Best Budget Gaming SMPS or PSU for Gamers and Video Graphers

SMPS (Switched mode power supply) or PSU (Power Supply Unit) is the very important part of your computer. All parts are running through SMPS. It is important for PC performance and stability. As per your PC components power requirement you should go with good brand SMPS. I personally prefer to use 80 plus brooze certified SMPS if you are planning to create great performance PC for gaming or video editing.

New generation CPU and motherboard does not require much power. So You need to check GPU power requirent and based on that get your SMPS.

For Gamers and video editor I suggest 650Watt. For normal PC users and moderate gamers can go with 450watt SMPS.

Here are some list of SMPS:

Circle 400 Watt CPH698 V12 SMPS

CPH698V12 Power Hub Series from Circle, Its new range of high-end performance Power Supplies. Designed to appeal the user looking for a truly premium power supply. The range Boast many cutting-edge features, several of which have never been offered before. The power Hub included with 12cm Fan for better cooling and it can supports the Voltage range from 200 volt to 280 Volt. Its cutting edge technology gives high stability, reliability and “Quiet” cooling for your digital world. It controls OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, And moreover it comes with the life time support.

Corsair VS450

The best value for money power supply in this 400W range. It is very much affordable but does not compromise on performance. It is a 450 Watt SMPS and has got single 12V Rail with 34A current on it, which is sufficient for a mid-range PC with a decent mid-range graphics card. It has got up to 85% efficiency which means more performance and lesser power consumption and heat generation.

Circle APFC 500 Watts PSU

500 Watt power supply unit for system with high configration Energy saving design with high efficiency more than 82% • OCP, OLP, OPP, OVP, SCP, UVP Protection • Intel I3, I5 and I7, AMD. & also supports Dual Core CPU • Super silent 12cm sleeve bearing thermally controlled fan • 20+4 pins (Nylon sheeve), P4+P4 (Nylon sheeve) • 3PATA (Nylon sheeve), 1FDD, 4SATA (Nylon sheeve) • 1PCI – E (6+6+2) (Nylon sheeve) • 100% High temperature burn, 100% HI-POT tested • Active Power Factor Correction (APFC)

Cooler Master Thunder 450W

A very good 450 Watt SMPS from Cooler Master. Build quality and components quality is very good and it has got dual 12V Rails with total current of 39A (21A + 18A) on them. Its efficiency is up to 85% at typical load.

Antec VP450P

One of best 450 Watt SMPS that has 85% efficiency. Great quality power supply with dual 12V rails having total current of 36A (18A + 18A). Antec is well known worldwide for making high quality power supplies, so you can safely go for any of their power supplies without any second thought.

Corsair VS550

Another value for money and reliable power supply from corsair in 500 Watt range. It has got a single 12V Rail with ample 42A current on it, that is good enough for a mid-high range PC with a decent graphics card. It is rated at 550 Watt.

Cooler Master Thunder 500W

A good quality 500 Watt PSU from Cooler Master with dual 12V Rails. The total current on 12V Rails is 45A (24A + 21A). A very nice power supply for users who are looking for a good 500W SMPS for their PC. It also offers up to 85% efficiency.

Cooler Master Masterwatt Lite 500

MasterWatt Lite is buit with +PWM technology which enhances product reliability and performance. ERP 2013 and new CE energy saving can lower the cost off your electronic bill. It’s an ideal for basic computing systems.– — — Connectors : MB 20+4 Pin x1, CPU 12V 4+4Pin x1, SATA x6, Peripheral 4 Pin x3, FDD Cable 4 Pin x1, PCI-e 6+2 Pin x2. Lighten the Load Power on. We want the MasterWatt Lite Series to be that simple. In the box are all the essentials of a reliable engine so you don’t have to think about it. We added higher-end perks like Active PFC and PWM technology for more stability, and made sure we met ErP 2013 and CE ratings for safety and low energy impact. It’s the survival kit for reliable, affordable power. — Advanced Circuit Design Active PFC + PWM combined with dual forward topology and double EMI filter enhances power output efficiency and increases the performance and stability of your system. — Silent and Durable Fan Cooler Master’s 120mm HDB temperature control fan can operate more smoothly without friction, which makes it quiet and more durable. — Green Power Compliant with ErP 2013 Lot6, which guarantees that your PSU will use less than 0.5W on system standby and lower than 45% transferring efficiency on 5V standby. — Safety Guardian Full protection (OCP/OVP/SCP/OPP) with built-in Over Temperature Protection (OTP). Minimizes the risk of damage from power outages.

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