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How to delete drupal cache manually through mysql

Some time I found some issues with Drupal site. When we make changes in javascript or in PHP code we need to clear the cache from Drupal site. One time I got really weird issue. I am not able to access my druapl admin also.

delete drupal cache manually through mysql

Then I found only one option which is I need to clear the cache from Drupal. Using Drupal admin panel we can easily delete the drupal cache but how can I delete the drupal cache manually. We can delete the Drupal cache through mysql also.


For that you need to use following mysql commands in phpmyadmin or through mysql command line.

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DELETE FROM cache_filters;

DELETE FROM cache_menu;

DELETE FROM cache_page;

DELETE FROM watchdog;



above mysql commands will clear all the cache from drupal. If you want more drupal tutorials than visit here

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