create stencil effect in photoshop

Create new stencil art effect using PhotoShop

Photoshop tutorial for creating the new stencil art effect in PhotoShop. we given full step by step guide with their screenshots and explanation.

create stencil effect in photoshop

Open your photo as per your choice.

Now create duplicate the layer.

Select layer >> new fill layer >> solid color

Select a bright color in the color Picker dialogue box that is going to stand out against your image.

Drag your new fill layer in between the two other layers.

Now select pen tool cut unwanted part of images

It will look like below

Select Image >> Adjustments >> Threshold

For image in black & white mode

Now it will be blurry so we need to adjust the curves. Image >> Adjustments >> Curves

Select second layer & change the color in to black

Now your stencil art is ready now

create stencil effect in photoshop
create stencil effect in photoshop

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