Solved : Channel pear is already initialized

I faced channel pear installation issue many times on many linux OS. I installed the pear package first then I removed pear package from linux box. Then when I again tried to install the pear package on box I got the following error. I solved the channel pear issue using following commands.

Solved : Channel pear is already initialized

[root@localhost purab]# pear channel-discover
Channel “” is already initialized
[root@localhost purab]# pear install cakephp/CakePHP
No releases available for package “”
install failed

[root@localhost purab]# pear remote-list -c cakephp
File not valid (redirected but no location)

[root@localhost purab]# pear install cakephp/CakePHP
No releases available for package “”
install failed

[root@localhost purab]# pear channel-discover
Channel “” is already initialized
[root@localhost purab]# pear upgrade pear
Nothing to upgrade

Following command is solved my issue and I am able to install pear package successfully.
[root@localhost purab]# pear clear-cache
reading directory /var/cache/php-pear
302 cache entries cleared

[root@localhost purab]# pear install cakephp/CakePHP
Unknown remote channel:
Did not download optional dependencies: channel://, use –alldeps to download automatically
cakephp/CakePHP can optionally use package “channel://” (version >= 3.5.0)
downloading CakePHP-2.4.2.tgz …
Starting to download CakePHP-2.4.2.tgz (1,377,541 bytes)
……………done: 1,377,541 bytes
install ok: channel://
[root@localhost purab]#

Use following command command for solve the issue.
#pear clear-cache

create self signed certificate for website and use in linux

Within in 5 minutes you can can create self signed certificate on linux machine. First you need to open console and execute following command. Before executing following command first check openssl utility is installed on your linux machine.

# openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout mysitename.key -out mysitename.crt

Then open your apache configuration file and put following code in that file.

NameVirtualHost *:443

  DocumentRoot /home/purab/public_html/

  <Directory "/home/purab/public_html/">
    Order Deny,Allow
    Allow from all
    AllowOverride All

  ErrorLog logs/
  CustomLog logs/ combined
  RewriteLog logs/

  SSLEngine on
  SSLCertificateFile /home/purab/projects/
  SSLCertificateKeyFile /home/purab/projects/
  SetEnvIf User-Agent ".*MSIE.*" nokeepalive ssl-unclean-shutdown
  CustomLog logs/ssl_request_log "%t %h %{SSL_PROTOCOL}x %{SSL_CIPHER}x \"%r\" %b"

For gettting pem certificate from ssl cert.
openssl x509 -in mysitename.crt -out mysitename.pem -outform PEM

Increase Blog Traffic Using Facebook

Facebook is top social networking website in world so many people are using facebook for social marketing. Here we discussed about Increase Blog Traffic Using Facebook. Here are 10 great wordpress plugins for facebook. In earlier article I talked about SEO and wordpress and website building.

Increase Blog Traffic Using Facebook

Imagine checking your blog’s traffic stats and finding loads of referral traffic from Facebook! What a wonderful prospect that would be! What if I say that achieving this feat is very much possible. Yes, all you have to do is read this post and execute the strategies I’ve mentioned!


I love taking risks, calculated ones of course! Being a blogger, I know that just relying on organic traffic is a ‘huge risk’, which I can’t afford. It is like putting all the eggs in the same basket. And with Search Engines being that ‘basket’, things get a bit too risky! A single algorithm update can wreak havoc with traffic stats of a blog! This is when social sites like Facebook, with good referral traffic, comes to our aid.

If you have facebook account than create vanity facebook URL.

Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird are not adorable animals, when it comes to bloggers! These updates have managed to reduce traffic of sites and blogs by as much as 60% in many cases! That’s why many webmasters now prefer a healthy mixture of organic and referral traffic.

When one source dries up, the other one makes sure that there still is a decent flow of traffic to the blog! Here, I’ll share with you some strategies to help drive more traffic and visitors to your blog from Facebook.

Things to do on Facebook to get more traffic to blog

#1 Create a decent, engaging Facebook fan page (must have)

A facebook fan (of your blog) is like your blog’s spokesperson on facebook! It is the main source through which fans and readers get a glimpse of your blog’s latest posts, your personal updates, tips etc.

 how to generate Facebook fan code

In short, it is a vital ‘extension’ of your blog, a must have entity! Make it engaging, active and appealing. If you treat your blog like a brand, I recommend that you treat its facebook fan page similarly. Here are some tips to create/renovate it-

+ Appealing graphics

Make sure that you use the ‘logo’ of your blog on the fan page. An aspect that many bloggers overlook is the cover photo. Cover photo can be used creatively to garner attention.

Why not put some testimonials/impressive stats and figures about your blog on the cover picture? Well, it is just a suggestion from my side. In short, cover pictures can be used to market your services, build reputation, show off useful posts etc.

+ Consistency

As I said earlier, fan pages are like spokesperson. We use them to update our latest blog posts, thoughts, helpful tips etc. A tinge of consistency in doing these updates will work wonders!

Make sure that you post useful updates throughout the day at regular intervals. A static fan page won’t garner much attention, neither will it drive traffic to your blog!

+ Good Interaction with users

Okay, I agree that you are the admin, you are freaking busy and all that. But that doesn’t forbids you from engaging with your fans! Come on, reply to their queriesask them questionsask for suggestions. Take interaction to the next level!

The prime motive of interaction should be to lend a helping hand! I bet this will make your fans feel ‘closer’ to your blog. And they’ll soon become a part of your loyal reader base.

Another way to boost interaction is by hosting little contests, polls etc on the fan page.

#2 Use Images cleverly

We all know that images have a knack of grabbing our attention easily. It is how our brain works. It has a special ‘liking’ towards images and pictures.

Why not exploit this trait of human brain to our advantage? Hell yes, I guess we all should exploit this opportunity! Whenever you share your blog posts on facebook, try adding relevant, attractive images along with it.

I’ve tried it and found that the ‘reach’ of such posts increased. The reach was much more than the normal reach I would usually get. The more the reach, the more the click through rate will be!

#3 Find that perfect time to share your posts

This is a tricky affair. Timing is very important for a blog post to get noticed and clicked upon. What is the use of sharing posts at a time when no one is online to read it? So, how to find the perfect time for sharing your posts?

Big question is how to add facebook share or like button to your website.  In this article you will get instruction to add like button for your wordpress website.

There are many articles available, which discusses this topic. But let me tell you one thing. The perfect time varies from place to place. It can be found with the help of a bit of observation. Here’s how you should observe-

+ Know your audience

Yes, know who constitutes your audience base. Try to follow their pattern of using facebook. Share posts throughout the day and see when it garners most likes, shares and comments. Do this for a while and you can zero in on a ‘good time’ to share your posts.

#4 Find, Join and Make use of groups

Facebook groups are good places to start sharing your posts. Make sure that you join and share posts on groups related to your blog/site’s niche. There is no point in sharing a blog post related to gardening in a tech group!

I’m a happy member of this group! Don’t just share your own posts in groups. Take time to read others’ posts, share them and build bonds there.

#5 Making use of Hash tags

Facebook too jumped into the hash tag bandwagon. Okay, Facebook couldn’t create quite a revolution with it. But still, hash tags can bring in traffic when used cleverly.

Using hash tag to highlight keywords is a good old strategy. Further, using hash tags to take a dig at trending topics will garner much more attention and reach for your blog posts.

#6 Networking

I see facebook as the best platform for networking. I interact with fellow bloggers and influencers of my niche using facebook.

Networking has a lot to do with give and take. Make it a point to share and promote others’ content generously. You’ll be rewarded for your deeds. Further, it helps build bonds that lasts long!

And if your content manages to impress an influencer, you’re all set to go on a wild ride! If your posts get shared by them, it will ensure some spike in referral traffic. But that ultimately depends on the quality of your blog post!

Things to do off facebook to get more traffic from it

So far, we talked about what can be done on facebook to get more visitors. Now let us take a look at some of the important off site factors.

#1 Sharing Buttons (almost all of us have them)

I know, I know, you all have got those fancy set of social sharing buttons. I appreciate that. Still, I felt it is my duty to list this tip here. The ‘recommended by friends’ plugin is also handy to keep visitors engaged.

As we all know, when a visitor likes/shares a blog’s content using these buttons, it starts off a ripple. This ripple will let his friends know of our blog post, prompting him/her to visit it. Hopefully this ‘ripple’ will go on (depends on the quality of your post and the next tip).

#2 Use catchy (but non- misleading) titles

The above mentioned ripple effect works like a charm when coupled with a catchy title. But please don’t go for a misleading title though, I repeat, don’t go for misleading titles.

I’ve got something for you to ponder upon-

+ Outsourcing Facebook activities

At the beginning, I described that ‘consistency’ in promoting your content on facebook is important. I also suggested you to take ‘interaction’ on fan page to the next level!

I know that it takes time and effort. That’s why I’ve decided to put this extra piece of information, about outsourcing. Why not outsource simple tasks related to facebook activities? If you are willing to shell out some bucks, you may hire someone to take care of social media activities altogether!

What about going for a little ‘free’ outsourcing spree? Why not entrust some simple tasks like updating new posts etc to your friends, family members etc? It is just a little suggestion from my side.

+ Automating facebook activities

There are many tools that automate the process of social sharing. I’m not a fan of automating sharing and social media activities. But still, these tools come handy when you want to share posts on social sites at unworldly hours, such as late night, early morning etc.

HootSuite, Social Oomph etc are some of the many useful tools for automating these processes. But don’t depend on these tools only. Make it a point to use them only when you are time stricken.

Over to you

So, do you guys make use of facebook to its fullest? With the right techniques, one can drive huge traffic to his/her blog from facebook! I’ve been getting good traffic to my blog from facebook, so can you, using these methods. Waiting for your valuable feedback.

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WordPress Optimization: Minify CSS and JavaScript

WordPress site optimization is very important for seo. If you check webmaster tool than you will now importance of minify css and javascript. Here we given some tips and tricks of wordpress optimization. For WordPress SEO get installed Smart wordpress SEO plugin to your wordpress website.

You decided to read this post because you must be interested in making your blog load faster! After all, who loves a blog that loads slow like a snail? No one, I can assure you that. Slow loading blogs have been noticed to have negative traits like- high bounce rate, lack of ‘repeating’ visitors, less user engagement etc. And believe me, page speed also has an impact on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) standings also! Thus, investing some time in minifying CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JS (JavaScript) files to boost page speed is highly recommended! And I’ll teach how to accomplish this task easily!

WordPress Optimization: Minify CSS and JavaScript

First of all, before we jump into the ‘optimization’ aspects, let’s know the baddies- CSS and JS files a bit closer. Err, they aren’t baddies actually. They are pretty crucial components of a blog. CSS lends a big hand in shaping up the ‘appearance’ of your blog. With it, you can turn your blog’s looks from Arun (myself) to Brad Freaking Pitt! I’m not kidding, CSS is that powerful!

Now, let us talk about JavaScript (JS). It is used to add functions to your blog. For example- JS can be used to deal with animations, interactive content (that requires action from user’s end), dynamic actions etc. In short, it is also freaking crucial to a blog’s functionality.

But they turn baddies when they affect page speed negatively. You see, these very useful files are also somewhat ‘bulky’ and ‘lazy’. If you observe the components of your blog, CSS and JS will fall into the category of ‘heavy’ files (well, most of them).

If you analyze your blog’s loading speed using Google’s PageSpeed Insights, you’ll see how render blocking JS and CSS slows your blog down. They are actually CSS and JS files belonging to your blog’s theme and plugins.

Let me explain how they reduce a blog’s loading speed. When a visitor visits your blog, his/her web browser is actually downloading the above mentioned files and HTML files of your blog one by one. Like- it grabs the themes CSS file, then it grabs a plugin’s CSS file, then it grabs another plugin’s JS file etc. This process goes on until all files are loaded up and your blog is rendered ‘completely’.

All this repeated downloading requires much time and resources (of your server). And, to make matters worse, sometimes the blog won’t load up until all the CSS and JS files are loaded (blocking files and scripts)! This is what actually makes a blog load insanely slow!

But, you can’t remove the above mentioned files also. Because, if you do so, your blog’s crucial aspects like its appearance, plugins’ functionality etc will be compromised, leaving your blog useless! So what’s the remedy, you might ask. This is when minifying comes handy!

What is minifying?

I described above about how a browser loads the heavy files one by one to render a blog. If this ‘one by one’ process could be merged to form a single process, it could save truckloads of time! And minifying is one such process!

Minifying is all about gathering these individual ‘calls for downloading files’ and merging them into one single file. Naturally, if we gather so many heavy files and gather them into a single file, it will become ‘super heavy’, won’t it? Actually no, the final stage of minifying process is to compress the hell out of this file and make it as ‘light’ as practically possible! This enables fast loading possible. And this process will also help solve the ‘render blocking JavaScript and CSS’ issue also!

How to minify CSS and JS files of a WordPress blog?

First of all, I’d ask my readers to take a PageSpeed test and take note of the CSS and JS files that are too slow. Then analyze which plugins does those files belongs to. After the analysis, ask yourself if you really need those plugins or not.

If you don’t need them, deactivate them and delete all files associated with them. This will not only get rid of unwanted files, but also free up server resources.

But, under normal circumstances, the above method won’t be of much use. Because we us use only those plugins, which are really useful. Removing them, fearing CSS and JS files is not practical! This is when the following tools and plugins come handy-

#1 Autoptimize

This plugin performs a number of tasks that makes your page literally ‘featherweight’! It gathers all files, compresses it, adds expires headers to it before delivering the final output!

To make matter easier, it forwards the style sheets file to the header and the script files to the footer. I’ve tried this plugin on my blogs and got amazing results. It won’t disappoint you at all!

The set-up is pretty easy. You just need to select the files to be optimized- CSS, JS and HTML. The default set-up will work fine for laymen. If you know how to play around with codes, you may give advanced settings a try! You may even exclude certain files from being minified. It works well with other caching plugins and creates no conflict at all. Overall, a great plugin!

#2 Better WordPress Minify

This plugin is pretty stable and ‘conflict free’. Works well with almost all essential plugins. It does tasks like- gathering files, minifying them and compressing them.

The customization options that it offers are impressive. It gives you much better control, you know. You can decide which component gets minified and which component is to be excluded. Plus this plugin relies on the PHP Library minify and uses WordPress’ enqueueing system. This makes the plugin stable, which I mentioned above.

#3 W3 Total Cache

Many rate this as the best ‘Optimization’ plugin out there for WordPress blogs. Basically, it is a plugin meant for Caching purpose. But being the ‘multi-purpose’ plugin that it is, it also deals with the aspect of minifying!

By turning on the ‘minify’ function, you may save bandwidth by minifying JS, CSS and HTML files. By using this plugin, you are getting two things done- caching and minifying. Thus, you can get rid of an extra plugin (for minifying) by using it! The only problem with this plugin is that there have been some recurring reports of conflicts being created.

#4 CloudFlare CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Basicall, a CDN will host files and components of your blog on their ‘super optimized’ and ‘super fast’ servers. This frees up the resources on your blog’s servers and ensures smooth functioning of it.

That was the description of the ‘classic’ CDN. CloudFlare is a bit different though. It is not exactly the classic CDN. But is it a cool tool!

When a visitor accesses your CloudFlare enabled blog, its servers ping your blog’s server. Then it waits for your server to pass on the files and various components to it. It then optimizes and delivers the content through their servers.

By optimization, I mean minifying CSS, JS and HTML! Yes, CloudFlare has this option of minifying your blog’s components. You may even choose to make those files load asynchronously by using the ‘Rocket Loader’ feature.

Enabling CloudFlare on your blog is ridiculously simple. Register at their site, add your blog, change your domain’s nameservers, add CloudFlare’s plugin on your blog, enter the API key and your e mail address and it is done!

#5 WP Minify

I used to love this plugin. Setting it up was very easy and it worked like a charm. That was until the plugin broke my blog’s CSS! When I checked the WordPress plugin repository while writing this article, I saw a remark that the plugin is ‘broken’.

I asked some of my friends who have been using it. After my little investigation, I found that some folks claimed that the plugin is working perfectly fine. While some folks claimed that it ruined their blog’s CSS. In my case, it affected my blog’s CSS and changed its looks. Also, the plugin hasn’t been updated since 2012!

Still, if you are in a mood to experiment, do try it out. If it messes up the CSS, deactivate it and delete files associated with it. It’ll restore your blog’s CSS. But remember to take backup before experimenting!

I’m eagerly waiting for the authors of this plugin to update it. Because it used to work so well in the past!

I’m about to end this article

I’ve mentioned some plugins that I’ve used/ been using to minify CSS, JS and HTML files of my blog. If you want to mention your own choice of plugin or your own method, feel free to do so in the comment section. And I’ve got an awesome set of social sharing buttons. Make use of them and share this post with your friends!

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Question is, How much youtube pays for thousand(1000) views. This question is asked and answered many time but still am creating this video regarding this because I did not found proper answer to this.

I am doing blogging for last 9 Years now. I earned so much money on blogs..Now recently I started video blogging. But mostly youtubers are not giving proper information to users about income of ads or views of youtube.

This is not true…you are not getting 1 doller for one thousand views. What you are getting you need to check this in video.

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how to disable drupal theme using drush command

Every drupal developer knows about drush and drush commands. If mistakenly you installed some broken drupal theme and you are not able to access site then you need change the drupal theme using drush command.

disable drupal theme using drush, Every drupal developer knows about drush and drush commands. If mistakenly you installed some broken drupal theme

disable drupal theme using drush

#drush vset theme_default seven

Using above command you can set the seven theme as default drupal theme. It will disable the your activated old theme.

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