How to speed up wordpress blog or site

Many wordpress blogger always spending some time for speeding up there blogs. In this aritcle I will tell you how you can speed up your wordpress blog with easy steps. Loading your website is very important. If your blog or site not more fast then bounce rate of your website will be high.

 speed up wordpress blog

There is apache module called zlib. which is used for compression.

zlib is a lossless data-compression library that will help you to serve your pages faster. This will compress the static data of your website. like images, css and media and javascript files. It compresses the PHP that WordPress sends to your visitor’s browser so that it displays much more quickly. Compressing and sending is much faster than sending the PHP in its full size format.

 speed up wordpress blog

speed up wordpress blog

If you are using dedicated hosting service then easy to make changes in your files but if you are using the shared hosting then first you need to check zlib compression is available or not.

For checking zlib library create the phpinfo() file and see the zlib is there or not.

Mostly 99% shared hosting gives zlib compression facility. Just open your header.php file from your wordpres theme folder and following code in that file in top of file section.

ini_set(’zlib.output_compression’, ‘On’);
ini_set(’zlib.output_compression_level’, ‘1′);

This change will save your bandwidth and webpage will load faster. you can see the result after doing this change. In my site I saw the difference.

Website will load 3 to 4 times faster than earlier.

 speed up wordpress blog

speed up wordpress blog


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