Boehner calls Cruz Lucifer in the flesh

This news is related to US election campaign. Boehner calls Cruz Lucifer in the flesh. Former House Speaker John Boehner is a retired politician, so he seems to have retired from being politic.

Boehner also said he was “texting buddies” with GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and friends with former House colleague and fellow Ohioan, John Kasich.

As for the other remaining presidential candidates, Mr. Boehner praised the sincerity of Senator Bernie Sanders and called Gov. John Kasich, a fellow Ohioan, a friend. While he praised Hillary Clinton’s intelligence he did suggest — as Mr. Trump has been doing recently — that she is playing the gender card in this election, according to the report.

Boehner calls Cruz Lucifer

“Oh, I’m a woman, vote for me,” Mr. Boehner said, impersonating Mrs. Clinton.

But Mr. Boehner’s harshest assessment was saved for Mr. Cruz, who he has not forgiven for spearheading the 2013 government shutdown.

 Cruz, who is widely disliked by his colleagues in Congress, on Thursday said Boehner had “allowed his inner Trump to come out” and charged his comments “reveal everything that is wrong and corrupt about Washington.”

“If you’re wondering who has actually stood up to Washington, I think John Boehner has made it crystal clear,” Cruz said.

And don’t rule out the possibility of an upset in the Democratic field either, the former Speaker warned. While Hillary Clinton will likely secure her party’s nomination, there’s always a chance of last-minute surprises — especially from Vice President Joe Biden.

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