’ areas on the custom post types for different roles and post types.

Compatibility with the plugins for MetaBoxes in Write-area

  1. You can add your own options, you must only see for css selectors


  1. WordPress version 2.8 and later

This plugin has wide range of version support.

Best of wordpress plugins for woocommerce

WooCommerce is great tool for e-commerce solution. Many websites are using wooCommerce as e-commerce base in their site. WordPress itself is SEO friendly and great CMS tool for any website building.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce
WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.

With endless flexibility and access to hundreds of free and premium WordPress extensions, WooCommerce now powers 30% of all online stores — more than any other platform.

Here we collected great collection of wordpress plugins which enhance woocommerce functionality.

wordpress plugins for woocommerce

Here are some great wordpress plugins which we can use with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

WooCommerce Custom Product Designer
WooCommerce Custom Product Designer

New powerful Design Tool. This plugin helps you build a website allow customers design or customize shirts, business cards, phone case and any prints before the order. Business solution for the printing and embroidery.

WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)


For more information go here

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager
WooCommerce Customer Relationship Manager

For more information go here


Bookly – Responsive WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling Plugin

Bookly – Responsive WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling Plugin
Bookly – Responsive WordPress Appointment Booking and Scheduling Plugin

Bookly Plugin – is a great easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool for Service providers who think about their customers. Plugin supports wide range of services, provided by business and individuals service providers offering reservations through websites. Setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easily with Bookly!

Bookly perfectly supports:

  • beauty, massage, wellness and healthcare reservations;
  • sports, trainings, dance, fitness, yoga, pilates appointments;
  • scheduling learning and educational courses, tutors and helpers;
  • organisation of special events and free-time activities;
  • searching and booking of visit to photographers, stylists, placing requests for babysitters, dogwalkers etc.

WP-HTML Mail – Customized Emails for WooCommerce

WP-HTML Mail - Customized Emails for WooCommerce
WP-HTML Mail – Customized Emails for WooCommerce

Create your own professional e-mail template within a few minutes without any coding skills.
Easily change texts, colors, fonts, pictures, tables and alignment and see all your changes immediately in the live preview.
You don’t need any coding skills, you won’t even see any HTML or CSS code. Everything can be edited via simple menus and buttons.

WooCommerce Selective Registration

WooCommerce Selective Registration
WooCommerce Selective Registration

WooCommerce Selective Registration allows you to require account registration for certain products in WooCommerce. It supports both simple and variation products.

WooCommerce gives the option to enable guest checkout, which allows anyone access to purchase any published product. Alternatively, disabling guest checkout, users are not able to purchase products without registering or logging in. WooCommerce Selective Registration allows you to set which products should require a user to register and/or log in to purchase, while keeping your e-commerce shop open to guests.

WooCommerce to Shopify Exporter

WooCommerce to Shopify Exporter
WooCommerce to Shopify Exporter

WooCommerce to Shopify Exporter is a WordPress plugin that allows you to instantly export all your WooCommerce products (including all their data) to a Shopify compatible file. All is left for you is to import the file to Shopify and enjoy the swiftness of the process – within a short while, you could have ALL your product in your Shopify shop. All it takes for you is two clicks!

Preparing the Exporter takes no longer than a few minutes. The Exporter’s Control Panel is very well documented, and choosing the right settings is designed as a easy step-by-step guide.

WooCommerce Coming Soon Product with Countdown

WooCommerce Coming Soon Product with Countdown
WooCommerce Coming Soon Product with Countdown

WooCommerce Coming Soon Product lets you to enable coming soon mode for products with time to launch it. Products will be automatically launched on that time, and will show a countdown timer until that time overs.

It removes the “add to cart” button from product when product is in coming soon mode, and also lets you to enable email subscriptions for each product.

An email will be sent automatically to all subscribers of that product when product will release. You can also customize email Subject and Contents for each product and can use HTML in Email Contents.

You can also customize Clock colors, and it has ability to hide/show price and tabs when product is in coming soon mode. Short description can also be customized.

Visual Composer – Woocommerce Grid with Carousel

Visual Composer - Woocommerce Grid with Carousel
Visual Composer – Woocommerce Grid with Carousel

WooCommerce Grid Layout Main Features

  • 100% Responsive Design Layouts.
  • 6 Grid Style Available( Grid / List)
  • Quick View
  • 9 effect for Inline popup
  • Custom Columns Layout
  • Custom background Color and hover background color
  • Fit row and Masonry Grid Layout
  • WPML supported.
  • SEO friendly code
  • Pagination
    • Show more
    • Infinite Scroll
    • Number Pagination
  • Any many more…visit here

Stack Slider add-on for Visual Composer

Stack Slider add-on for Visual Composer
Stack Slider add-on for Visual Composer

Stack Slider is a great add on for Visual composer and a truly impressive way to showcase you UI/UX, portfolio, store or any kind of content in your WordPress theme.

This is a sleek and edgy slider, applicable to every theme supporting Visual Composer, which will make your content outstanding and your site memorable.

You can easily select your content by choosing from posts, pages, custom post types, WooCommerce products, categories, tags, displaying order and and much more. You can build every slide like you’re building a normal page with Visual Composer. You can use 3d party shortcodes for slider content and embed audio, video, iframes, shortcodes for slider content or even use your theme styled Visual Composer elements for slider content. It is extremely flexible in terms of adjustments and very user friendly.


Add Email Subscriptions to WordPress Site

what is email subscription? when you publish new article in your site that time, you want to send email to all your subscribers. Simply that called email subscription.

Importance of Email subscription

Add Email Subscriptions to WordPress Site
Add Email Subscriptions to WordPress Site

First benefit is, you can increase your  site visitors and views using email subscriptions. You will be able notify your wordpress user about site activity and new articles or posts. It will attract more readers to your website.

List of WordPress plugins for email subscription

Simple Subscribe

Simple Subscribe
Simple Subscribe

Simple Subscribe is the only bulletproof secure plugin, that is easy to use and developers friendly as well. It gives you the power to simply add subscription form to your WordPress website, as a widget, shortcode or using php in your template codes.

This plugin has integrated ReadyGraph, an optional set of features to automate the growth of your userbase. It helps you achieve the three goals of any web marketer: maximize conversion of site visitors to register for your email list, maximize viral referrals for your site, and maximize return visits to your site. To accomplish this, we have integrated a key set of growth features with this plugin: – Intelligent signup popup with email or one-click Facebook login – Full viral referral flow – Automated end user re-engagement emails including welcome emails, weekly digest, friend joined alert and more (all email campaigns are optional and configurable) – Enhanced email deliverabilty – Cloud-based analytics and data storage – Settings that allow you to turn on and off all ReadyGraph features.

Email Subscription

The plugin provides a admin page where you can customize the emails to be sent. There is also a widget to be customized in the widget panel. The plugin uses WordPress schedule events (wp-cron) to schedule emails. For more information see installation page or the Webfish homepage.

Feedburner Email Subscription

Feedburner Email Subscription
Feedburner Email Subscription

This plugin gives your biggest fans another way to keep up with your content feed by placing an email subscription form on your site. The email subscription uses the Feedburner RSS driven service to fetch your site content, and deliver it to your subscribers. Easy to use and customize, just put your Feedburner site name and you are ready to launch. Email content sent automatically by Feedburner.



Subscribe2 provides a comprehensive subscription management and email notification system for WordPress blogs that sends email notifications to a list of subscribers when you publish new content to your blog.

This plugin has integrated ReadyGraph, an optional set of features to automate the growth of your userbase. It helps you achieve the three goals of any web marketer: maximize conversion of site visitors to register for your email list, maximize viral referrals for your site, and maximize return visits to your site. To accomplish this, we have integrated a key set of growth features with this plugin: – Intelligent signup popup with email or one-click Facebook login – Full viral referral flow – Automated end user re-engagement emails including welcome emails, weekly digest, friend joined alert and more (all email campaigns are optional and configurable) – Enhanced email deliverabilty – Cloud-based analytics and data storage – Settings that allow you to turn on and off all ReadyGraph features.

6 Cool Apps For WordPress Bloggers

Blogging offers an ultimate platform to express your thoughts and share them over the Internet. And, WordPress makes an unconditional choice as a remarkable blogging platform, thanks to its intuitive interface, great customizability, and expansive list of themes and plugins support.

Cool Apps For WordPress Bloggers

The great innovation spurring the advancement in mobile technology and the mobile application landscape, altogether offer an awesome opportunity to bloggers by allowing them to blog anytime and anywhere via their handy device. This is not it. It also supports various other tools that can elevate the productivity of a blogger while facilitating him to proficiently manage his blog.

To help you rely on the right applications for conveniently handling your WordPress blog, here are a few of the worthwhile mobile apps; let’s have a glance into them.

1. BlogPad Pro for WordPress & Blogger – A Premium Application

BlogPad Pro for WordPress & Blogger
BlogPad Pro for WordPress & Blogger

This iPad application allows one to flawlessly manage all the WP blogs, irrespective of the number of user accounts you have. As, the app allows you to work in offline mode as well, you can use this application anywhere as per your desire. Due to this offline support, you can consistently work without getting interrupted with the poorer or no Internet connection. Moreover, it will automatically sync the entire work, once you will be connected to the Internet. You won’t need to worry about losing your work, because it is supported with autosave and conflict management features.

2. Simplenote – A Free Application


Autommatic who is the maker of WordPress has developed Simplenote. This free Android application offers a great way to manage notes, create lists, etc. While allowing you to seamlessly sync with any device, it delivers expedite and efficient performance. You can easily scour your notes and keep them in an uncluttered format by using suitable tags and pins. It, thus, offers a brilliant way to quickly jot down your creative ideas in an organized fashion.

3. Grafio – A Premium Application


You might wonder that why I have included this kind of application in this list. This is so because it can’t be gainsaid that a blog or almost every blog post needs a well designed strategy graphical elements. Grafio is an outstanding application that allows one to efficiently draw neat flow charts, diagrams, etc. It offers tools to users with which they can draw, sketch or drag existing designs on a digital canvas. You can easily connect with your ideas and implement them in the right direction by using an app like Grafio. Moreover, this popular iOS application helps one to stay productive and accomplish the task with a flair.

4. Photo Editor – A Free Application

Photo Editor
Photo Editor

Images play a crucial role in creating impressive blogs. With a smartphone in pocket, one can easily click a photograph as and when desire, and this image can be attached in a blog. However, if you need some tool to precisely edit an image, the Photo Editor application makes a great choice. While you can resize, crop and edit a photograph, this Android app also allows one to define effects, drawings and texts on them.

5. Flipboard – A Free Application

Flipboard – A Free Application
Flipboard – A Free Application

I believe that Flipboard application is an invaluable application that is available for both iOS and Android users. You can access your various social media streams, like Google+, Facebook, Google Reader feeds, Twitter, etc., in a beautiful manner. This excellent application can also centralize a stream of all the crucial stories. Thus, in case if you won’t have enough time to explore every news, you will have a list of all the vital stories curated under a section. By browsing latest news content on a daily basis, a blogger can easily come up with an impressive and fresh blog idea to write about in his next blog post.

6. Pocket – A Free Application


Flipboard – A Free Application
Flipboard – A Free Application

Bloggers often like to browse the Internet on their handy device as and when they get some time. While browsing, it often happens that due to limited time, you have to leave some insightful and resourceful articles in between or without reading. With an app like Pocket, you can save the links of the posts that you like the most and continue reading them later. What it does is, it downloads a minimalist version of a blog post, article, etc., that you wish to read later. Thereby, allowing you to easily read the article whenever you get time.

Wrapping Up

Whether you consider the Apple App store or the Google Play store, application stores are loaded with truckloads of applications designed and developed to serve various purposes. If you are a WP blogger and want to have some useful apps on your device that can help you stay productive while allowing you to manage your blog with a flair, there are numerous apps that can cater to your needs. A few of them are enlisted above, get a suitable one installed on your device and have a wonderful blogging experience.


Best stores for sell your wordpress themes and plugins

Want to make money through selling premium themes and plugins and searching for best Best stores or marketplaces to sell your themes and plugins easily. CMS programs are gaining popularity. WordPress itself owns marketshare of 18.9% between all websites. No doubt, If you are wordpress developer than you can earn money through wordpress themes and plugins.

Where to sell your wordpress themes and plugins

Best stores for sell your wordpress themes and plugins
Best stores for sell your wordpress themes and plugins

Here we made list of best and famous wordpress stores which will sell your wordpress themes and plugins.

1. Themeforest

Themeforest is one of the major marketplaces by Envato.  Themeforest boasts over 10,000 themes & templates that have been published on the site by over 2,500 authors.

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2. Creative Market

Creative Market allows designers to sell WP themes, templates, and all manner of graphic design goods on their site. Creative Market is different from the other marketplaces in that there is no review process.


3. CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon is another marketplace by Envato.  If you’re looking to sell WordPress plugins, CodeCanyon is a good candidate for your products.


4. WP Shop

WP Shop also allows developers to submit free themes, so you could leverage the platform for additional distribution of your free themes as well. WP Shop is a new marketplace for theme designers to sell their work.



5. Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes, a quickly growing marketplace has nearly 1,000 themes & templates listed.  While smaller than themeforest, Mojo is a growing marketplace and a serious contender for listing your products.


6. WP Eden

WP Eden allows other to upload and sell WordPress themes and plugins on their growing marketplace. While WP Eden doesn’t have the scale of other marketplaces, it’s a good opportunity to create a new revenue stream for any developer selling themes and/or plugins.


Hope you will found useful this list. If you have more suggestion than please write in comments.

Is WordPress A Good Foundation For Mobile Apps

Business site owners and bloggers can’t afford to ignore mobile. As PC sales stall and tablets and smartphones become ubiquitous, the revenue being generated from mobile interactions is skyrocketing. WordPress theme developers have been on the case for quite a while, with many responsive and mobile-first themes available that look good on devices of any size. But, even with responsive design, sites are missing out on many of the features that make mobile so powerful.

Is WordPress A Good For Mobile Apps

Without the ability to tie into a phone’s hardware, place icons or widgets on the device’s home screen, and access notification mechanisms, there are limits to what a site can do. To properly leverage the advantages of mobile, site owners should be thinking about mobile apps. But, mobile app development is expensive. Many businesses can’t afford to invest in the creation of a high-quality mobile application built from scratch by an experienced developer.

Is WordPress A Good For Mobile Apps
Is WordPress A Good For Mobile Apps

There have been plugins that can create an app “wrapper” for WordPress sites for some time. They solve half the problem: a web view of the site allows site owners to launch an app without having to invest in development, but this approach is seriously limited and usually doesn’t offer an experience for users that improves significantly on a visit to the site in a web browser.

AppPresser is a new breed of premium plugin that seeks to ease the process of making a WordPress site truly mobile without having to start from scratch. AppPresser is capable of taking a WordPress site and wrapping it in a native app, just like many previous plugins, but where it differs is that it makes available — for a price – extensions that allow the site to communicate with the phone’s hardware. For example, with the AppGeo extension, site owners can use a phone’s native geolocation tools, or with AppCamera, users can take and upload images to the site using a device’s camera.

Once the plugin has been properly integrated with the site, the app can be packaged ready for submission to the iOS app store or the Android Play Store. It’s a nifty plugin and out of the box it offers a range of useful features, but to get the maximum benefit it’s helpful to have at least some development experience. To make the most of AppPresser, you’ll need knowledge of JavaScript, which will allow you to use the Phonegap API that comes along with the plugin, writing your own custom integrations with the device hardware.

AppPresser is a clever solution for businesses and site owners who want to go mobile but don’t want to implement an expensive parallel development effort for a mobile application.

Converting WordPress Site to a Mobile App: Plugins Worth Considering

According to an online survey, Smartphone users around the world spend 85 percent of their mobile time in using apps. And so, no matter how great your WordPress website may function or look, you might not be able to drive good traffic to your site if you don’t have a mobile app. But, developing a mobile app can turn out to be challenging task even when you need to develop a small app (especially for the first time developers or technophobes). Fortunately, there are many great plugins out there that makes the task of turning your site to a mobile app a hassle-free process.

 convert wordpress site to mobile app



If you’re searching for a plugin that help convert your site into a complete native app for iOS and Android devices, then Mobiloud plugin is worth a try. The plugin can be installed for free and allows you to design native applications for WordPress with ease, without the need of writing any code. In addition, you can even preview the app and test it on your device. But, you’ll have to invest a little to publish your mobile app on Google play Store or Apple app store.

Key features:

  • Help in updating your mobile app content automatically.
  • Allows customizing the app using your own custom styling options (like colors, icon, logo, etc.)
  • Allows automatic as well as manual push notifications and much more.




Want to turn your WordPress powered blog to a native app without spending a dime? Then, Worona will prove a suitable option. Worona is available in two different parts: the first one is the WordPress plugin (that sends your site content to the app), and the second one is the popular Corona SDK that helps code your native application.

Key Features:

  • It works in an easier and faster manner.
  • Help build native apps for iOS 7 and Android versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.4.
  • The app built using Worona supports many different extensions including Push Notification, Rate my app, and Enhanced List. This help in enhancing the app functionality.




AppPressor is one of the leading app building tools that converts any WordPress site (like news site, e-commerce site, etc.) into a mobile application having native device features. It even allows compiling your app using the popular PhoneGap app development framework. Once your app is compiled with PhoneGap Build, it is being submitted to the iOS and Android app stores.

Key Features

  • Offer tools to customize your app.
  • Allow to update your app in real time.
  • Provides integration with WordPress features like content, plugins, etc.
  • Gives control on hosting the app just like any WordPress site.

Mobile App Convertor

Mobile App Convertor
Mobile App Convertor

This is another free plugin, which helps in converting a WordPress site to a fully-functional mobile app in just a matter of few seconds. Plus it doesn’t require you to have any coding skills. You just need to follow a few simple steps, for converting your site to a mobile application extremely using the plugin intuitive interface.

Key Features:

  • Help in publishing your app on app markets such as Windows Phone Market, App-store and Google Play.
  • Provide the ability to preview your site as a mobile app on your own device.
  • Offer the capability to hide elements of your app from visitors.
  • Provide complete professional technical support.



In case you want to mobilize your WordPress site, by creating a HTML5 mobile application for platforms such as Windows Phone, iPhone and Android, then WiziApp is the right choice for you. The best part of this WordPress plugin is that it is free to download.

Key Features:

  • It helps in building your own custom app with the help of a user-friendly wizard.
  • Allows previewing how your customized app looks in real-time.
  • Allows publishing the app on two most important app store, such as: Google Play Store and Apple app store.

WP App Maker

WP App Maker
WP App Maker

This is another great option for transforming your WordPress blog into a mobile application in just 5 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to monitor your app usage using Google Analytics tool for Mobile.
  • Let you publish your apps once you’ve created your account on AdWhirl.
  • Offers lot of customization options like customizing text color, background and more.


The need for mobile apps is only going to increase in the coming years, and thus it makes sense to prepare your WordPress sites for the mobilegeddon. And the best way to do so requires converting your site into a mobile application. Doing so, will also help you expand your reach to a large number of potential users. If you lack programming skills, but want to transform your WordPress site/blog to a mobile app, then the aforementioned list of plugins can prove useful assets for you.