how to install micronaut on windows 10 – java

  1. install wsl on windows

run cmd as command prompt

wsl --install

Above command will enable the required optional components, download the latest Linux kernel, set WSL 2 as your default, and install a Linux distribution for you (Ubuntu by default)

  1. install sdkman – ref taken from
curl -s "" | bash
#sdk selfupdate force
  1. install micronaut with sdkman
#sdk update
#sdk install micronaut


Download the latest binary from Micronaut Website –

Extract the binary to appropriate location (For example: C:\PURAB\micronaut-cli-3.2.0)

Create an environment variable MICRONAUT_HOME which points to the installation directory i.e. C:\PURAB\micronaut-cli-3.2.0

Update the PATH environment variable, append %MICRONAUT_HOME%\bin.

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