Gaining Popularity Of WordPress Cloud Hosting

Over the years, Wordpress Cloud Hosting has gain popularity. Well, if you ask what or where is the cloud, then there is no object that can be pointed as the cloud. It refers to the structure, where different computers are used to store data through a network connection. Data is stored in various connected hard drives that act like a virtual disk with unlimited capacity. All over the globe users uses WordPress the online content management system and even many companies are powered by this online CMS.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

However, they require hosting services that can handle the internet traffic. Cloud hosting helps in this aspect. They integrate the website with the network which helps the pages to load fast.

Features of cloud hosting

With the help of this hosting service, organizations can retrieve data that has been damaged or destroyed. The emerging popularity of cloud hosting is mostly due to its varied features.

  • Simplicity- user interface is simple and with few clicks, you can secure data, resize the server and create a new server.
  • Affordable- you need to pay only for the data or the resource that you have used. Users are charged hourly, that makes it affordable to users.
  • Scalable- as per your need you can scale up or down the server without wasting any resource.
  • Reliable- compared to a shared server, it is reliable, as if there is any issue with one server it does not affect the other servers.
  • Customizable- you can even customize the server by specifying the location and operating system.
  • Secure- your content is safe in this hosting. There is provision of continuous backup that ensures that it is stored safely and can be access at any point of time.

Always professional help provided

It is important to notice that WordPress hosted on the cloud is scalable than on shared host or on a dedicated one. The servers of the cloud are optimized to enable smooth functioning of WordPress. The server is tested with a different version of the CMS and the professionals make sure that the probable issues that might arise are fixed. Professionals like the system administrators and technicians who have expertise related to WordPress provide a viable solution related to cloud hosting. With various innovative solutions, they ensure that it runs effectively on the cloud hosting.

Regular updates available

A number of benefits are attached to the use of Cloud hosting for WordPress. Managed cloud hosting service provides a continuous update to the CMS, if any new application is introduced. You need not have to update plug-ins or themes as that is done by the server. Malware is a big issue of concern, especially when internet traffic is concerned. Cloud server uses various security applications that prevent the website from facing any security threat. The server takes regular backup of data either on a daily basis or a weekly basis. It also provides extra security as in case there is any security breach, a website can be restored from the server in its error free form.

Scales their resources

According to the requirement of the website, the server offers to scale their resources. If there is a surge in the traffic in a blog, you can add resources to it. If you are under the fear that if there is a crash in the server what will be the plight of your blog or website, then you can be sure. Since WordPress is hosted on a number of servers, even if one server crashes, the other keeps it running. It also reduces the downtime of the server.
The control panel of the hosting services is user friendly. Adding or removing resources, managing emails, deleting spam, all is easy with this control panel. Owing to a number of reason use of cloud hosting for WordPress has gained popularity.

Solve internal server error for wordpress

Many times we face the issue of internal server error for many wordpress sites. To Solve internal server error for wordpress sites. You can use the following techniques and tips. First do not hurry to take action. Before doing anything you need to take database backup first then you need to see the apache server logs and mysql db slow logs. If you are using the shared hosting then you can check the access and error logs.

we face the issue of internal server error for wordpress for many wordpress sites. To Solve internal server error for wordpress sites. first check error log

HTTP 500 Internal Server Errors , if you seeing on the sites. then do not get worried. Internal Server Error is one of the common WordPress errors. All types of errors can be fixable so don’t worry. There should be some reasons behind internal server errors.

Solve internal server error for wordpress
Solve internal server error for wordpress

Note: First take the database backup and If possible to take the filesystem backup easily then take filesystem backup.

Solve internal server error for wordpress

PHP memory limit issue

Many times php memory limit will cause the internal server error. If you have dedicated server then you can easily change the php memory limit. you need increase the memory limit and restart the apache server. Many times if you use the new theme or new plugin. After activating the theme or plugin you might face the internal server error issue. Because new theme or plugin might need more memory for execution.

But if you are using the shared hosting then you need to set memory limit in your own php.ini file and put that file into your root folder of hosting.

Check the .htaccess file

Due to some issue your .htaccess file is corrupted which is present in your root directory folder of wordpress installation. Before doing anything first take backup of .htaccess file using filezilla or any ftp client. Then rename the .htaccess file to .htaccess-old and after that login to wordpress admin panel. Go to Permalink section and save it again. That will regenerate the .htaccess file again.

I think this will solve your issue.

Deactivate all the plugins

If you are able to login to wordpress admin panel then go to plugin section and deactivate all the plugins. It is possible, any plugin is breaking your site. If you are not able to login to wordpress admin panel then follow the following steps.

Use ftp client and go to wp-content folder and rename the plugins folder to plugins-backup. Then create the empty plugins folder in same place.

This way you are deactivating the all the plugins. I think this will solve your issue 100%.

Delete or Deactivate used theme

Many times I faced the issue when I activate the new theme. Site stops working. Not too worry. Just use any ftpclient and delete the new theme from themes folder. First take backup of your theme folder.

Contact to your hosting provider

If you are using the shared hosting then only you can contact to your hosting provider. Write a email about your site issue and when that happened.

I Hope above article will help you about solving the issue. Still you are facing issue then check the http error and access logs. You can write to me about issue.

Using above steps you will able to Solve internal server error for wordpress.

WordPress Got Some Key Updates For Android

WordPress for Android Got Update – Superb Media Handling, Improved Gallery Support & Better Stats. Finally on this week, WordPress Got Some Key Updates.

WordPress Got Some Key Updates For Android

WordPress for Android Got Update – Superb Media Handling, Improved Gallery Support & Better Stats

Finally on this week, the most important WordPress Android application has received some major updates that make it easy and simple to post on the go. Across the world, there are lots of android users, who have gone through many different stages, but this major update brings an excellent and the most stunning mobile experience to Android users so far.

WordPress Got Some Key Updates For Android
WordPress Got Some Key Updates For Android

WordPress android app update got one of the best and most exciting updates, which has enhanced and boost support for media, gallery, theme browser, native stats, pin lock and more. If you want to get complete information about the update, continue reading this blog that contains details information about the each feature updates. Let’s have a look:

Wonderful Support for Media Library & Gallery:

Now, users can easily access to any files in their media library and can easily edit title, description and caption for any item. Chances are very high that you can include various pictures and videos when you are blogging on the go.
This application is going to provide a much smoother experience for uploading pictures, videos and other stuff from your smart-phone to the media library. In the launch of update, the gallery support has blown the mind of various people.
Using a long-press to choose multiple media items, creating tiled galleries is extremely easy and tapping the gallery to develop a new gallery. Users of this application can also choose a gallery style and even reorder button to develop a new gallery as per their requirements.
Along with it, you are also able to select gallery style and even reorder the images with drag and drop facility. Further, the WordPress android app update is considered a big update to the application as it makes posting and administration a lot simpler and beautiful. Theme Browser:

Are you running a blog? If yes, theme browser enables to browse, preview and activate a new theme for your website using your device. If you are looking for specific theme and theme feature, you can easily head to the Themes menu in the navigation drawser, search using the ActionBar and you can see results very quickly.

Securing Content with advanced Pin Lock feature:

After the update, WordPress Android application comes with a new feature in the setting menu, where users can see a Pin Lock. Using Pin Lock, users can get help to protect and secure their content from any kind of problem and from any random Joe, who might be getting access to your phone.
By enabling this feature, you are able to protect your content using PIN. You need to enter the PIN to unlock the application, so all the WordPress users can take benefit of this feature and keep their content safe.
Another very interesting thing that you can find in Pin lock is Automattic that has made the code open source and obtainable on github. Developers can easily drop this functionality into another application as well.

Stats Updated with faster and native support:

Finally, “stat” has been revamped with much faster version. Now, users don’t have to use an old web-based version as it has been updated with native support as well. To review key stats at a glance, users are able to use filters in the ActionBar. Now, status support comes with all the major information, including:

  • Total, Followers & Shares
  • Referrers
  • Visitors & Views
  • Search Engine Terms
  • Clicks
  • What’s More?

I think these are major and most important updates in the application that allow you to get many new benefits. What’s more you want from WordPress Android app? However, it is also expected that another major update is in the works. As per the spokes person of the company “Expect another big update soon that adds a native Reader, as well as a revamped welcome and blog setup experience.” Well, android users get ready for new update, till dates enjoy this one!
Summary: Recently, WordPress Android application has received some major updates that make it easier than before to post on the go. Now, WordPress android users can easily post anything while they are on road, home or office. In this blog, I have shared complete information about the update, so continue reading it..

disable automatic updates of wordpress

WordPress is very popular and most used CMS in the world. Many times we do some custom development with wordpress so we need to disable automatic updates of wordpress. Sometimes when we update the wordpress then it will break your site. It is very important, when you update the worpdress version with wordpress updates. You need to test the updates on local box or QA box first.

disable automatic updates of wordpress

For disable the automatic the update you need to open the wp-config.php file and put following into that file.


After adding above line automatic updates will be disabled and If you want to do the wordpress update then you need to update the wordpress installation manually.

I think, before every wordpress updation. First the take the database and filesystem backup and then test on local box. Then do the wordpress version updation.

WordPress release is coming with new features

WordPress is very popular CMS which is widely used in the web world. There are millions of websites build using wordpress CMS. Every month there is new update and new version is coming. Last month wordpress released the 3.7 wordpress version. New release will be 3.8 wordpress version coming with new features. It is very focused and important wordpress release by WP Team.

WordPress release with new features is coming . Last month wordpress released 3.7 wordpress version. New release will be wordpress version with new feature.

WordPress release with new features

In wordpress 3.8 version there are very important UI changes will be planned in new upcoming version. Team is planning to release the new version in 2013 December End. Many New features available for testing by development environment. If you want to download the development version and test it then use following URL:

To test WordPress trunk with a test install:

To check out the latest WP codebase, try this checkout command:

svn co

For More information Check URL.

New Fancy and great UI changes in WordPress Admin

The MP6 plugin included in the  WordPress core in 3.8. It was used in sites, If you want to use it your current wordpress then download the plugin. It will change the WordPress admin interface a modern, optimized, and polished new look that it deserves.

wp-3-8-admin-ui WordPress release with new features
WordPress release with new features

The current admin UI came with two color, MP6 uses Open Sans font which will be shipped with WordPress 3.8. MP6 also brings great improvements to buttons, forms, and the overall appearance of the admin interface making it prettier and user friendly.

Great Themes preview Experience

Theme preview the one to most used the important feature of wordpress CMS. Now in current wordpress version we are seeing lot of text content along with theme preview images. itself uses some nice wordpress plugins like theme experience plugin (codename Thx38) Now wp development team is adding this plugin feature in to the core feature. This wp plugin will change the theme screens in WordPress admin area. It has larger theme screenshots and clean UI interface. Theme search is moved to the top right corner of the screen. To try this as a plugin on WordPress 3.7 or earlier, you would need to install MP6 plugin first.

wp-3-8-theme-screens WordPress release with new features
WordPress release with new features

New Look to Dashboard

WP dev team changed the dashboard screen totally in 3.8 release. If you earlier used the  Dashboard plugin by @lessbloat then you will know about the new look of dashboard. Dashboard plugin is also included into the core code of wp. They removed the unwanted widget and added some useful and quick widgets in dashboard.

For example, the incoming links widget will be removed. ‘Right now’ widget will be replaced by ‘Activity’ widget. QuickPress on the dashboard screen will be renamed to Quick Draft and will be much simpler.


New Fast and Easier Widget Area Manager

Widgets are used every where is wp cms. We use the widget in header, footer, sidebar, post area. Now we can drag and drop the widgets. Using multiple widget is sometimes it becomes difficult to drag and drop a widget into the multiple sidebars. Along with the WordPress new version 3.8, The Widgets UI will allow admin to easily choose the sidebar they want to add a widget to without dragging it across different sidebars. The new widget interface will be very user friendly.


There are many bug fixes and other small features are coming in 3.8 version. I am really waiting for the new wordpress version. I am looking for better user and role management in wordpress so it will became full featured CMS like Drupal. WordPress is improving but still lot of new ideas and features needs to include in wordpress still. That is a path.

Ref Links:

install and update the wordpress plugins without providing ftp access

I did so much R&D about installing and updating the wordpress plugin without using ftp access. I got very nice trick to solve this issue. When you are using the shared hosting or VPS server for wordpress site hosting. You always face issue for installing the wordpress plugin or wordpress theme. It issue happen when you do the the wordpress updation. Using following simple steps you can install the wordpress plugins and themes without giving the ftp access.

update wordpress plugins without ftp access

I always did the wordpress plugins and theme updation. So every time providing the ftp credentials are really panic. So I am always using following steps for doing wordpress up-gradation.

First you need to add the following code in your wp-config.php file.

define('FTP_USER', 'username');
define('FTP_PASS', 'mypassword');
define('FTP_HOST', '');
define('FTP_SSL', false);

But this is old idea. If you dont want to add the ftp access in wp-config.php file then Just add the following line wp-config.php file.

define('FS_METHOD', 'direct');

Note: You need to give 755 permission to wp-content folder. Create the upgrade folder in wp-content folder.

If still you are facing issue then give 777 permission to all wp-content folder.

For permission use following command

cd your_wordpress_directory
sudo chown -R www-data wp-content
sudo chmod -R 755 wp-content

More information:

WordPress will try to write a temporary file to your /wp-content directory. If this succeeds, it compares the ownership of the file with it’s own uid, and if there is a match it will allow you to use the ‘direct’ method of installing plugins, themes, or updates.

Now, if for some reason you do not want to rely on the automatic check for which filesystem method to use, you can define a constant, 'FS_METHOD' in your wp-config.php file that is either 'direct' 'ssh', 'ftpext' or 'ftpsockets' and it will use method. Keep in mind that if you set this to ‘direct’ but your web user (the username under which your webs server runs) does not have proper write permissions, you will receive an error.

update wordpress plugins without ftp access
update wordpress plugins without ftp access