How to read xml using php

Many new PHP developer looking for how to easily read the xml file. In this tutorial I will show you how to read the xml file using PHP language. Here I given the sample code for parsing the XML using PHP.

How to read xml using php

This is my xml file format and file name is readxml.xml file

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<!-- our XML-document describes a purchase order -->


 <name>My name</name>
 <address>My address</address>

 <!-- a collection element, contains a set of items -->

 <label>Some music</label>

 <label>Some video</label>



This is one php file called test.php and code as follows

 //create new document object
 $dom_object = new DOMDocument();
 //load xml file

 $item = $dom_object->getElementsByTagName("item");

 foreach( $item as $value )
 $codes = $value->getElementsByTagName("code");
 $code  = $codes->item(0)->nodeValue;

 $types = $value->getElementsByTagName("type");
 $type  = $types->item(0)->nodeValue;

 $labels = $value->getElementsByTagName("label");
 $label  = $labels->item(0)->nodeValue;

 echo "$code - $type - $label <br>";

When you run the readxml.php file. you will see the following output.

687 – CD – Some music
129851 – DVD – Some video


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