In this tutorial we are going to show you, how to use conditional tags in wordpress. We given code sample for wordpress theme. How to check page is subpage or parent page.

We got this particular requirement of wordpress menus. For that we need many times parent page menu and sub pages as submenu.

how to use conditional tags in wordpress

Using following code we can able to find the parent page and sub pages from wordpress themes. Following code we can put any where in page or code. We can put this code in header.php or index.php or footer.php or anywhere, as per our requirement.


global $post;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; // if outside the loop

if ( is_page() && $post->post_parent ) {

// This is a subpage

} else {

// This is not a subpage



If you want use or add the is_subpage() method then you need to add the following code in functions.php file.


function is_subpage() {

global $post;&nbsp;// load details about this page

if ( is_page() && $post->post_parent ) {&nbsp; // test to see if the page has a parent

$parentID = $post->post_parent;&nbsp;// the ID of the parent is this

return $parentID;&nbsp;// return the ID

} else {&nbsp;// there is no parent so...

return false; // ...the answer to the question is false




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