joomla vs drupal

When we want to choose any CMS, First two biggest cms we get in mind. That is Joomla and druapl. Both are very best CMS. I personally love both. That is all depending on you what expertise you have and what is your client is demanding.

joomla vs drupal

joomla vs drupal

joomla vs drupal

Here in this article I will help you If you are not choosen any CMS and you are confused about Joomla and Drupal. They both offers similar kind of features in their CMS in different order. If user or client side if we talk then joomla’ admin panel gives you very nice and user-friendly user interface in admin side. Drupal has admin panel with good admin panel but that is complex as compare to joomla.

Here I will first talk about Drupal. Following is a list of drupal features which I like

1. So much flexible for configuration

2. Great Seo features

3. Drupal need some time of R&D for his features and modules

4. great themeĀ  system. Any XHTML or CSS template can be easily converted to Drupal.

5. User groups & user permissions, OpenId compliant in Version 6

6. Drupal is having lots of free addons and modules

7. Community with great support and API

8. Performance and scalability wise good.

9. No Default WYSIWYG editor for editing content- Need to free module

10. For e-commerce use Ubercart

Now I will talk about Joomla. Here is a list of features which is in Joomla

1. Very easy to install & setup

2. very user-friendly and easy for using

3. No good seo as like drupal

4. free themes and moduls

5. No User groups & permissions

6. So many modules cost you money

7. Not scalable for bigger sites

8. Default WYSIWYG editor for editing content

9. For ecommerce use Virtuemart

Conclusion: I recommend choose Drupal as CMS. Drupal is litter hard then joomla for work on and user interface side. But performance and if you see future side drupal is good.

SEO is major factor in these days for your any website for ecommerce and marketing or anything. In that scenario choose Drupal. Because Drupal is providing best options and features with SEO.

What You are thinking about Joomla and Drupal, please share with me.

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