how to add h1 tag in wordpress homepage in theme

As a SEO specialist, We know the importance of h1 and h2 tag in wordpress website. Here we will show you, how to add h1 tag to wordpress homepage in theme code.

how to add h1 tag in wordpress homepage in theme

There are many custom wordpress themes which has poor SEO. We need check every aspect of SEO friendliness of wordpress theme. recently, we faced same issue with one of our site. When we checked the website in SEO doctor  Firefox addon. We did not find h1 tag on homepage. We got the following message.


h1 tag missing from homepage
how to add h1 tag in wordpress homepage in theme

When, we checked message. We found following error.

“Fail”,”H1 tag”,”* You have no H1 tags”
“Fail”,”H2 tag”,”* 10 H2 tags found before/without H1 (“Demo post 12″)”

Many custom developer talking about following solution. This will not display h1 to a visitor but will to a search engine.

<h1 style="display: none;"><!--?php the_title(); ?-->

 But we are not agree with above solution. do not use above solution. Google and other search engine did not consider hidden text or very small font words.


On Home page, For post title tag you should h1 tag. If you use multiple h1 tags in single webpage, that is not harmful. You should use rel bookmark in tag. For home page use following code.

<!--?<span class="hiddenSpellError" pre="" data-mce-bogus="1"-->php if ( is_single() ) : ?>
<h1 class="entry-title"><!--?php the_title(); ?-->
<!--?<span class="hiddenSpellError" pre="" data-mce-bogus="1"-->php else : ?>
<h1 class="entry-title">
php the_permalink(); ?>" rel="bookmark"><!--?php the_title(); ?-->
<!--?<span class="hiddenSpellError" pre="" data-mce-bogus="1"-->php endif; // is_single() ?>

Why Rel bookmark is used?

REL=Bookmark Bookmarks are used to provide direct links to key entry points into an extended document. The TITLE attribute may be used to label the bookmark. Several bookmarks may be defined in each document, and provide a means for orienting users in extended documents.

Reference Taken from :


You can use style or classes as per your theme requirement.  The h1 is used in header.php for Custom Logo / Site Title, so there should be a H1 there. But If you used only logo image and not used h1 tag on home page than above issue will happen. You can use multiple h1 tags in one webpage. You can check wordpress core themes and their code and refer it. It has best SEO practice followed.

In core wordpress themes, We can see multiple H1 tags with rel bookmark element. So you can use above code in your wordpress theme and increase your website SEO.


10 SEO Mistakes that should be avoided in WordPress

Search Engine Optimization can help you get higher ranks on search engine pages and builds your online presence to a great extent. But going about it the wrong way can be a lot worse than doing nothing at all.

SEO Mistakes that should be avoided in WordPress

SEO Mistakes that should be avoided in WordPress
SEO Mistakes that should be avoided in WordPress

There are few mistakes that WordPress users make quite often; they are listed below so that you can ensure that you don’t fall into the same trap.

Don’t provide XML sitemap

A sitemap is an XML file, which has the lists of URLs for sites. With their help, webmasters can make it easier for search engines to crawl websites more efficiently and easily. But there are many webmasters who don’t understand the importance of XML sitemaps, which can lead to search engines ignoring pages from the site. And that naturally means the visibility of your website will be greatly reduced. As your web pages don’t get indexed by all and mighty search engines, your online visibility is bound to suffer.

Not setting up Google Authorship

Google authorship is an important element of search friendly websites today; no two ways about it. It makes a world of difference to your brand promotion because your users can see a picture next to your articles. In fact your content, irrespective of the platform, will stay connected to your name. There are many who haven’t woken up to the importance of Google Authorship and don’t set it up, which is something you need to avoid at all costs.

Not optimizing URLs for SEO

If your URL has a smart title, it can help you with search engine ranks; no two ways about it. Running a website the traditional way can make it difficult, but when you are using a CMS platform like WordPress things are made a lot easier. You can make the most out of the tools offered by the platform and have creative titles for blogs, articles to gain good results. Letting go of this opportunity is a huge mistake you cannot afford.

Improper Categorization and Tagging

If you want to keep users engaged and boost traffic to your site, you can use categorization and tagging to your advantage. Using the right categories and tags in blogs and articles will encourage readers to go through the entire website. You can overlook this opportunity at your own peril as many already have. Having your web posts without tags and categories could mean that you are losing your ranks with search engines.

Irrelevant External Links

They are as important as internal links and should be relevant, keeping your site in context. Search engines will pay attention to the links you have to other sites and compare the thematic content to ensure that there is a match. Hence it’s important to look at external links before posting because they should define you according to your vision.

Poor Quality Backlinks

Their importance cannot be overemphasized as search engines consider them closely while judging a website’s popularity and importance. It’s been seen that some bloggers use ways like buying backlinks from farms or sites that have been put up with the sole purpose of selling links. These backlinks are often of poor quality and will give a similar impression about your site to search engines. On the other hand few backlinks from authoritative websites are worth their weight in gold.

Not updating WordPress

Your whole WordPress website will have to be updated at certain times and you can benefit from features like enhanced security, fixes etc. It’s incredible to see many not updating their sites and thus running the risk of being vulnerable or stuck with a website that doesn’t function optimally. It’s criminal to let that happen, especially since a single click of a button is all it takes to update your website.

Not installing any WordPress SEO plugin

Surprisingly, this is another common mistake that is made by many WordPress users. There are several plugins like Inbound Writer, Scribe, WordPress SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO, which have their tremendous advantages for your site’s optimization. Each of these plugins however performs differently, and thus has to be chosen wisely based on your requirements.

Poor On Page SEO

If you don’t organize your page or post around a certain keyword so that it’s spotted by search, then it can be a huge mistake. According to many, it is one of the major factors of WordPress SEO. If you make a mistake here, chances are that all your other good work will come undone. Thankfully there are plugins you can choose to help you with this element.

Keyword Stuffing

Importance of keywords for search engine optimization is now well understood. But you also need to understand that keyword stuffing is considered to be an unethical search engine optimization practise. It could lead to a temporary or a permanent ban on your website.

If you wish to rank for a certain category of keywords then you can create a separate page for it and then optimize it. You can also avoid duplicating keywords and create pages with them built in as a part of the content instead. You will benefit from that immensely because having high quality and relevant content on your website is quite good for the ranking of your website. However make sure you stay away from keyword stuffing at any cost because it will only hurt your chances with search engines.

These are some of the common WordPress SEO mistakes that you can easily avoid and ensure that you are getting maximum benefits for your website.

wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack plugin

Are you like me? Do you have strong content writing and blog promoting abilities, but lack the knowledge of how to actually build a WordPress site? You probably can figure out how to install the blog but that’s about as far as you can go. If you’re just going to write a personal blog or one for fun, you’re probably a single person operation. You can get up and running, but that’s about it.

wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack

If you’re just going to publish your personal blog, you’re probably a single person operation. you should know about wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack

wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack
wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack

Luckily for us marketers, there’s an easy to install plugin called All In One SEO Pack that helps us do what we do best; optimize our articles for search engines. Just follow these 4 steps to add the plugin to your WordPress install:

How To Get Started

  1. Log into your WordPress site
  2. Click the Plugins link and click Add New
  3. Search “All in One SEO Pack,” click install and confirm
  4. Activate the plugin

If you’ve spent any time on internet marketing forums, you’re bound to come across a poster who wants to know how to get hundreds of back links to their WordPress site, but they’ve made no effort to optimize their own content. The All in One SEO Pack now makes it as easy as ever to optimize your on page SEO. You’ll now find boxes when publishing posts allowing you to specify the post title, description and keywords.

wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack - screen 2
wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack – screen 2
  • Title

The meta title is probably the most important on page SEO element. Your title is the link text that will show up in Google’s organic rankings. Make sure to write a highly relevant title. You’ll want to make sure your post’s intended keyword is included in the title, but don’t just cram your title with keywords. Remember that you’re writing for your audience, not Google, so the title should be interesting and eye catching. You have about 60 characters to work with, but each word is generally weighted roughly the same so be frugal with your words. It’s also a good idea to put your most important keywords farthest left on your title.

  • Description

Google doesn’t use the meta description in their rankings, but this is another opportunity to help make your listing stand out in their listings. After all, this is the 150 character text that will show up below your link (though there isn’t a guarantee that Google will use your meta description at all).

  • Keywords

Like the meta description, Google doesn’t use meta keywords in their rankings. You’ll probably want to throw a keyword in or two for the smaller search engines. It can’t hurt and only takes a few seconds to add them.


wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack - screen 3
wordPress SEO with all in one SEO pack – screen 3


Us marketers may not necessarily know how to build a WordPress site, but with plugins like the All in One SEO Pack, we sure can make our sites attractive to search engines!

Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Optimize your WordPress Website

WordPress is used by 50 million plus websites worldwide and is certainly the best blogging platforms till date. Now, not only bloggers but several businesses and organization firms are making use of WordPress as the web development platform for building compelling websites or blog pages. Blogging is a vital component of SEO, and WordPress facilitate website owners with the power of creating blogs. But that doesn’t mean that merely developing a site in WordPress will make it SEO optimized. Well, to some extent it will, but SEO is a huge field and requires a lot of knowledge and efforts to master it.

SEO Plugins for Optimize your WordPress

If you’re planning to build a WordPress powered site but lack knowledge about SEO, then here’s a list of top 3 WordPress Plugins that will help your website acquire top ranks in Google and other search engines.

Smart WordPress SEO

Boost your wordpress SEO: Full SEO features Meta Tags, webmaster tools settings, Social AuthorShip for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and XML sitemap

You can enter your meta keywords and description for your homepage and each post and pages.

This plugin will add different Meta description for each individual post as your excerpt of your post.

This will help your blog to rank better in google. You can easily increase your blog traffic using this plugin.

Following are the features:

  1. Preview of Smart wordpress SEO – Home page Keywords and description
  2. WebMaster Tool Verification Setting
  3. Social Authorship for Google, Twitter and Facebook
  4. XML sitemap setting
  5. Image SEO setting
  6. Eash Post or Page SEO title, Description and Keywords setting

Seo Meta Tags

This plugin will add different Meta description for each individual post as your excerpt of your post.

WebMaster tool and meta tag, Social AuthorShip meta Tags added for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

This plugin will create XML sitemap for your website. This plugin will boost your seo in two weeks.

Google, Bing Verify ownership with wordpress
Google, Bing Verify ownership with wordpress

Google XML Sitemap

A sitemap can do wonders in making your WP site search engine optimized, as it helps Google to discover pages on your site that it may not have discovered earlier. Simply put, a sitemap is a formatted list of all the relevant web pages present on your site that gets easily indexed by Google. Google XML Sitemap is a WP plugin that helps to automatically generate a XML based sitemap that enable search engine like Google, and others to index your site in a better way.

SEO Plugins for Optimize your WordPress
SEO Plugins for Optimize your WordPress

This sitemap plugin makes it easier for the search engine crawlers to see the entire structure of your website effortlessly. The plugin creates a sitemap using the combination of relevant links and sample text present in your site. The best part is that the plugin automatically notifies topnotch search engines when you create a new post for your site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

The next in the plugin list is WordPress SEO by Yoast having more than 4.5 million downloads and an excellent rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, this is indeed one of the best SEO plugin that is easy to learn and use. It enables website creators to perform several tasks, as listed below:

  • Helps in previewing a code snippet
  • Track keyword density in your blog post and verify whether the targeted keyword is present in your post – title and URL or not. That’s not it! It even provides a hint regarding the correct place where you should add the keyword in order to obtain better position in search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Lastly, it helps to carry out complete analysis on both inbound as well as outbound links.


WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin simply checks how optimized your web page is and accordingly recommend changes. Besides this, the plugin offers several other functions such as XML sitemaps, RSS optimization, and social integration to name a few.

All in One SEO Pack

Last in the list is – All in One SEO Pack, it is the viable alternative for novices as well as veterans for making a WP site optimized for search engines, and possess a rating of 3.9 stars over 5. The plugin helps saves a considerable amount of your time and effort, as it automatically generate meta-keywords and meta-descriptions in your posts, and enhances titles in tune with search engines. What’s more, it comes loaded with a lot of features, which includes providing support for Google analytics, creating XML sitemap for WP blog, and many other features.

The best thing about this plugin is that it is the only plugin that comes with an extended SEO integration feature built for ecommerce websites. Additionally, it comes with advanced algorithms that help to check whether your blog contains duplicate pages or not – so that you can evade panda penalty.

You can find various great SEO plugins to help make your WordPress site search engine optimized. Aforementioned are the top 3 and most extensively used WP SEO plugins that website owners must be familiar with.

Gaining Popularity Of WordPress Cloud Hosting

Over the years, Wordpress Cloud Hosting has gain popularity. Well, if you ask what or where is the cloud, then there is no object that can be pointed as the cloud. It refers to the structure, where different computers are used to store data through a network connection. Data is stored in various connected hard drives that act like a virtual disk with unlimited capacity. All over the globe users uses WordPress the online content management system and even many companies are powered by this online CMS.

WordPress Cloud Hosting

However, they require hosting services that can handle the internet traffic. Cloud hosting helps in this aspect. They integrate the website with the network which helps the pages to load fast.

Features of cloud hosting

With the help of this hosting service, organizations can retrieve data that has been damaged or destroyed. The emerging popularity of cloud hosting is mostly due to its varied features.

  • Simplicity- user interface is simple and with few clicks, you can secure data, resize the server and create a new server.
  • Affordable- you need to pay only for the data or the resource that you have used. Users are charged hourly, that makes it affordable to users.
  • Scalable- as per your need you can scale up or down the server without wasting any resource.
  • Reliable- compared to a shared server, it is reliable, as if there is any issue with one server it does not affect the other servers.
  • Customizable- you can even customize the server by specifying the location and operating system.
  • Secure- your content is safe in this hosting. There is provision of continuous backup that ensures that it is stored safely and can be access at any point of time.

Always professional help provided

It is important to notice that WordPress hosted on the cloud is scalable than on shared host or on a dedicated one. The servers of the cloud are optimized to enable smooth functioning of WordPress. The server is tested with a different version of the CMS and the professionals make sure that the probable issues that might arise are fixed. Professionals like the system administrators and technicians who have expertise related to WordPress provide a viable solution related to cloud hosting. With various innovative solutions, they ensure that it runs effectively on the cloud hosting.

Regular updates available

A number of benefits are attached to the use of Cloud hosting for WordPress. Managed cloud hosting service provides a continuous update to the CMS, if any new application is introduced. You need not have to update plug-ins or themes as that is done by the server. Malware is a big issue of concern, especially when internet traffic is concerned. Cloud server uses various security applications that prevent the website from facing any security threat. The server takes regular backup of data either on a daily basis or a weekly basis. It also provides extra security as in case there is any security breach, a website can be restored from the server in its error free form.

Scales their resources

According to the requirement of the website, the server offers to scale their resources. If there is a surge in the traffic in a blog, you can add resources to it. If you are under the fear that if there is a crash in the server what will be the plight of your blog or website, then you can be sure. Since WordPress is hosted on a number of servers, even if one server crashes, the other keeps it running. It also reduces the downtime of the server.
The control panel of the hosting services is user friendly. Adding or removing resources, managing emails, deleting spam, all is easy with this control panel. Owing to a number of reason use of cloud hosting for WordPress has gained popularity.

Design Your site Brilliantly, Get Noticed through WordPress

Yes, a trendy web designis the best way to attract the target audience towards your web. Internet has made the world smaller and people these days spend more time on their computers rather than without it. Now with mobiles having internet facilities the number of people surfing the internet has dramatically doubled. People just can’t leave their phones, tablets and computers. A recent research even mentioned that a considerable ratio of people surf the web even when in toilets. These surveys show how internet is in great demand and this place can prove to be a great market where your business gets noticed. Every individual owns a webpage today which is designed to attract more readers. The basic need to attract more readers to your very own web is a trendy web design.

wd 1
What has web design to do with viewer count?
A trendy web design is said to attract double the number of people than a simple boring website. A website must have readable contents and simple navigation technique to make it a hit among readers. There are many ways to design a website out of which WordPress is one. No matter if your website is a personal or business related, a trendy design can get it the required attention and make it one among the top rated.
What is WordPress? is an all-time support system to blogs and websites. This support system can support blogs and websites and also helps in boosting it. This support system helps the blogs and websites change their themes and also include some pages into it. One can customize their website or blog with this support system to make it look attractive to its visitors.

Does WordPress support new websites?
Of course yes, no matter if the blog is new or old, WordPress can support it equally. If it is a new blog, WordPress can help with about me page and every other detail. Customization is another advantage of this support system. One can choose from the wide range of themes to set up own blogs and website. Simple navigation techniques like mentioned earlier add as advantage. Is the navigation is not complicated people find it easy to explore the website.
Every blog is different and each has its own needs. WordPress understands that and has various themes and customization techniques using which the blog can be made attractive. This support system also has a wide range of tools including the search and find tool which makes navigation easier. Blog owners can display their moods to their readers through smileys which are a part of WordPress. This allows heart to heart communication between the blogger and his readers.
WordPress has definitely changed the world of web for better and made working on it easier.

6 Reasons Why You Should Highly Consider WordPress

WordPress has become one of the most popular content management systems used by many on creating websites and will continue to thrive due to plenty of different reasons. Some people think that WordPress is a platform that is only good for blogging, which is very wrong. It can be a platform that is perfect for any type of website and has no limitations to what can be done. Since it is an open source platform, people are able to make changes, create extensions, and mess with any aspect they want. So, over the years, WordPress has continuously been worked on and updated.

6 Reasons Why You Should Highly Consider WordPress

If you are trying to figure out which type of website would be best for your business, here are some reasons why you should highly consider going with a WordPress site.

Easy Content

Being a successful business online nowadays almost always requires content to be made and WordPress makes it extremely easy to get new content posted. Since WordPress was originally created to manage content, you can expect a lot of different options when it comes to creating some new stuff. You will be able to create new pages, posts, comments, and anything else you can think of right from the dashboard and have it posted within minutes. Not only is it easy, but you can have it on a scheduler to ensure that a post gets posted on time in the future.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines have come to love WordPress sites because of how easy their spiders can crawl through and view new content. Not only are WordPress sites more optimized right away, but they also have plugins that you can add into your site, which enhances all of your SEO effort and makes it much easier to optimize all of your content. Bloggers and websites owners that use other platforms have switched over to WordPress for this exact reason and have had a great amount of success. Even though there are plenty of other benefits that come with using WordPress, this has to be one of the best ones.

Easy To Use

Overall interface is really easy to use. You can make any changes you need to directly from the dashboard and everything is user friendly. You no longer need to be an expert webmaster to manage a professional website, all you need to do is spend some time with the interface and get yourself acquainted with it.

Good Support and Great Community

If you are new to making a website, it is always a good thing to have easily accessible support. You never know when you might run into an issue that can risk your business. The faster you are able to deal with an issue, the better it will be for your visitors and your overall traffic. Not only is the support great, but the community in general can be a great asset. They will be able to answer any questions you might have, help you with themes, give you advice, and plenty more. All you have to do is start interacting with the community and you will have an endless amount of potential for your new business website.

Themes and Customization options

An important aspect for any business website is how well it is designed and if it will attract a certain target demographic. With the incredible amount of different theme options, you will have no problem finding a perfect layout for your website, and also a beautiful design. Once you find a theme to base your website off of, you can then just customize it until it is perfect for your business. You will not need to know ay HTML, CSS, or any other language to make changes. Although, it would help a lot if you did know the basics, that way you could easily just make all of the changes directly in the code.


Over the years they have increased their security and have continuous updates to ensure their users are as safe as possible. It is common nowadays to run into hackers or accidentally download a virus, so it is important to have great security, which WordPress has. Especially business websites that might hold a lot of sensitive customer information.

Becoming a successful writer wasn’t always easy for Ness, but she saw it through and now has achieved a major goal in her life. She is currently a writer for and has over 5 years of experience. To give herself a head start, she also majored in English when she was a student. Unlike a lot of the other English majors out there, Ness decided she wanted to be her own boss and now just get hired by someone else. So, she started to take clients and progressed from there.

Interlinking Articles on WordPress

SEO on WordPress is not that difficult. There are DIY blogs and articles that will help to teach you the best ways to use SEO on your WordPress sites. You can learn all about the newest SEO strategies that work the best, and some tried and true strategies that may not be as much on the cutting edge, but that can still help your site.

Interlinking Articles on WordPress

Interlinking Blog Posts Properly

If you are looking for your WordPress site to rank higher in the results of searches, you will tweak your category pages. However, it is also necessary to link new articles to relevant older articles. You need to know how they should be linked, which ones should be linked and what anchor text should be used.

Load Google Analytics

Check your current keywords, to see what articles of yours are already ranking in search engines. If your articles don’t rank #1 for any of your traffic keywords, be sure you link to those older articles from your new writings. It is easier to make improvements on existing rankings than it would be to rank for something new.

Interlinking Articles on WordPress
Interlinking Articles on WordPress

Before You Interlink…

There are SEO nuances that affect the way you should interlink. These are not secrets, but they are the way top SEO users believe that search engines currently work. Links higher up in their HTML will pass more “search juice”. This simply means that if your links are above the fold, close to the top of the page, they are more important than links buried lower in your articles. Keep your links close to the top or middle of your article.

Interlink One Page One Time

The best way to attract top search engine results is by only interlinking each page once, despite the temptation to link more than one time to each page. You can acquire links this way, too. If you work smart, you won’t have to add any new text to your existing posts. You can just find the keywords already in those posts and hyperlink to them.

Links – Automatic or Manual?

Some posters prefer to do their links manually, and others use programs like ScribeSEO. ScribeSEO will recommend where you link and what you link, as well. Doing links manually allows you to fine tune the SEO based on your current data and your rankings now. If you use an automatic program, you could miss some opportunities.

The Best Ways to Link

From the standpoint of marketing, if you are trying to get clicks to specific pages on your WordPress site, you can link to it more than once. Interlinking allows linking of old posts to new, and newer readers can learn about the older posts, which they may find interesting. It will also help in decreasing your blog’s bounce rate. This is more helpful for SEO purposes, too.


Thesis is one of the better premium WordPress themes, and also a community of people who are all dedicated to the goal of building better sites. The members of the forum have a lot of helpful advice for people who are newer to the blogging scene.

Helping Search Engines

If you want search engines to rank every page on your blog, then they must be able to find every page. The bots or spiders used by search engines trawl online and index web page content. If you use interlinking on your blog, this makes it easier for spiders to index each page of your WordPress blog.

Google Looks at Every Page

Google ranks website pages in part on how many other pages are linked to it. This means how many pages, not how many sites. When you interlink your blog entries, you’ll help each article to earn a better search ranking, and it will bring more traffic.

WordPress for Affiliate Marketing: Make Money in a New Way

With the increase of technology, now most of the businesses are trending via the websites. There are many websites you can find for various purposes, not only websites there are numerous blog sites as well. Have you ever wondered about making use of your blog site or website to make money? Affiliate marketing is the best option for you to earn money as another source. With affiliate marketing you can earn a certain commission once someone visits your page, you sell someone’s product or give the visitor a lead to another company.

WordPress for Affiliate Marketing

For the purpose of making efficient affiliate marketing you can use the well known WordPress platform. WordPress can fulfill all your necessities to make the affiliate marketing success. WordPress as a platform has a significant role among all the website owners, due to its impeccable features, making all process simple and easy.

WordPress for Affiliate Marketing
WordPress for Affiliate Marketing

As WordPress can be obtained for free, you can simply obtain it without any cost. Unless for the investments made for the domain and the hosting of your website, the affiliate marketing is totally free of cost where you can earn money with less investment. Moreover as the WordPress is simple to use, even without the assistance of expert web developers, you can create new modes of income.

You can simply obtain excellent results in a short period of time with the use of WordPress. Generally WordPress websites are of two types namely the and the The is the reference used for the free blogging sites, which do not require the personal hosting services and is not possible to monetize these websites at most occasions. The open source software is the, which can be used for your personal website. Though you can use this software for the affiliate marketing, it usually appears as a normal blog site.

WordPress also offers you simple the assistance to manage all the activities as well as the content of your website, thus you can simply gain the traffic for your website more efficiently. As WordPress also integrates with the Google, you can easily gain the visibility.

Ecommerce Plugins

There are numerous plugins offered by WordPress for free of charge to add any feature for your website. WordPress also provides you with thousands of eCommerce plugins, to add the required features of a business website. You can make your website efficient with easy browsing of products, buy now options etc. you can add the description for each product as well as price tags for each one of them.

Building Affiliate Program with WordPress

You can build the affiliate program easily in various designs and promote them with the use of specialized WordPress plugins. You can make your website more consumers friendly by adding the plugins to add features allowing the customer to login to their account, viewing the products, purchasing. You can track the commission gained by the affiliates’ contribution, with the use of these plugins.

Boost Business with Incredible WordPress Development

Every business must have a unique website as online presence plays crucial role in establishing your brand. Here, comes the need for outsourcing a reputed web designing company to get the best development services. WordPress is a powerful open source content management system that allows users to update the content easily without any hassle. It is widely used by various large corporations as well as small scale businesses to manage their blogs and websites. Initially, WordPress started as a blogging tool and now it has gone far beyond it. Now, WordPress can be used to develop e-commerce websites. There are numerous themes and plug-ins available to satisfy user requirements.

banner Incredible WordPress Development
Incredible WordPress Development

Word Development service is an ideal way of developing websites & blogs to promote small and large enterprises. There are many offshore web development centers offering WordPress services at affordable prices. These development centers hire proficient WordPress programmers, who work on custom development projects. An experienced web developer ensures a powerful head start in this online venture. Consider the following pointers to choose the appropriate WordPress development company that helps you augment in online business arena.

Every business must have a unique website as online presence plays crucial role in establishing your brand. e-commerce Incredible WordPress Development.

Many firms offer WordPress development as a part of their portfolio. There are a few points that must be kept in mind while choosing WordPress development service provider:Incredible WordPress Development

  • Thorough Reaserch:

Research is the primary step that can lead you to professional companies that deliver quality work. One may go through any references like friends or colleagues.

  • Experience Counts Here:

Experience matters a lot as a WordPress programmer with considerable years of experience has in-depth knowledge that particular field. We all are aware of the fact, “the older is the wine, better it tastes.” Similar is the case here, the more experienced developers would have handled greater number of projects. Therefore, they will have all the capabilities to give your project a new edge.

  • Latest Technology:

Technology plays a pivotal role in overall success of project. Professional web developers always work on advanced technologies according to the project needs. It is very important to use the right technology in order to compete in this cutthroat web world.

  • Portfolio Reflects Work Quality:

The work portfolio of a company flaunts its design and development capabilities. So, checking a portfolio prior to opt for service is a smart move. This gives a fair idea about the quality of its work and a preview of past development ventures.

  • Cost Analysis:

It is an intelligent step to conduct a thorough research on the cost involved WordPress development and then compare it with the prices offered by the shortlisted service providers. This is the best way of getting a good deal and the chances of getting reduced prices are substantially high.

  • Support Service:

Make sure that they have included support services after sale in their package because there are several firms that make high claims,but fail to deliver the results. The portfolio gives an impression of quality of work, they deliver. Also, make sure that the team has handled such projects in the past.

Support-Service Boost Business with Incredible WordPress Development
Boost Business with Incredible WordPress Development

Advantages of WordPress Development Service:

  • Flexible service:

WordPress programmers usually have flexible working hours. So, they charge an hourly rate for their development and customization services. Flexible service means, one can opt for hourly working developers or hire them for full-time or part-time basis according to the project requirements.

  • Optimization Service:

WordPress website is made SEO-friendly for better ranking in the search results. Optimization services are included in their package. It is highly-beneficial for those, who want to use the WordPress site for their business purpose only.

Optimization-Service Boost Business with Incredible WordPress Development
Boost Business with Incredible WordPress Development
  • Top-Notch Quality:

WordPress Experts deliver top-quality solution providing you a peace of mind. To get a powerful and highly-secured WordPress can be a challenging task without proficient developers. They offer exclusive services at much affordable rates without compromising on quality standards.

WordPress developers ensure maximum customer satisfaction by offering highly customized, easy to navigate cross-browser compatible website. Also, they take utmost care that all the issues related to project are addressed quickly and efficiently.