WordPress Websites with Best Syntax Highlighter Plugin

You can come across several Syntax highlighter plugins on the web, but you have to make sure you have a good knowledge about the plugins and obtain the best as well as the appropriate plugin for your blog. These are the most commonly use used syntax highlighter plugins, by most famous bloggers.

WordPress Websites with Best Syntax Highlighter Plugin

You can come across several Best Syntax Highlighter Plugin on the web, These are the most commonly use used syntax highlighter plugins, by most blogger/

Crayon Syntax Highlighter Plugin

The Crayon Syntax Highlighter is one of the major syntax highlighter plugin built by combining the PHP and jQuery. This plugin stands out as it supports several languages, themes and fonts. It also can highlight from the URL, the WordPress text from a post or a local file.

FV Code Highlighter Plugin

The FV Code Highlighter is the best plugin to keep all the excess codes in blog managed and make it readable to the audience. PHP, HTML, XML, JavaScript and CSS can be highlighted using this plugin. As the colour schemes used to highlight the codes are similar as the Adobe’s Dreamweaver, it is easy for the audience to identify the type of codes you have used in your blog.

Syntax Highlighter Evolved Plugin

You can easily post syntax-highlighted code to your blog site or website, without any requirement for manual change or losing the formatting of the code, with the use of the Syntax Highlighter Evolved. This plugin also uses the Syntax Highlighter JavaScript Package created by Alex Gorbatchev, to support the functions.

Code Colourer Plugin

Adding the code snippets to your blog post along with proper syntax highlighting will be a simpler process with the use of the Code Colourer. This plugin also supports the comments, RSS codes, along with the colour based and defined themes. The Code Colourer plugin also can be used for any WordPress blog as it also supports several languages.

Code Markup Plugin

With the Code Markup, you can add your code to your blog post, so that it is available for the use of other bloggers or visitors. This plugin is the best choice for the HTML codes, as you can easily identify the characters that are to be shown as the code in your blog post. This is also a well known syntax highlighter plugin commonly used for the WordPress blog, which makes the process simple and easy.

Developer Formatter Plugin

This is one of the best plugins to make your blog display the codes effectively. As this plugin also uses the GeSHi highlight system, you can obtain the support of several coding languages, including the ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, Java, Java Script, Python, C++, C, Visual Basic, Delphi and many other languages. If you are a dynamic code spreader, this plugin can be the best choice for your WordPress blog, to highlight syntax.

WP Syntax Plugin

You can have a clean highlighting of the syntax experience using the WP Syntax along with the GeSHi, as it supports various languages. This allows you to maintain the formatting of your website and highlighting even without the line numbers.

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