how to disable wordpress post revisions

how to disable wordpress post revisions

disable wordpress post revisions and increase wordpress performance. For improving the WordPress website or blog performance you need use following method.

WordPress saves the post revisions after every 2 min. That takes so much mysql storage.
To save MySQL storage, some WordPress user will be happy using this method, this method is Disable WordPress Post Revision.

how to disable wordpress post revisions

Why we need disabled this featured?

It’ because WordPress created such as dummy data revision and this one make our table sized increased. And if you have limited space, this is bad idea, and of course disable Post Revision also made your WordPress running faster.

Open your wp-config.php file and put the following code in that file. If you are not wordpress developer then dont use following code. Please consult with any wordpress developer for this code.

/* disable post-revisioning nonsense */

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3 thoughts on “how to disable wordpress post revisions”

  1. I noticed on few of my blogs, that have the latest wordpress version (3.2.1) that this method doesn’t work. The database is full with revisions, even this code is in the wp-config file.
    To bad, because as you say it, this revision thing is nonsense :((((

  2. Great tip. I think you can also limit the number of revisions to something like 10. So you wont have 100 extra copies doing nothing, but you still have some of the autosave features available. Just an idea.

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