Converting WordPress Site to a Mobile App: Plugins Worth Considering

According to an online survey, Smartphone users around the world spend 85 percent of their mobile time in using apps. And so, no matter how great your WordPress website may function or look, you might not be able to drive good traffic to your site if you don’t have a mobile app. But, developing a mobile app can turn out to be challenging task even when you need to develop a small app (especially for the first time developers or technophobes). Fortunately, there are many great plugins out there that makes the task of turning your site to a mobile app a hassle-free process.

 convert wordpress site to mobile app



If you’re searching for a plugin that help convert your site into a complete native app for iOS and Android devices, then Mobiloud plugin is worth a try. The plugin can be installed for free and allows you to design native applications for WordPress with ease, without the need of writing any code. In addition, you can even preview the app and test it on your device. But, you’ll have to invest a little to publish your mobile app on Google play Store or Apple app store.

Key features:

  • Help in updating your mobile app content automatically.
  • Allows customizing the app using your own custom styling options (like colors, icon, logo, etc.)
  • Allows automatic as well as manual push notifications and much more.




Want to turn your WordPress powered blog to a native app without spending a dime? Then, Worona will prove a suitable option. Worona is available in two different parts: the first one is the WordPress plugin (that sends your site content to the app), and the second one is the popular Corona SDK that helps code your native application.

Key Features:

  • It works in an easier and faster manner.
  • Help build native apps for iOS 7 and Android versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.4.
  • The app built using Worona supports many different extensions including Push Notification, Rate my app, and Enhanced List. This help in enhancing the app functionality.




AppPressor is one of the leading app building tools that converts any WordPress site (like news site, e-commerce site, etc.) into a mobile application having native device features. It even allows compiling your app using the popular PhoneGap app development framework. Once your app is compiled with PhoneGap Build, it is being submitted to the iOS and Android app stores.

Key Features

  • Offer tools to customize your app.
  • Allow to update your app in real time.
  • Provides integration with WordPress features like content, plugins, etc.
  • Gives control on hosting the app just like any WordPress site.

Mobile App Convertor

Mobile App Convertor
Mobile App Convertor

This is another free plugin, which helps in converting a WordPress site to a fully-functional mobile app in just a matter of few seconds. Plus it doesn’t require you to have any coding skills. You just need to follow a few simple steps, for converting your site to a mobile application extremely using the plugin intuitive interface.

Key Features:

  • Help in publishing your app on app markets such as Windows Phone Market, App-store and Google Play.
  • Provide the ability to preview your site as a mobile app on your own device.
  • Offer the capability to hide elements of your app from visitors.
  • Provide complete professional technical support.



In case you want to mobilize your WordPress site, by creating a HTML5 mobile application for platforms such as Windows Phone, iPhone and Android, then WiziApp is the right choice for you. The best part of this WordPress plugin is that it is free to download.

Key Features:

  • It helps in building your own custom app with the help of a user-friendly wizard.
  • Allows previewing how your customized app looks in real-time.
  • Allows publishing the app on two most important app store, such as: Google Play Store and Apple app store.

WP App Maker

WP App Maker
WP App Maker

This is another great option for transforming your WordPress blog into a mobile application in just 5 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to monitor your app usage using Google Analytics tool for Mobile.
  • Let you publish your apps once you’ve created your account on AdWhirl.
  • Offers lot of customization options like customizing text color, background and more.


The need for mobile apps is only going to increase in the coming years, and thus it makes sense to prepare your WordPress sites for the mobilegeddon. And the best way to do so requires converting your site into a mobile application. Doing so, will also help you expand your reach to a large number of potential users. If you lack programming skills, but want to transform your WordPress site/blog to a mobile app, then the aforementioned list of plugins can prove useful assets for you.

5 Resourceful WP Plugins To Optimize Your Mobile User Experience

The ultimate benefits of the advanced Internet-enabled handy devices have interestingly gathered a gigantic user base. With more and more users switching to mobile devices, it has become more than imperative to sincerely consider the mobile audiences.

Although, there is no dearth of responsive WP themes that are great for targeting mobile devices in an efficient manner, but you may want to further enhance the mobile UX. If it is so, you can reap the benefits of the incredible plugins available in the WP repository that can ensure a mobile optimized look and feel to your WP site. Thus, by integrating such plugins in your site, you can create an outstanding mobile presence and efficiently cater to the needs of your mobile users.

This article will offer you a list of amazing plugins that are ideal for optimizing your mobile presence and deliver a conspicuous UX. Let’s have a glimpse into them.

5 Resourceful WP Plugins

5 Resourceful WP Plugins
5 Resourceful WP Plugins

1. iThemes Mobile – Paid

Whether you want to implement any of the built-in themes or want to tailor the appearance of your site in a desired fashion, this premium plugin allows one to incorporate a mobile-friendly theme in their WP site. Along with easy customization, the iThemes Mobile facilitates one to integrate different themes to target different mobile platforms. That is, you can personalize your site’s visual appeal for different mobile platforms like Android, Windows phone, iOS and so forth.

This premium plugin comes complete with resourceful features like custom header uploader, four mobile-friendly themes, a style manager and a lot more. You can customize your WP site with great ease and efficiently cater to the needs of your mobile audiences.

2. WordPress Mobile Pack – Paid

5 Resourceful wordpress Plugins-2
5 Resourceful wordpress Plugins-2

Compatible with several mobile web browsers and mobile platforms, this plugin offers a complete control over the mobile version of your site. You can revamp it in a desired fashion while using the integrated tools. While ensuring easy customization, this free plugin also offers a responsive UI, effective sync with post, comments and pages, Google Analytics support, and a lot more. In fact, you can easily monetize your mobile presence with this plugin. Moreover, it also allows your mobile users to stay updated with your WP site’s feeds even when they are offline.

3. Jetpack by – Paid

With an uncluttered theme, this plugin ensures that your mobile users can conveniently go through your site. This lightweight plugin is efficient enough to load instantly without annoying your viewers. You can also customize the visual appearance of your site as per your taste by implementing the utile features offered by this plugin. Whether you want to create custom backgrounds, menus, or header images, you can easily accomplish all and boost your visitor’s experience. Moreover, the integrated Akismet anti-spam, Single Sign On, etc., ensure that your site is always up and protected from vulnerabilities.

4. WPtouch Mobile Plugin – Free

5 Resourceful wordpress Plugins-3

The WPtouch Mobile plugin represents your website content in a mobile-friendly fashion with a mobile-only theme. You can tinker with the visual appearance of your site and customize it in a desired fashion. It offers a plethora of features including, branding colors, language detection, and a lot of other styling options. This handy plugin is extremely simple to use, just install and activate it in your WP site, and your mobile-friendly site will be instantly created. Upon visiting your mobile site, visitors will get an option to either turn to the mobile-only theme or continue with your regular theme (that is the desktop theme). Although, this blissful plugin is available for free, but you may like to get the benefit of its additional offerings by investing in its pro version.

5. EWWW Image Optimizer – Free

To ensure a blazingly high loading time to your site and use less bandwidth, this plugin offers truly amazing features. This plugin is well known for auto optimizing the website images to best fit the targeted mobile devices. It basically compresses all the media files and follow lossless approach, however, you can also go with a lossy optimization technique. Furthermore, this image optimizer plugin is also compatible with other common image gallery plugins.

These are the best WP plugins, which are popular for optimizing a WordPress site to ensure a remarkable mobile user experience. You may integrate any one of these and enhance your business value by efficiently reaching the giant mobile user base.

Top 15 iOS apps that can lend great experience to WordPress users or Bloggers

Gone are the days, when phone was only used to communicate with others. Now, it has become more than a communication device, it has emerged as a complete new device named as “Smartphone” that is perfect to replace desktop computers. It can be used to accomplish day-to-day activities like health and fitness, to-do-list, entertainment, reading news and many more.

Now, when we say that small-screen Smartphone are ideal to replace large-screen computers, it means they are providing us all the features of computer in a more convenient fashion.

We know that WordPress is one of the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) that is dedicated to bloggers and is adapted by more than 60 million websites. This has encouraged mobile app development companies to design some applications to facilitate great convenience to WordPress users.

The simplicity and minimalistic design of iOS makes it the best among other Smartphone. There is no dearth of iOS applications in the market. Just search for a particular category and you will get a truckload of applications for each category. If you are looking for some iOS applications that can facilitate features of WordPress or blogging then here is a list.

IOS apps for WordPress users


IOS apps for WordPress users
IOS apps for WordPress users

A thought or inspiration can strike you anytime, manage your content on the go with ease by using this app. It allows you to access the revolutionary CMS-WordPress. It offers you a fresh user interface, useful shortcuts and allows access to HTML code image uploads and loads of amazing features.

Free Application


feedy IOS apps for WordPress users
IOS apps for WordPress users

For a blogger, it is quite imperative to keep himself updated with latest news and market trends. This app offers a convenient and hassle-free way to stay updated by displaying your favorite news and blogs at same place. Feedly is a latest RSS feed reader, which features an appealing magazine style layout. You can even add tags, categorize or share your feeds with others.

Free Application



Social streams and news feeds contain so much information that make it almost impossible to read all at once. You can use this app to bookmark and save some interesting articles, so that they can be read later at your convenience. Pocket also allows you to share, collect or tag your favorite articles.

Free Application



Truly an amazing application, BlogPress is perfect to manage various blogging platforms including, TypePad, WordPress, Tumblr and more. This blog management platform features an inbuilt comment management system, facilitates basic blogging operations, images and videos uploading.

Paid Application



Schedule your status posts, share your status message on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles with breeze. This wonderful application is just perfect for you. You can also activate it on your whole social sharing process by adding an additional app like IFTTT.

Free Application



While writing some articles, we may need to browse a huge photo gallery, and iPhone being a small-screen device can make the job a bit tedious. There comes the idea for this app, you can use Photobucket to conveniently access photos, even from your small-screen devices. It also takes auto backup and features photo editor, new animated GIF maker and more.

Free Application



While working on Internet, it is vitally important to maintain unique and secure passwords for each website. LastPass is a password manager application that can help you create stronger and reliable passwords.

Free Application



Creativity hits us when it is least expected; it can come anytime & anywhere. It just hits us, consumes us temporarily and then silently escapes. Evernote is very simple to use and allows you to take notes with ease. It offers great features including, saving bookmarks, to-do-list, scheduling appointments and a lot more.

Free Application



With video and voice calling, chat, and compatibility with other Google services, Google Hangouts is a great tool for bloggers. It allows you to embed a live Google+ Hangout with viewers and broadcast it live on your website.

Free Application



Instapaper allows one to save their favorite web pages for offline usage and allows them to read those saved pages later at their convenience.

Paid Application



This cloud based storage service allows you to share content among different devices and platforms. There are several WordPress backup plugins that allow you to directly backup the website content to your Dropbox account.

Free Application



You can use ByLine RSS reader to connect your Feedly account and synchronize the latest feeds of your website; it also allows you to access them offline.

Paid Application



Get notify whenever your website goes down, by using Pingdom application. You can use this app to monitor your website and its services.

Free Application



Manage tasks and notes with ease, by installing this app. It displays a feature-filled web interface and offers sleek navigation. You can conveniently assign sub-tasks and maintain notes along with each task.

Free Application



Instagram allows one to share their pictures and moments in a fun and convenient way. Your recent Instagram photos can be easily displayed in WordPress sidebar. Just copy paste the image URL in WordPress and share the photo with your audiences. It is a great app for bloggers.

Free Application

Wrapping Up:

There is a plethora of useful iPhone apps that are designed for bloggers. Some of them are mentioned above, download some, which best suits you; and enjoy blogging or accessing WordPress features with breeze.

Why Mobile Apps are Preferred Over Web Apps

Apple and Google have catalyzed the era of mobile computing. The mobile apps including both Android applications and iOS applications are endeared by users. There are numerous applications that are available in the app stores and play stores and there are many yet to come.
Gone are the days, when there were few mobile users and massive desktop users. We all know that the incredible features of mobile has drive people crazy and made them to spend more time over mobile rather than on desktop. Now, the browser enabled Smartphone are there in the market so, what has caused ignorance towards web applications?

Mobile apps vs Web apps

Mobile apps vs Web apps
Mobile apps vs Web apps

The stats and figures of past few decades, clearly epitomizes a substantial gap between the number of users involved in web apps and mobile apps, and this gap continues to widen. From using web browsers on desktop to running apps on Smartphones, the transition has occurred in really short span of time.


When both mobile apps and websites can be accessed on a handy device then what has made mobile applications more liked and preferred over web apps? For this, let’s have a look on the following illustration and know exactly what does the two terms signifies.

  • Mobile Websites and Web Applications

With the advancement in wireless technology, websites that can be easily accessed over portable devices are in demand. The Internet-enabled devices including, Smartphone (like iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone or Blackberry), feature phone, iPad or Tablet, etc., have become lifeline for many of us. They can be connected to a wireless network or a mobile network like 3G networks, 4G networks or Wi-Fi. And offers access over Internet and other web features with a breeze.

Nowadays, the websites are designed to adhere touch screen interface and easily accessibility on the small screen of a handy device. Based on ongoing market trends, website designs that exemplifies a perfect blend of Responsive, Simple and Storytelling designing styles are tend to attract viewers. The website that can adapt itself to the screen of a device and offers easy navigation throughout is preferred more.

The web apps were designed to be accessed over a browser. They are browser applications, which requires some downloading, each and every time when they are run. These apps include applications for banking, gaming, education, security and many more.


With these device agnostic apps you can experience more interactive interface and manage your work conveniently on the go. Example of mobile web app is Safari browser, Chrome browser, simple office softwares like online spreadsheets, Google docs, cloud computing apps for chatting, gaming, sharing any data, etc.

  •  Mobile Applications

Accessing Internet and loading web pages have become a tiresome practice. To overcome this and to meet the upcoming market demands, mobile applications were designed. Lending an astonishing experience, the emergence of mobile application has defined new dimensions for the wireless technology. For running these apps, we need to download them once from an app store or play store via Internet; it runs smoothly on the device’s operating system (iOS, Android, etc.). It can be used for applications like games, reading desired data or managing content. Unlike web apps, these applications does not require full-time Internet support. They user-friendly and attractive Graphical User Interface (GUI), which further enhances their functionality.


There are various categories for mobile applications like gaming apps, education apps, security apps, Photo editing apps, entertainment apps and many more.

Both the applications have some pros and cons. Then, what has attracted users toward mobile apps and why they are avoiding web apps? Answer to this question lies in the comparison below; let’s see how mobile applications are dominating web applications.

Web Apps Versus Mobile Apps

I’m comparing the two applications on the basis of certain factors listed below. This will give you a pellucid difference between the two.

#1. Speed and Performance

mobile app speed


Speed and performance of an application are really crucial. Clunky apps are dumped as soon as they are released, while the one, which offers instant processing and results, rule the market. The code that is used to build mobile app is tuned for great speed, while the code used for web apps is fundamentally, not for optimal performance. And thus, it makes Mobile application a better option.

The speed factor is highly affected in the case of web app, since they are required to be downloaded before running, which consumes a lot of time and lead to low speed. The speed of web apps also depends on the connected network, so, when the network signals are poor, your web app will automatically slow down.

 #2. Offline Support

Users love simple and effective apps that can run instantly with smooth functionality. Mobile apps offer great offline support and are preferred over web apps, as they uses the device’s content and doesn’t require any downloading.

Most of the time, running an app offline reduces the run time and its complexity. Web apps that are created using HTML5 can store data offline, but, it comes with two interregnums; firstly, it offers limited storage of 5MB data, which is not sufficient and secondly, it provides an option to the user to turn off or on the mobile storage; when you offers customer support for task like this, then it could lead to sleuthing and training challenge.

Both the apps can have offline as well as online support. You can use mobile applications to access both online and offline content. But mobile apps are considered more useful for offline use and web apps are apt for online applications.

#3. Access to Device’s Specific Features

Using your device’s camera as a scanner or writing messages by dictating not typing are some of the features that tempt the users and compel them to go for mobile apps, instead of web apps.
Since, the mobile applications are stored in device’s memory and work with the built-in features of the device, they perform faster and facilitates greater convenience.

#4. User Experience

Don’t you like to work on a user-friendly, trendy and optimized interface? Everyone does. Better layout and presentation will obviously attract more users. The mobile apps are designed to offer great user comfort, navigation ease and smooth functionality.

There are different mobile apps for different operating systems like App store contains applications for iOS users, Google play store has applications for his Android users, etc. These device specific applications augment accessibility ease and make them an absolute choice. While, the web apps are meant to be used by various groups of users, they have to follow some standard design or layout.

#5. Security


Every one wants to keep their device safe and secure from bugs and viruses. They can hamper your stored data and cost a lot for repairing. Security is a prime issue in IT industry. Especially, while dealing with online content, you are open to loads of threats that can destroy the installed softwares, data or can cause privacy issues.

As we know, the mobile apps are stored in device and run on device’s operating system and web apps are downloaded every time and executes on browser, the latter one is less secure and prone to bring virus to your device. Therefore, rejecting web apps and selecting mobile apps is a judicious decision.

Wrapping up:
If you are a developer, then it is very imperative to check the latest market trends and requirements before selecting between mobile apps and web apps. As far as users are concerned, I would rather recommend them to experience and make their choice. Currently, mobile apps are preferred over web apps but, bear in mind that IT is one of the unstable markets, so, stats may change anytime.

switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments

Gone are the days, when you had to tap your credit card on NFC machines available at the checkout counter. The reason being is that with the amendment in the technology, the smartphone has been provided with the feature using which you can wave your smartphone or tap it to the machine in order to make all the payments. The machine will automatically detect the information of your credit card linked with your Google account. This has been introduced because in this fast pace moving world, most of the people prefer carrying hard cash in a very little amount as cards are preferred for the payment. It is widely used also because of the fact that it is more secured as compared to carrying loose cash.

switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments

It is widely used also because of the fact that it is more secured as compared to carrying loose cash. How to switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments.

There are many more advantages of paying through such modes developed by iPhone App Development services like many shopping stores offers you to earn rewards or other offers. Sometimes, it also makes your wallet a bit heavy because of various coupons, so it is better to switch to much more smart technology.

Tap your smartphone for swift payments:

In order to get this done within a few minutes, you need to get a few digital wallets to your smartphone. A few of them have been listed below:

Google Wallet:

google-cash-android switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments
switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments

A Google Wallet just needs NFC (Near Field Communication) technology within the smartphone and tablets. Just link your credit card or debit card directly to your Google account and leave your wallet behind. This facility supports 20+ merchants offline as well as online and promise many more merchants to come. The various attractive leverages that you can enjoy with Google wallet includes it allows users to send money and buy their stuffs on mobile websites. One can also store all the payment information in the electronic passbook. Google Wallet arrived for iPhone just after the release of Google’s Android software which was a bit similar to that iPhone’s app.

Lemon Wallet:

scanning-cash switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments
switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments

This is also a digital wallet which is available for all the operating systems namely; iOS, Android and Windows. Lemon Wallet has been proven as the most powerful app which allows you to pile up all important information of credit, debit, insurance member, ID and loyalty cards. The functionality it includes is that it simply turns all the information into the barcode which has to be scanned by the merchants. The user can also get the connection of payment cards with the bank allowing tracking the balance and the transactions within the app. The app is protected via passcode with a 4-pin even when you are getting access to other cards available within the app. Each time you will access the card, you need to provide the passcode. The best feature it has is that it aids you to capture the picture of the receipts for tracking the expenses and for tax purpose as well.



Isis is a mode of making digital payment and it comes with its preloaded cash card carrying $10 so that you can start up with spending or shopping. This wallet also works with Android smartphones that are NFC enables and it will also allow the user to manage the coupons, redeem offers and loyalty cards offered by various merchants. This digi-wallet is also password protected and the user has freedom to remote freeze the wallet using wireless connection, in case, it is stolen. If, the user gets the recovery of smartphone again fortunately, then the wallet can be again reactivated. In case of any other technical assistance also, one can consult iPhone App Developer.


dwolla switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments
switch your smartphone to digital wallet for secure payments

This is another outstanding mobile payment app which is available for Android as well as iOS bestowing a wide range of merchants which recognize their service. It allows the user to get connected directly with the bank account after getting registered on the website. Using Dwolla, one can transfer enviable funds to the friends and relatives on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This mode is also an outstanding way through which one can settle the rent or pay back the friend for fronting anywhere and anytime, especially when you do not have the cash.

This is not the end of such apps as there are many more that will bequeath outstanding features and will make your shopping hassle free and much secured.

Free abstract mobile wallpapers for iphone and mobile

Abstract designs are very much popular among the mobile and iphone users. Here I am going to give very nice and cool designs of abstract mobile wallpapers. I specially love to use abstract designs in my mobile.

Free abstract mobile wallpapers for iphone and mobile

For download you need to click on thumbnail picture and click on save button.

Free cars mobile wallpapers for iphone and mobile

People are crazy about cars and we all love cars so much. In Iphone and mobile also we love to see cars pictures so here I am giving you some cars wallpapers.

Free cars mobile wallpapers for iphone and mobile

For download you need to click on thumbnail picture and click on save button.

free celebrity mobile wallpapers

Many people are very big fan of hollywood movies and movie stars and actress. Mobile walpapers we are searching all the time. Here I am going to give your very cool and nice free hollywood celebrity mobile wallpapers. For download you need to click on thumbnail picture and click on save button.

Here we have a unique list of free celebrity mobile wallpapers:

best android applications for business

In this article I will give your some great business apps for Android? we’ve selected some of the best and most useful apps for your Android smart-phone.

Best Android Applications for Business

All the application are available at the Android Market.


Though Yelp brings its sleek red design to its Android app, it leaves out some functionality.


According to the video on its Website, Evernote “grabs your info from anywhere and takes it to the magic cloud of elephants,” a wondrous place where pink elephants process your data, index it, and make it searchable for easy retrieval. Elephants aside, Evernote is a comprehensive, cross-platform note-taking application that integrates hardware, software, and other third-party apps. The free app captures text notes, voice notes, photos, or files and stores them in the cloud for easy retrieval.

Wikipedia & more!

If you have an Android phone and need a Wikipedia browsing app, then try Wapedia by Taptu. Wapedia may be the only Wiki app you’ll need.

Meebo IM

Best chat application.

Google Voice