WordPress release is coming with new features

WordPress is very popular CMS which is widely used in the web world. There are millions of websites build using wordpress CMS. Every month there is new update and new version is coming. Last month wordpress released the 3.7 wordpress version. New release will be 3.8 wordpress version coming with new features. It is very focused and important wordpress release by WP Team.

WordPress release with new features is coming . Last month wordpress released 3.7 wordpress version. New release will be wordpress version with new feature.

WordPress release with new features

In wordpress 3.8 version there are very important UI changes will be planned in new upcoming version. Team is planning to release the new version in 2013 December End. Many New features available for testing by development environment. If you want to download the development version and test it then use following URL:

To test WordPress trunk with a test install:

To check out the latest WP codebase, try this checkout command:

svn co http://core.svn.wordpress.org/trunk/

For More information Check URL.

New Fancy and great UI changes in WordPress Admin

The MP6 plugin included in the  WordPress core in 3.8. It was used in WordPress.com sites, If you want to use it your current wordpress then download the plugin. It will change the WordPress admin interface a modern, optimized, and polished new look that it deserves.

wp-3-8-admin-ui WordPress release with new features
WordPress release with new features

The current admin UI came with two color, MP6 uses Open Sans font which will be shipped with WordPress 3.8. MP6 also brings great improvements to buttons, forms, and the overall appearance of the admin interface making it prettier and user friendly.

Great Themes preview Experience

Theme preview the one to most used the important feature of wordpress CMS. Now in current wordpress version we are seeing lot of text content along with theme preview images.  WordPress.com itself uses some nice wordpress plugins like theme experience plugin (codename Thx38) Now wp development team is adding this plugin feature in to the core feature. This wp plugin will change the theme screens in WordPress admin area. It has larger theme screenshots and clean UI interface. Theme search is moved to the top right corner of the screen. To try this as a plugin on WordPress 3.7 or earlier, you would need to install MP6 plugin first.

wp-3-8-theme-screens WordPress release with new features
WordPress release with new features

New Look to Dashboard

WP dev team changed the dashboard screen totally in 3.8 release. If you earlier used the  Dashboard plugin by @lessbloat then you will know about the new look of dashboard. Dashboard plugin is also included into the core code of wp. They removed the unwanted widget and added some useful and quick widgets in dashboard.

For example, the incoming links widget will be removed. ‘Right now’ widget will be replaced by ‘Activity’ widget. QuickPress on the dashboard screen will be renamed to Quick Draft and will be much simpler.


New Fast and Easier Widget Area Manager

Widgets are used every where is wp cms. We use the widget in header, footer, sidebar, post area. Now we can drag and drop the widgets. Using multiple widget is sometimes it becomes difficult to drag and drop a widget into the multiple sidebars. Along with the WordPress new version 3.8, The Widgets UI will allow admin to easily choose the sidebar they want to add a widget to without dragging it across different sidebars. The new widget interface will be very user friendly.


There are many bug fixes and other small features are coming in 3.8 version. I am really waiting for the new wordpress version. I am looking for better user and role management in wordpress so it will became full featured CMS like Drupal. WordPress is improving but still lot of new ideas and features needs to include in wordpress still. That is a path.

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