how to add top button in wordpress website

Adding top button link is always good for users of blog. This is good for SEO also and your blog became more seo friendly this way.

how to add top button in wordpress

You just need to add the following CSS code into style.css file.

#topbutton{display: block;border: 0;position: fixed;  bottom: 20px; right:0;

After this open your header.php file from your wordpress theme folder and after body just add following link code in that file.

<a name="top"></a>

After this open your footer.php file and at the end of body tag add following code in that file.

<a href="#top"><div id="topbutton">
bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/images/top-button-wordpress.png" />

put following image in your wordpress theme’s images folder. Just right click and save the image and put that in your images folder.

You can change css as per your requirement. This article is written by If you are having any dobuts then please write to me.

Your button link will look like as follows:

add top button in wordpress

add top button in wordpress

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