keepass start on Windows startup

I am using keepass for keeping safe my passwords. If you want start keepass on windows startup then follow these steps.

Download and install the latest version of KeePass

After starting the software, untick all lines which start with “lock” in the “Tools / Security”. Save by pressing “OK”.

Select “File / New” to create a new database and choose carefully the location.
Note: It’s not possible to change using key file instead of password for existing databases.

Untick “Master Password”, tick the “Key file / provider”, and select “Create”. Select the location carefully. Then press “OK”.

Press Windows + R, and type the “shell:startup” command without quotes. It will open the startup folder.

Set this below as a location for the shortcut. Replace the database and key file location with yours

“C:\Program Files\KeePass Password Safe 2\KeePass.exe” “C:\PROJECTS\KeePass01.kdbx” -keyfile:”C:\PROJECTS\my-KeePass-db.key” -minimize

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