Revealed: How I got Premium Theme-Junkie Themes for Free

You came here to download premium themes from Theme-Junkie for free, haven’t you? Let me guess, the title was too tempting for you to resist. Aha, I can visualize you wickedly smiling after reading that! This post won’t disappoint you. It’ll show you how to get Theme Junkie themes for free.

Man oh man, these premium WordPress themes are so costly nowadays! I could buy a pair of shining Nike soccer shoes with the sort of money that these theme creators are demanding! You know, I’m a soccer buff! No doubt that these themes are beautiful and all that, but who’d shell out such ridiculous amounts of money for buying them? Not you, I know that. That’s why you’re here hunting for free premium themes!

I know what you’ve been doing so far

I can see my former self in you! When I started out blogging, I too was using a free theme. I wanted premium themes so badly (but was unwilling to spend the bucks they were asking) that I took to the search engines, typing in queries like ‘xyz theme free download’ and all that.

Believe me, you won’t be disappointed by the results that SEs will return for those queries. You could very easily lay your hands on pirated version of premium themes for free! So nice, isn’t it? Those guys bust their a*s off creating these themes, many folks spend money to buy it. Here you are, getting those very themes for free! You are so cool, Mr ‘Free’man!

Pirated (Nulled) Premium themes are dangerous!

Wait, I’m gonna disappoint you. The pirated stuff could probably be very ‘dangerous’! Have you heard of nulled themes? The free premium theme you downloaded yesterday and are using on your blog could be nulled! Nulled themes are tampered ones. They have their various scripts (related to security ) removed by the guy who made it ‘free for you’!

Basically, these themes have ‘backdoors’ or vulnerabilities, which can be exploited by others (read hackers). Many of these ‘free premium themes’ are actually traps! Whoa, again, sorry for disappointing you. But I just wanted to help you out. Please stop using such themes. And worry not, I’ll tell you how to grab premium Theme Junkie themes for free (the original ones of course)! Stay with me and you’ll be rewarded.

Which theme are you using right now?

Are you using a free theme or a pirated one? Most new bloggers tend to start their blogging journey with ‘free’ themes. Yeah, there are loads of them out there. Many of them look damn attractive also! Then why are not we being charged for using them? Are the developers so generous? No, I don’t think they are kind like me. Here I’m sharing my secret of how to get premium stuff for free! That’s such a kind act, isn’t it?

Basically, they are free for a reason. No developer would give away themes for free blindly. These themes often lack key features like stability, security, responsiveness etc. They might look attractive, but what use is ‘beauty’ of when security is compromised?

Their coding would often be sub-standard. After all, who’d go through all this trouble to give away the theme for free in the end? The developer would be like- ‘Let me just make my way quickly through this s**t! I’ve got more worthy things to do!’

Sub-standard coding can be associated to a slow loading blog. It is something that Google doesn’t like much. Not just Google, visitors would also ditch such blogs. Basically, your blog will be like a desert (minus the tourists and camels). That prospect sucks! Bloggers love traffic! And free themes won’t let that happen!

Okay, I see that you’re not using a free theme. You’re using a pirated premium theme, aren’t you? My friend, there are chances that you’ll break your blog! I told earlier, the case of ‘nulled’ themes. They basically have their security scripts disabled. It is basically like a house with no doors and dogs! Anyone can enter and loot it! In your case, replace the term ‘loot’ with ‘hack’.

Reasons why you must use Theme-Junkie

Since I’m going to tell you how to get premium (original) Theme Junkie themes for free, let me tell you more about the ‘qualities’ of it. As you can see, I’m using one right here on my blog!

How do you feel browsing through this blog? Feels like you are driving on an express highway, isn’t it? Yeah, I know the navigation is freaking awesome. So is the speed! It is blazing fast, thanks to the super neat and super efficient coding!

The design and the characteristics of a theme play a crucial role in deciding its loading speed. I can assure you that Theme-Junkie won’t let you down! Just take my PageSpeed score and GT Metrix analysis for example. They’ll put other blogs to shame (Am I sounding over confident?)

The user experience and usability is not sacrificed at all! They offer a wide variety of widgets and useful stuff. You can see that this theme effortlessly satisfies all my needs. I’ve got social follow widgets, mail subscription box and loads of other useful stuff over here. At the same time, the loading speed is awesome!

It is like getting the best of both the worlds! I’m getting productivity and speed in abundance. Theme Junkie is part responsible for it. You can customize the layout of the themes. If you’re the creative guy, you won’t be disappointed!

Another crucial and important feature TJ themes can assure you is ‘responsive’ness. The themes will render perfectly across various mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Basically, you wouldn’t have to worry about mobile optimization after using TJ!

Responsive themes are pretty handy, given that Google wants blogs to be mobile friendly. Here’s my ultimate guide to make your blog mobile friendly.

Theme Junkie support is awesome!

I haven’t been making use of their support forum recently. This is because I can tweak and modify codes myself now! Yes, I freaking learnt it! But in the beginning, I was just a layman.

In the beginning, the support forum was like my ‘home’. I would be there 24/7! I used to pester those folks with loads of questions and doubts. Some of them were silly questions, while others were pretty serious stuff.

I must admit that the support staff of Theme Junkie never let me down! They’d come with prompt solution, no matter how silly the question was! Outstanding– this word very well describes the support forum.

How to get it for free?

This is the best part! I’ll tell you how I got three premium TJ themes for free. First of all, I avoided all those dangerous nulled premium themes.

I headed straight to Theme Junkie’s site and purchased 3 premium themes. This happened quite some time before. I bought them for 27$, after availing a discount coupon.

Next thing I did was I dived into TJ’s affiliate sales bandwagon. Seeing the performance of Theme Junkie on my blog, some of my friends, who owned blogs were intrigued.

Thanks to Theme Junkie’s performance, they readily purchased the theme using my affiliate link! TJ provided me with 50% as commissions. In the very first month, I earned around 35$ through affiliate sales! Ultimately, it covered my cost of theme purchase! Thus, basically, I got it for free!

I’m still earning good money from TJ’s affiliates. Many facebook friends, who come to me asking about my blog’s good performance, end up getting impressed by TJ!

This is followed up by some of them buying using my affiliate link! Actually, now I’m earning profit! I purchased this new domain and hosting, thanks to the profit I earned from TJ’s affiliate program!

This is how I ‘killed two birds’ using one stone! I got superb premium themes (ultimately for free!) and I’m earning passive income!

Further, using a premium theme gave my blog a professional look and more credibility. I even went on to bag couple of ‘sponsored posts’ on a blog of mine, from an educational institution in India, my country. All this gave me good money.

If I can do it, so can you! Make up your mind, you basically have nothing to do! People will naturally get interested in TJ themes, thanks to its performance! You just have to put your affiliate links for them to click on!

I’ve revealed my little secret, as I’ve promised. Make sure that you make use of it. Here, grab some awesome Theme Junkie themes!

Pricing details

This is what separates TJ from the rest! The pricing is unimaginably economical! They’ve got a collection of 38 themes, which you can buy for just $50! Yes, 38 themes for just $50, it is deal of a lifetime!

If you don’t want all 38 themes, TJ has got another irresistible offer! On purchasing a single theme, you’ll get two bonus themes too! That becomes a total of three premium themes! And it’ll cost you 39$ for buying these three themes! This price can be reduced by using any of the many ‘discount coupons’!

And if you want an extra discount of 20% on purchase, they’re giving a ‘Christmas Discount’ right now! Grab it now guys! Each theme will thus cost you just 1.3$.

A list of benefits you’ll get after buying TJ themes

If you invest in buying Theme Junkie theme now, you’ll get tons of returns in future! You’ll get a well designed and blazing fast blog. And if you use my method, you could easily recover the cost you spent on purchasing the theme and earn handsome profit! Grab this chance and visit Theme Junkie now!

10 Fresh and Dazzling Photography Themes For 2016

If you’re interested in photography and have clicked a plethora of photographs, then WordPress is the best platform to showcase your talent. WordPress powers 25% of the world’s website today and the major reason behind its popularity is its simple interface and limitless customization. Even if you’re not a developer, you can find WordPress tutorials that will help you to build complex web solutions with ease.

Photography has become popular with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They have emerged as the most popular form of art. These photo sharing platforms have fascinated many people to photography. Of course, we cannot ignore the huge audience of iPhone or other smartphone users with impressive cameras that allow capturing plenty of images on the fly.

So, if you’re looking for a platform to enlighten your online photography portfolio, there are a number of things you need to consider. Ensure that the photographs are displayed in the efficient light. However, while selecting WordPress theme for your photography, you should keep few things in mind viz, coding character, availability of online documentation and support, and, additional features of the theme.

Fresh and Dazzling Photography Themes

To help you out, here are ten best fresh and dazzling photography themes for WordPress users.

1. Oshine


Oshine is one of the latest multi purposes WordPress themes to showcase portfolio and photography. It is designed and crafted carefully to make sure that it provides clean and modern design to its users. It is irresistible because of its incredible features. It is best compatible with multiple browsers like Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

Requires: WordPress 4.5

Compatible With: WooCommerce 2.4.x

Installs: 8000+


– Powerful custom drag & drop page builder

– Comprehensive panel options

– Striking balance between beautiful design and functionality

– Unlimited portfolios, layouts and video support

– Packaged with amazing premium slider plugin

– Packed with 50 shortcode modules

2. Photocrati

Photocrati, Fresh and Dazzling Photography Themes
Fresh and Dazzling Photography Themes

Photocrati is another great epic WordPress theme for photographers and visual artists. It is blessed with more than 60 starting designs and offers limitless designing possibilities.


– Built-In Gallery Management tool

– Built-In Ecommerce

– Multiple gallery layouts and designs

– Enriched with Slideshow, Filmstrip & Blog style gallery

– Offers limitless customization possibilities

– Use widget areas to build custom layouts

– Right Click Protection

3. Tography


Tography is a professional WordPress theme for photographers to showcase their portfolios. It is attractive and handsome multipurpose theme for photography which has been developed with utmost attention to providing a complete solution for webmasters of any skill level quickly and effortlessly to craft their own unique, distinct and visually cohesive photography websites.

Requires: WordPress 4.4.2, 4.4.1, 4.4, 4.3.1, 4.3, 4.2, 4.1, 4.0, 3.9

Compatible With: WPML, WooCommerce 2.3.x, WooCommerce 2.2.x, Bootstrap 3.x


– Unlimited Color Options

– Contact Form 7 support

– WPML Support

– WooCommerce support

– Two header layouts

– Supported by Google Web Fonts

4. Uncode


Uncode is a perfect multipurpose WordPress Theme for Visual Composer designer. It lays special attention to details, flexibility, and performance. It is created by the award-wining team of web designers and developers dedicated to creating visually stunning websites. THis theme is highly recommendable if you’re looking for modern and clean WP Theme.

Requires: WordPress 4.5, 4.4.2, 4.4.1, 4.4, 4.3.1, 4.3

Compatible with: WPML, WooCommerce 2.5, 2.4.x, Visual Composer, 4.9.x, 4.8.x, 4.7.4

Sales: 5,445


– Enhanced with visual composer

– Fully Integrated with Woocommerce

– Included with LayerSlider, iLightbox

– Offers smooth CSS3 Animations

– 16+ Portfolio Layouts

– 1000+ Handpicked Icons and many more.

5. Timber


Timber is the best photography theme for those who wants to build a fresh and adventurous experience for themselves. It provides a unique, conceptually innovative, technologically competent and functionally rich, modern WordPress theme for photography.

Requires: WordPress 4.5, 4.4, 4.3

Compatible with: WPML, WooCommerce 2.5

Sales: 778


– Provides Smart Galleries For Mixed Types of Content

– Offers a captivating visual experience

– Integrated with WooCommerce

-Supports video

– Uploads images in bulk

– Customize With Live Feedback

6. Moon


Moon is an ideal WordPress theme for creative photography. It is enriched with excellent features which help to showcase your photos, videos, audios in multiple layouts, blog posts while travelings around te world.

Requires: WordPress WordPress 4.5, 4.4.2, 4.4.1, 4.4, 4.3.1 and so on.

Compatible with: WooCommerce 2.5, 2.4.x, 2.3.x, 2.2.x, 2.1.x, 2.0.x

Sales: 799


– Matches color of the photos

– Uses media manager easily

– Unlimited layouts

– Allow appointment bookings



SOHO is a new, professional and creative photo/video WordPress theme for photographers. It is supported by modern implementations, and other implementations like an option for color editing, accessible content, and a boost in website speed.

Requires: WordPress 4.4.2, 4.4.1

Compatible with: WooCommerce 2.5

Sales: 2,108


– Full-Screen Slider

– Provides background Image and videos

– Gallery Album

– Drag & Drop GT3 Page Builder Plugin (built-in)

-Retina ready & responsive

8. Darkroom


Darkroom is another excellent WordPress theme for photography. The theme is supported by light/dark header UI switching transparent header support which can be used for displaying your background image. It has fantastic features like portfolio posts supports, shortcode generators, etc.

Requires: WordPress 4.5, 4.4.2, 4.4.1, 4.4, 4.3.1, 4.3, and so on

Compatible with: WooCommerce 2.4.x, 2.3.x, 2.2.x, 2.1.x

Sales: 1,346


– 100% responsive

– Retina ready

– 8 style of Fullscreen

9. Wynn


Wynn is an excellent responsive and stylish WordPress theme. It is considered ideal for agencies, freelancers, and photographers and other creatives. It is highly customizable and packed with great features.

Requires: WordPress 4.1

Compatible with: WooCommerce 2.3.x

Sales: 1,177


– Possess four portfolio styles- Boxed, Full Width (Edge to Edge), Full Width (Guttered), Vertical aka Horizontal Sliding

– Parallax Sections

– Video Backgrounds for Sections

– Comprehensive Visual Page Builder

– Layered PSD File

– Unlimited Colors Options

10. Finch


Finch is best suited for artists, photographers, digital studios or personal freelancers. The theme provides a responsive photography in Magazine portfolio and blogging options that help to showcase their portfolio splendidly. It is compatible with almost every modern browser like Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, IE9, 10, 11.

Requires: WordPress 4.5, 4.4.2, 4.4.1, 4.4 4.3.1, and so on.

Compatible with: WPML, WooCommerce 2.2.x, 2.1.x, 2.0.x, Gravity Forms, Bootstrap 3.x

Sales: 624


– Page Builder

– WPML support

– One-click Installer

– Custom Logo

– Color Scheme

– Revolution Slider

– Color theme

Wrapping Up

Now that you have gone through the best plugins list for photography, you may use any of these to showcase your talent. All of the themes mentioned above will help you to fascinate your viewers. By establishing a maximum number of photos on either of the themes will help you gain more organized photo sharing experience. These WordPress themes are not only convenient for a photographer online, but you will also benefit by attracting more customers.

best wordpress responsive themes by mojo in 2016

In this article we collected best wordpress responsive themes by mojo. Now responsive wordpress themes are became so popular these days which is right also for website owners. There are free and premium wordpress themes are available for download. People mostly prefer to buy premium wordpress themes due to their support after purchase.

Here are some great resources of responsive wordpress themes.

101+ free magazine responsive wordpress themes

101+ Free wordpress responsive themes

100+ creative free portfolio wordPress themes

best wordpress responsive themes

we collected some premium responsive wordpress themes from mojo theme market. All are premium wordpress themes. Theme firm will give you the support and installation help and guide.

Newlyn – A Beautifully Feminine WordPress Theme

Newlyn - A Beautifully Feminine WordPress Theme

Newlyn is a beautiful, fully responsive WordPress theme, with a classy, feminine, and modern design, perfect for bloggers of fashion, photography, lifestyle and more! Newlyn is simple and understated, allowing your content to really speak for itself, and with stunning alternative header and blog layouts, you can change the look of Newlyn to suit you and your audience.


Claire – Elegant & Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Claire - Elegant-Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Claire is a stylish and beautiful responsive WordPress blog theme perfect for any types of blog such as travel blog, photography blog, personal blog, news, fashion blog, food blog, tech blog. This theme has great styling options, 15 blog layouts, 4 top sliders, 4 header variations and more. Combine them to create a unique visual experience for your visitors.

Claire includes standard, image, gallery, audio and video post formats. It comes with 2 header variations for the single article page. Theme colors, fonts, logo and other features are easy to change via the WordPress theme customizer. Checkout the live preview to see it in action!


GORKHA – Beautiful, Seo-Friendly WordPress Blog Theme

GORKHA - Beautiful-Seo-Friendly WordPress Blog Theme

A stunning theme that combines both aesthetics and functionality to provide great user experience. Gorkha is a beautiful blog theme with highly attractive color scheme, professional typography and well-balanced layout backed by a powerful customzation options available for the users to make changes easily to many aspects of the theme.


Monstera – WordPress Blog + Ecommerce Theme

Monstera - WordPress Blog - Ecommerce Theme

Monstera is a minimalist WordPress theme with bold details and unique styling in all the right places. Whether you’re an established creative or are just launching your new biz, Monstera will highlight your content beautifully and grab the attention of your visitors!


Sweet – WordPress Blogging Theme

Sweet - WordPress Blogging Theme

Responsive WordPress photography and blogging theme with a focus on content and readability that combines clean design and excellent user experience.
This theme can be used from the box or easily customized with native WordPress customizer. Features Three different blog layouts for your selection from theme customizer.


Joyfully – Lifestyle & Fashion WordPress Blog Theme

Joyfully - Lifestyle - Fashion WordPress Blog Theme

Joyfully is all purpose wordpress blog theme which can be used for all your blogs like travel, food, life, programming, everyday, fashion and everything you want to blog about. With its powerful options you are able to chose among different layouts, page widths, pagination, colors and more. It has different header styles, different blog listings. blog listing and blog single widths. Theme is completely ready for multiple users usage as well.


Dreamer – WordPress Theme

Dreamer - WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress photography and blogging theme with a focus on content and readability that combines clean design and excellent user experience.
This theme can be used from the box or easily customized with native WordPress customizer.


Forester – A Stylish WordPress Theme

Forester - A Stylish WordPress Theme

Forester – is a minimal and stylish WordPress theme. It is suitable for any kind of blog, personal, food, travel, photography, publishing or tutorial blog sites. Using Theme. Options you can customize your blog the way you want very easy!


Lodestone – Premium Construction and Builder WordPress Theme

Lodestone - Premium Construction and Builder WordPress Theme


Mooza – A WordPress Blog Theme

Mooza - A WordPress Blog Theme

Mooza is a clean and minimal WordPress blog theme for personal style blogs. Its Very user friendly WordPress theme. If you like Mooza Blog.


Forte – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Forte - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Forte is a clean and professional site template, perfect for all types of companies and personal web sites. Advanced theme admin panel, drag-and-drop page builder, lots of options and configurations will help you to customize almost any part of your website as easy and comfortably as you could ever imagine.


WildRide – Creative Startup WordPress Theme

WildRide - Creative Startup WordPress Theme

WildRide is the first ever 100% GPL WordPress theme for innovative ideas and startups. The theme is made for bloggers and optimized for content publishing and readability. It’s extremely easy to install, run and update. Most of the theme settings can be modified on the fly with WordPress customizer. The theme comes with Mailchimp newsletter feature, premium custom slider, carousel and taxonomy tiles widgets. Share your innovative ideas, get extra publicity for your startups, raise funds with and keep your readers up to date with WildRide WordPress theme!


Blogetti – Delicious Blog WordPress Theme

Blogetti - Delicious Blog WordPress Theme

Blogetti is a premium WordPress blog for food receipts website. The theme is designed with readability and best user experience in mind. We did our best to pack the theme with all necessary features making the life of the blogger easier. Intuitive and features rich widgets, live customizer (allowing to make changes and see how the changes take effect on the fly) and valid HTML5/CSS3 code makes using our template easy and even fun!


Superblog –WordPress Blog Theme

Superblog –WordPress Blog Theme

Superblog is a responsive WordPress Blog Theme. Superblog is a clean template for WordPress. It is perfect for any personal blog. It follows the trendy design with a combination of pure elegance.  It was designed by our small team of talented designers with passion, with desire to make the best possible wordpress blog for you.


Tonka – An Elegant WordPress Blog Theme

Tonka - An Elegant WordPress Blog Theme

TONKA has been designed to be contemporary and sophisticated, focusing particularly on elegant design and typography, because after all, you want your readers to enjoy what they see while browsing your website!


Timber – WordPress Theme

Timber - WordPress Theme

Responsive WordPress photography and blogging theme with a focus on content and readability that combines clean design and excellent user experience. This theme can be used from the box or easily customized with native WordPress customizer.


Above all listed responsive wordpress themes are best themes from mojo market. Corporate companies and private firms always try to keep their website fresh and new. Their first preference will be premium wordpress themes so in this article, we kept only premium responsive wordpress themes in this post.

Do’s and Don’ts of WordPress Theme Customization

WordPress theme customization gives you an opportunity to add some extra features to your website. In website development, there is always more than one way to perform a job, however, these quick do’s and don’ts will show you which way to choose to get better results within stipulated time period.

Do and Dont of WordPress Theme Customization

Don’t Hack Parent Theme’s Code

This is the first and foremost thing to keep in mind. Do not ever alter or change the core! There are many bloggers who keep making the same mistake of changing the parent code. Constant updates of wordpress makes it difficult for a blogger or developer to keep the modifications made previously. With every update of wordpress, the modifications get lost. Also, the changes made in the core may lead to the failure of wordpress plugins or other important aspects.

Do Use Child Themes

One of the best ways to make changes in your wordpress theme is to create a child theme. It will allow you to make as many changes as you want in your wordpress theme while keeping the basic functionality alive and in proper working condition.

Wordpress Theme Customization-1
Do’s and Don’ts of WordPress Theme Customization

Don’t Use Inline Styles

Never use inline styles! This may seem convenient and easy at first, but you will definitely end up regretting. Inline styles have high preference and therefore, it will always win whether you have created external CSS style sheet or not. In addition, unlike external style sheets, inline styles are not easy to maintain. With infinite coding lines, you wouldn’t want to waste your time and effort on figuring out which inline style needs modification to get the required result.

Wordpress Theme Customization-2

In case you must put inline styles, use embedded style sheets in the <head> section instead. At least this way you can easily manage and modify them whenever you need.

Do Make Use of Core Options

WordPress comes with many options, plugins and functions, which are so easy to incorporate into your theme. Though these options don’t get used very often, they are a great way to enhance the functionality of your theme. One such example is of “date format”. You can simply incorporate it to users date or time format on comments.

Don’t Hardcode URLs

For some obvious reasons, don’t hardcore URLs. Make sure to use actions available in the coding.

Reasons why you shouldn’t hardcode URLs:

Plan on changing your domain name in the near future? If so, you’ll also need to change your hard-coded URLs.

If you are working on a local server and going to move it to server anytime soon, you should rather avoid hard-coding URLs.

You theme will break down if you are going to use it on another website.

Do use Enqueue function

Using enqueue function lets wordpress manage the queuing of all the files which are loaded at the right time. There are numerous reasons of avoiding the addition of resource into the init action. First of all, there is no way of checking whether or not a file has been loaded. Secondly, the scripts and styles will be loaded on every page when using in it. Also, it may lead to failure of some plugins.

Wordpress Theme Customization-3

Make wordpress customization easy with these tips.

Happy coding!

Best wordpress themes for real estate agencies -2015

Real estate market is growing fast now these days. WordPress is great solution for real estate sites and agencies. we collected some the best wordpress themes which are helpful to real estate.

Property buying and selling and house or land rent business are growing in the world. For Office space and commercial space, people are looking solutions online. WordPress has great SEO inbuilt. So many people looking customized wordpress theme which has real estate features.

Best wordpress themes for real estate agencies in 2015

We collected some of nice and great wordpress themes which are very intelligent and beautiful for corporate websites and portals.

WP Pro Real Estate 7 – Responsive WordPress Theme

WP Pro Real Estate 7 - Responsive WordPress Theme

WP Pro Real Estate 7 is the end all be all of WordPress real estate themes, with powerful options & tools, advanced search & mapping, endlessly customizable with live previewer, 5 pre-built demos (more coming soon), 3 header layouts, co-listing support, booking system, front end management, Revolution Slider, dsIDXpress, favorite listings, sub listings and much, much more!

You can build anything with WP Pro Real Estate 7 from a paid real estate listing portal, to a vacations rental site like AirBNB, to a single real estate listing landing page site, or a site for apartment rentals! This is quite literally the End All Be All of Real Estate Themes.

Realtor – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realtor - Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme
Realtor – Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme

Main Features

  • Features:
  • Visual Composer
  • Revolution Slider
  • WPML Supported
  • Advanced Theme Options
  • Google Fonts
  • RTL Supported
  • .po and .mo files included
  • Properties listing manager
  • 87% ranks in GTMetrix

Megareal – Real Estate Portal Theme

Megareal - Real Estate Portal Theme
Megareal – Real Estate Portal Theme

With Megareal users are able to manage their own listings without accessing admin dashboard. They can manage their profile, password and payment backlog too. By using Megareal you can start charging your users and earn money. We prepared for you theme with strong monetization focus. Pay per post and packages are industry standard but you can use our new “extras” earning tools (including pay per featured or pay for TOP) to increase your monthly wage. Combination of monetization and our statistics makes Megareal a powerful theme.

Theme is quite scalable and you can use it for large real estate portals or small agencies in just few clicks. Do you need custom change in your website? Not a problem at all. Everything is hooked into WordPress actions and can be easily removed or added. If you have a problem check our extended documentation or video channel. At the end there is an always our dedicated support staff to help you.

Quick Sale | Single Property Real Estate Theme

Megareal - Real Estate Portal Theme
Megareal – Real Estate Portal Theme

Quick Sale | Single Property Real Estate Theme is a premium wordpress theme crafted both for real estate agencies and property owners. For sale by owner trend get’s more popular nowadays and this professional real estate theme is specially crafted for such websites. You can use it to sell single property object or modify it as a corporate page for real estate agency. We are sure that the theme will go beyond the scopes of your initial expectations and provide more features than you could imagine. Powerful Options panel, color management system, comprehensive set of shortcodes and visual page composer give space for your creativity and help to create the most sophisticated designs

Top Producer Real Estate and Top Speed Car Dealer

Top Producer Real Estate and Top Speed Car Dealer

Top Producer/Top Speed is the long awaited follow-up on the successful OpenDoor theme. We have retained all of the best OpenDoor features, added more. It combines both real estate and car sales into a single theme, where you can switch between the two in Theme Options.

Our 3rd real estate/car sales theme

The first was Openhouse/Automotiv, which is no longer available. It had over 7,500 sales and for a while was a top 10 Themeforest theme of all time!

The second is OpenDoor, which is still selling strong here on Themeforest with over 3,500 sales so far.

You can feel confident in purchasing this new theme knowing about our strong reputation and history with selling real estate and car dealer themes on Themeforest.

Realsite – Material Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realsite - Material Real Estate WordPress Theme
Realsite – Material Real Estate WordPress Theme

Realsite is advanced real estate WordPress theme. It is a result of years of development in real estate industry. Theme is completely covering needs of real estate agencies or portals. We are bringing on the table absolutely new features like property and search statistics, multiple currencies or property comparison.

With Realsite users are able to manage their own listings without accessing admin dashboard. They can manage their profile, password and payment backlog too. By using Realsite you can start charging your users and earn money. We prepared for you theme with strong monetization focus. Pay per post and packages are industry standard but you can use our new “extras” earning tools (including pay per featured or pay for TOP) to increase your monthly wage. Combination of monetization and our statistics makes Realsite a powerful theme.

Reales WP – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Reales WP - Real Estate WordPress Theme
Reales WP – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Reales WP is a WordPress premium real estate theme with a modern, clean, intuitive, and fully responsive design, that looks perfect on any size tablet or mobile screen. It is loaded with lots of features like Front-end property submission and edit, Advanced autocomplete search, Google Maps integration, Advanced Properties filter, Useful shortcodes, Custom colors, Login with Facebook and Google accounts, Front-end agents registration, Add properties to favourites and a lot more.

Solus – Single Property Theme

Solus - Single Property Theme
Solus – Single Property Theme

Start selling properties today with this easy-to-use and fully featured WordPress Theme. When purchasing this theme, you will receive a detailed help file along with additional features like Unlimited Color Schemes and Demo Content.

Dream Home – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Dream Home - Real Estate WordPress Theme
Dream Home – Real Estate WordPress Theme

Dream Home is a clean, simple, and fully responsive WordPress theme for building Real Estate and Property websites. It designed for real estate agents, brokers, agencies, and any company or organization who’s business is dealing in property.

Skyestate – Real Estate with Front end Submission WordPress Theme

Skyestate - Real Estate with Front end Submission WordPress Theme
Skyestate – Real Estate with Front end Submission WordPress Theme

Skyestate is a responsive, flexible and easy-to-use real estate WordPress theme. This theme also has a rich feature like : property search, property slider, property map with stylish markers, front end user login & register, front end property submit & edit, payment integration with PayPal. Skyestate is suitable for agency owners, personal or standalone Real estate agents, who want to receive personal, regional or global Real estate website.

Most popular wordpress themes by themeforest

WordPress is widely and most used CMS framework. Many people are using wordpress for there websites and blogs. Due to best SEO options of wordpress many people using wordpress as e-commerce solution.

Themeforest is one of the great place for commercial wordpress themes and plugins. We collected some of best wordpress themes which are very popular and most downloaded in the world.

Most popular wordpress themes by themeforest

Cheope Shop – Flexible e-Commerce Theme

Cheope Shop - Flexible e-Commerce Theme
Cheope Shop – Flexible e-Commerce Theme

Cheope is a clean theme that utilises the powerful Woo Commerce plugin to create a versatile WordPress powered shop, with unlimited layout options and a lot of features.

Some features of Cheope are: unlimited sliders with 8 sliders type (2 premium sliders included); Zoom effect in the product detail page (premium plugin 7$ value); popup plugin included to show offers and news; megamenu with images support; List/grid view in the products page; 2 custom checkout pages (a nice tabbed checkout page); “catalog mode” to use the theme like a catalog, without the cart option; filterable faqs; SEO panel to optimize the SEO; Shortcode manager with 200+ shortcodes, products sliders, 10 custom widgets…and so on!

Axension – Powerful Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Axension - Powerful Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
Axension – Powerful Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

It is multipurpose wordpress theme, it has e-commerce compatible and great for website. It is best suitable for corporate website.

Neighborhood – Responsive Multi-Purpose Shop Theme

Neighborhood - Responsive Multi-Purpose Shop Theme
Neighborhood – Responsive Multi-Purpose Shop Theme

Neighborhood is super responsive, retina ready, and built upon the 1170px Twitter Bootstrap framework. Featuring a clean, modern, and superbly slick design, packed with the most powerful Swift Framework which offers limitless possibilities. The incredible Swift Page Builder is at the core of our framework, giving you the control to create sites that do your content justice. We’ve built in some incredible features such as the super search, full WooCommerce support, and so much more. If you’re looking to build any kind of website, then Neighborhood is what you need.

Nouveau – Multi-Purpose Retina WordPress Theme

Nouveau - Multi-Purpose Retina WordPress Theme
Nouveau – Multi-Purpose Retina WordPress Theme

Nouveau is multi-purpose, modern, elegant, retina ready, responsive WordPress theme ideal for creative use, photography, portfolio showcase, modern businesses, agency, fashion, blog, shop, personal use, etc. Nouveau is highly customizable theme with unlimited combinations of header layouts, title area layouts, mega menu, side menu and tons of shortcodes. With powerful and flexible theme options, included page builder, it gives freedom to create beautiful web sites and unlimited number of different page layouts.

Snapshop – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Snapshop - Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme
Snapshop – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Snapshop – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Welcome to Snapshop – commerce template that will amaze you with awesome functionality. We have designed snapshop to fit almost all e-commerce businesses. You can successfully use Snap shop wordpress template for standard shopping websites such as Food & Groceries shop, Household Goods shop, Pet Supplies shop, Consumer Electronics shop, Office Supplies & Books shop, Clothing & Apparel shop. The versatility of this responsive woocommerce template allows you build more creative and modern shop websites for specific products: Single Item Sales, Creative Clothing & Apparel, Luxury Goods, Creative Consumer Electronics & Goods, Exclusive Shops, Vintage Products.

Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme

Shoppinggo - WordPress eCommerce Theme
Shoppinggo – WordPress eCommerce Theme

Shoppinggo WordPress theme is Flexible and Responsive WordPress E-Commerce themethat makes your store looks nice and good with the powerfull option to change the color, you will have possibilities to create unique e-commerce website that kick-ass! — This theme will fit within wide-range categories, almost any type of your products for your online store, customize color, create new layout scheme on homepage.

MikMag – Responsive, Buddypress and Woocommerce

MikMag - Responsive, Buddypress and Woocommerce
MikMag – Responsive, Buddypress and Woocommerce

Mikmag is the perfect solution for you creative individuals and professionals looking for a highly versatile, greatly comprehensive and well-designed WordPress Theme power packed with Premium features and templates you can build from and customize.

Woocommerce, Buddypress and yes BBPress Ready

It is WooCommerce 2.0 ready for those roaring to get their products out unto the market, inclusive of BuddyPress making it possible for building WordPress-powered social networks, and contains bbPress wherein you can create forums for your target group/s. To top off the deal, Mikmag offers a myriad of short codes and extra options for attracting potential advertisers. It is truly one smart theme!

Simplicity – eCommerce WordPress Theme, Responsive

Simplicity - eCommerce WordPress Theme, Responsive
Simplicity – eCommerce WordPress Theme, Responsive

This elegant and extremely flexible WordPress theme comes with responsive design, ready for retina and support such eCommerce plugins as: WooCommerce, JigoShop, eCommerce.

Keronchong – Band, Music & Event WooCommerce Theme

Keronchong – Band, Music & Event WooCommerce Theme
Keronchong – Band, Music & Event WooCommerce Theme

Keronchong is a multipurpose best WordPress theme for music, band, club, party and radio station. You could also use it for entertainment magazine website talking about music and band. It has every feature you need for an official music producer or band website, such as floating Music Player to play your featured music at the bottom of the page. Keronchong also has Event Manager Feature to allow you to announce any music or band event. With WooCommerce support – selling your music and band merchandise online would be easier. What you can do with Keronchong band and music woocommerce as your website theme:

  1. One stop shopping site for purchasing merchandise, musical works and tickets (with WooCommerce support)
  2. View performance video
  3. Listen to featured song
  4. Showcase musical works portfolio
  5. Announce bands event
  6. And many more, just check the demo site.

Here in this article, I collected some of my favorite commercial wordpress themes which are good for e-commerce and blogging and corporate sites.


Best stores for sell your wordpress themes and plugins

Want to make money through selling premium themes and plugins and searching for best Best stores or marketplaces to sell your themes and plugins easily. CMS programs are gaining popularity. WordPress itself owns marketshare of 18.9% between all websites. No doubt, If you are wordpress developer than you can earn money through wordpress themes and plugins.

Where to sell your wordpress themes and plugins

Best stores for sell your wordpress themes and plugins
Best stores for sell your wordpress themes and plugins

Here we made list of best and famous wordpress stores which will sell your wordpress themes and plugins.

1. Themeforest

Themeforest is one of the major marketplaces by Envato.  Themeforest boasts over 10,000 themes & templates that have been published on the site by over 2,500 authors.

Best stores for sell your wordpress themes and plugins-1

2. Creative Market

Creative Market allows designers to sell WP themes, templates, and all manner of graphic design goods on their site. Creative Market is different from the other marketplaces in that there is no review process.


3. CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon is another marketplace by Envato.  If you’re looking to sell WordPress plugins, CodeCanyon is a good candidate for your products.


4. WP Shop

WP Shop also allows developers to submit free themes, so you could leverage the platform for additional distribution of your free themes as well. WP Shop is a new marketplace for theme designers to sell their work.



5. Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes, a quickly growing marketplace has nearly 1,000 themes & templates listed.  While smaller than themeforest, Mojo is a growing marketplace and a serious contender for listing your products.


6. WP Eden

WP Eden allows other to upload and sell WordPress themes and plugins on their growing marketplace. While WP Eden doesn’t have the scale of other marketplaces, it’s a good opportunity to create a new revenue stream for any developer selling themes and/or plugins.


Hope you will found useful this list. If you have more suggestion than please write in comments.

Charity WordPress Theme Launched: Best for Non-profit Donation Firms

It is quintessential to avail a Charity WordPress theme to develop a charity website easily and start collecting funds for non-profit organizations. But, it is also essential to be sure that it matches to your fundraising requirements effectively and serves you the state-of-the-art results. Although, you can see a wide array of Charity/NGO themes that are listed over the web for their exclusive features and clean structure. Charity: Nonprofit/NGO/Fundraising WordPress Theme has been specifically developed to fulfill the needs of non-profit organizations and charity firms. Designed with impeccable layout, this theme brings a plethora of facilities along with the ease to build a responsive charity website.


Live Demo | Download

Flexibility is one of the key features of this WordPress theme, which allows you to utilize the available custom options in a way you want. Behind the creation of this theme, there is a big support of considerably experienced developers & designers, who have done a great job and provided a feature-rich solution to meet diverse charitable website related needs. Having enormous appreciable aspects, this prominent Bootstrap theme is considered as the most suitable and affordable solution for the development of donation websites that are not only cross-browser compatible, but also fully responsive.

Charity WP Theem

The investment for a theme can prove to be worth paying, only if it is precisely packed with a bundle of stunning features. Hence, it would be significant to consider all technological advancements of a theme before availing it. WordPress is one of in-demand CMSs that comprise lots of remarkable qualities to build a Charity or NGO website. Charity is a professional WordPress theme enriched with interactive features that require minimum coding expertise to meet the website development needs without any sort of difficulty. Furthermore, it can scale down the total workload of a business owner, who does have a sound coding knowledge. In just half time, an individual can develop a feature-rich charitable website matching to his specifications.

The Vast List of Marvelous Features at Your Glance

=> Responsive Design

Charrity - Responsive Design

In the age of smart mobile devices like tablets & smartphones, the adoption of a responsive theme would be the wisest decision. Responsive design is a key to generate organic traffic and now considered as the must have feature to grab the attention of global visitors. The perfect implementation of this feature in a theme enables the users to access it across multiple devices that support different screen sizes, browsers and platforms. Charity WordPress theme holds an appreciable responsive design that works really well on multifarious screens, including laptop, tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices.

=> Full-width & Box Layout

Charrity - Full-width & Box Layout

WordPress has two primary layouts, named Boxed and Full-width. Both layout settings are applied to perform changes globally, and even you can make changes per page through the theme filter. Full-width is a default layout of Charity theme, which represents the content with white background while in boxed layout, the main wrapper is surrounded with padding, so that one can apply any custom background around the center without any hassle. You will find an option panel to pick any layout from boxed & full-width, but at a time, only one will be effective. This option provides facility to include custom patterns, colors and even background images into the site.

=> Revolution Slider

Charity theme is integrated with revolution slider worth just $18 that enables the users to build any user-friendly and animated header to your website.

=> Integrated With wooCommerce

Charrity - woocommerce

Theme supports wooCommerce, which is a popular shopping cart to make the transaction secure and to increase the sale of the products, so that you can easily raise fund as a charity initiatives.

=> EasyPay

Start getting donation easily for your online services through Charity: Nonprofit/NGO/Fundraising WordPress Theme as it consists of the most secure payment gateway, EasyPay.

=> Easy Installation

Charrity - easy to install

The installation process of this theme requires just a single click. With One Click installation feature, it offers an ease to those, who are not technically sound.

=> Supports Visual Composer

Charrity - Visual Composer

It provides a pleasing experience with awesome drag & drop frontend and saves plenty of time; it takes lesser time than the regular website development task. This theme is powered by Visual Composer, through which, one can develop new page template.

Remaining Features of Charity WordPress Theme that cannot be Avoided

• A variety of Google Web Fonts

• WPML Ready plugin

• Remarkably designed Sticky Headers

• Multifarious unique colors & FontAwesome Icons

• Contact Form 7 support

• 4 Distinct Headers, Footers and Homepage Styles with limitless possibilities

• Shortcodes, TABLES, Typography, Slider Ranger, Notification Boxes, etc.

• Optimized HTML and CSSC coding

• The fastest webpage loading speed with “A” grade performance

• JS Validation and ingeniously built working PHP form

• Gravity Form compatibility

• User is free to develop Our Mission, Our Story, Index Page, and other related sections


Charity: Nonprofit/NGO/Fundraising WordPress Theme is a fantastic Bootstrap powered theme, laced with manifold high-quality features. Suitable for small charity agencies, charitable trusts, NGOs and non-profit organizations, this one of the best themes is loaded with 6 different but outstandingly built shopping cart and e-store pages.

20+ Free WordPress Themes with Foundation Framework

This year new wordpress foundation framework started. It created some basic wordpress themes which can be useful for wordpress developers. Here we collected more than 20 free wordpress themes which developed using foundation framework.

Free WordPress Themes with Foundation Framework
Free WordPress Themes with Foundation Framework

WordPress developers use many frameworks for creating theme.Using framework we can avoid some repetitive work. Foundation is came as more popular famework in front-end developers and demand for WordPress themes is also increasing. It is like bootstrap and mobile friendly.

20+ Free WordPress Themes with Foundation Framework

Pupa – Responsive & Retina Multi-Purpose Theme

pupa-wordpress theme

Creating a unique look and feel of your website with Pupa WP theme. A fresh and clean design retina ready multi-purpose theme build with Zurb foundation framework, some of key features is unlimited colors, premium sliders plugin support, tons of Google fonts, 220 plus icons, easy to use theme options and get automated theme updates on your WP dashboard with just single click.

Demo | Detail



In addition to inheriting all the Foundation features, Reverie also includes customized output for WordPress menus, caption and pagination. It has two built-in widget ares and two custom menus. Reverie can be used as a starter theme or as the parent theme to a child theme that you create.

Theme Info | Demo



Lulu is a fully responsive, minimalist, awesome WordPress theme, with 4 custom post types, responsive flex slider, filterable portfolio/gallery, built-in contact form and much more…

Demo / Detail



Along with Reverie, Required+ was one of the first ones on the scene to offer a Foundation-based WordPress theme. It is meant to be used as a parent theme and features commented code, flexible layout options with page templates and widget areas for different layouts. Required+ includes shortcodes to help you create columns, galleries and more using the visual editor. The shortcodes are offered as optional plugins. One unique feature of Required+ is that it offers editor styles for adding Foundation styles and elements to the post editor without using shortcodes.

Theme Info | Demo



Quarter is a minimalistic responsive WordPress theme for bloggers. Quarter developed on the Zurb Foundation framework to look beautiful at any screen size. It is customizable via the WordPress Theme Customizer yet it is as simple as possible.

Demo / Detail



Reactor makes use of the WordPress Customizer to offer customization options. It includes shortcodes for UI elements such as pricing grid, orbit slider, buttons and more. Reactor was built with the developer in mind and offers an assortment of hooks, content actions and theme actions.

Theme Info | Demo



Persona is a simple but stunningly unique parallax responsive WordPress theme. Persona is best for modern and creative websites such as a creative portfolio, personal website, designer’s profile etc. and it is for anything under the sun that needs a simple awesome parallax. The template is customizable to any level since it is powered by ZURB Foundation 3 framework and completely integrated to WordPress platform.

Demo / Detail

WP Foundation


WP Foundation includes four different page templates, a configurable via theme options panel, shortcodes pre-styled with Foundation’s styles and two different sidebars.

Theme Info | Demo



PressEvent is an event management theme suitable for any type of needs: such as conferences, exhibitions, conventions, trade shows, seminars, workshops and business meetings. PressEvent is uses the Foundation framework and can be accessed on all mobile devices, including iPad and Android powered tablets.

Demo / Detail

Base Station


Base Station is an extensible WordPress theme built on Foundation. It was built to be extended by developers, includes a number of hooks, and most of its functions are either pluggable or accessible via filters. The theme also has a feature called featured posts for highlighting your content. Base Station shortcodes offer support for alerts, buttons, featured posts slider, labels, login form and panels.

Theme Info | Demo



Spine is a WordPress theme based on Foundation and Hybrid core. It features three custom menu locations and several different layouts, including no sidebar, one or two sidebars. The front page template is completely widgetized and you can use the theme customizer with live preview to customize your site.

Theme Info | Demo



_second-foundation is another Foundation-based theme hosted at It utilizes Masonry.js to create the responsive post grid display. This is a theme that you might select if you desire that specific homepage layout plus Foundation as a base.

Theme Info | Demo



SmartAdapt is a Foundation-based theme hosted on, which means that this is a solid theme that holds to the rigorous code standards maintained by the WordPress Theme Review team. It allows you to easily customize background, logo or header image, etc and includes social share button support (Facebook like, Twitter share, Google +1, Pin it).

Theme Info | Demo

15+ Top Free Ultra Minimalist WordPress Themes for download

In every wordpress theme, there are too many unnecessary things are included. Blogger are mainly looking for ultra minimalist wordpress themes which are free for download. Looking for clean minimal theme and testing it out is not easy. Many times due to complex designs wordpress themes became heavy. we always suggest client to use faster and minimalist wordpress theme. so website will be fast and SEO will be good.

Top Free Ultra Minimalist WordPress Themes for download
Top Free Ultra Minimalist WordPress Themes for download

List of 10+ Top Free Ultra Minimalist WordPress Themes for download

So here in this article we collected free minimalist wordpress themes which are free and you can download them easily.


Lingonberry wp theme
Lingonberry wp theme

Lingonberry is a beautifully-designed minimalist theme by Anders Noren. Check out our recent interview with him on achieving simplicity in WordPress theme design. The Lingonberry theme offers support for post formats. The hidden top menu pulls down navigation and a search bar.

Demo | Download


tonal-wordpress theme
tonal wordpress theme

Tonal offers a greyscale design that changes based on your background color.

This theme features large images, full-width videos and makes the most of post formats.

Demo | Download



Dazzling wordpress theme
Dazzling wordpress theme

Dazzling is a colorful, flat and responsive theme ideal for businesses.

It is highly customizable for a free theme, with unlimited color variations, several widget areas, and a flexible featured slider.

Demo | Download


Casper wordpress theme
Casper wordpress theme

Casper is a free Ghost-style theme based on Underscores. It is essentially a port of Ghost’s default theme with WordPress-specific features added into the customizer for uploading your own logo, customizing the background and header images, text and social links.

Demo | Download


unititled wordpress theme
unititled wordpress theme

Untitled has been designed by the theme team at Automattic.

It comes with full-bleed featured posts, featured images, a fixed header and subtle CSS3 transitions. This theme also supports a right sidebar.

Demo | Download


tinypress free wordpress theme
tinypress free wordpress theme

TinyPress is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme with bold headlines and a focus on readability. It includes matching social sharing buttons, styles for galleries and quotes, and a hidden menu that pops open a full page widget area when clicked.

Demo | Download


papaver free wordpress theme
papaver free wordpress theme

Papaver is a stripped back, minimalist theme that puts the focus on your words.

This theme offers one, two or three column variations.

Demo | Download


gravit free wordpress theme
gravit free wordpress theme

Gravit is a bright, clean WordPress theme with support for post formats and large featured images. The theme has many options built into the customizer, including color controls for the post format icons, site title, text and background. Gravit also includes a unique “About Me” page design and template.

Demo | Download


touchfolio free wordpress theme
touchfolio free wordpress theme

Touchfolio is a responsive, sparse design featuring large images.

It has a skinning system based on LESS CSS (similar to variables in Twitter Bootstrap) and controls Photoshop file included.

It also comes with two types of portfolio – a gallery with list in menu and masonry gallery.

Demo | Download


readly free wordpress theme
readly free wordpress theme

Readly is a free theme from WP Shower that utilizes large fonts and supports post formats. It was designed for readability on all devices. The theme has several options built into the customizer, including the ability to change the theme color and add social links. You can also easily select between three pagination options: regular, load more, and infinite scroll.

Demo | Download


wootique free wordpress theme
wootique free wordpress theme

Wootique is a free WooThemes design that makes full use of all WooCommerce features. Every WooCommerce widget has been styled to match the design of this theme.

It also comes with a featured slider, custom header and widgets and is highly customizable in the backend.

Demo | Download