We collected best of free wordpress theme frameworks. WordPress theme framework are very useful for creating the wordpress themes faster. WordPress framework are readymade wordpress themes with all the pages. Some of them are seo friendly also. So that will save your lot of time while creating the wordpress theme. You can just download wp theme frameworks and build your wp theme on top of it. wp designers will love this list.

List of free wordpress theme frameworks

The best part of wordpress framework is, If you are not having any php programming knowledge then also you can easily develop the wordpress theme fast. You just need some CSS and HTML knowledge.

Here I created I list of free wordpress theme frameworks which are very useful for wordpress theme developers and designers.

Here is another useful link about Framework.

List of wordpress plugin development framework


Earlier 960 grid system was very popular among the WP theme developers. 978 grid system is becoming very popular. Tutorial for wordpress theme with 978 grid

free wordpress theme Framework which is based on 978 grid system
free wordpress theme Framework which is based on 978 grid system

The Buffet Framework

The Buffet Framework is a theme framework designed not only for the theme developers who will be using the theme actions and filters to create the child themes, but also for the end users who would be able to add and remove what they want.

Like most WordPress theme frameworks, the Buffet Framework utlises WordPress actions and filters to allow theme developers to add additional content without editing the templates files using the child theme concept.

List of free wordpress theme frameworks
List of free wordpress theme frameworks


achieve virtually any look and layout from within the one and only X WordPress Theme. Stacks allow you to choose from multiple, completely unique designs with just the click of a mouse, and there are currently four Stacks to choose from (with more in development).

List of free wordpress theme frameworks
List of free wordpress theme frameworks


Thematic is a free, open-source, highly extensible, search-engine optimized WordPress Theme Framework featuring 13 widget-ready areas, grid-based layout samples, styling for popular plugins, and a whole community behind it. It’s perfect for beginner bloggers and WordPress development professionals.

List of free wordpress theme frameworks
List of free wordpress theme frameworks


You want a framework that puts you in control of your design, is 100% open source, and is completely $free to download? You’ve come to the right place. Hybrid Core isn’t used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world by mere chance.


Vanilla is not like any WordPress theme you’ve used before!

And what you see now is just the beginning. I’d write up a roadmap but it would scare me too much 😉

WP Framework

WP Framework is a blank WordPress theme framework, which aims to cut down on your theme development time. It gives you a solid theme foundation to build your project on top of so you can focus on project-specific features right from the git-go.


One of the most influential blog themes, the Sandbox is a starting point for designers and developers—the original and best blank slate theme. The Sandbox is rich with semantic classes powered by dynamic functions and Microformats.


Why does your blog theme suck? Is it the garish color scheme? Is it too hard to customize? Is it the clumsy typography and layout? Or is it just the overall lack of attention to the needs of bloggers with something intelligent to say? Lack of attention from a designer that hasn’t given a thought to the nature of blogging? I’ll tell you a secret: it’s all of those things. And here’s another secret: I hate most blog themes—but I love this one.


An elegant, responsive and versatile theme with a power-packed set of options and semantic HTML5-based markup. It supports Mega-Menus, custom layout templates, advanced support for custom post types, customizable drop-down menus, featured sliders, tabbed sidebars, a magazine layout and lots of enhanced widgets for Twitter, Flickr, Google etc. It has 19 widget areas

This list created by purabtech.in. If you are knowing about more free wordpress theme framework then please write to me and put a comment.

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