wordpress twenty fifteen theme review and demo

Every year wordpress launching new default wordpress theme. All Default wordpress theme really base themes for wordpress theme developers. This Coming year wordpress planning to launch twenty fifteen theme.

Twenty Fifteen theme Demo

If you want to check Demo of Twenty Fifteen theme than Check this URL. This theme is rally simple with sticky menu option.  This theme is responsive and mobile friendly. It has really nice UI. Twenty fifteen has three column and blog typography based theme.

About Fonts:

This theme uses Lato,sans-serif fonts. It is really nice font for blogger and visitors. For Other custom icons, this theme used “Genericons” font. This Font developed by Automatic team(WordPress) If you want to see features of Genericons font than visit following link.

Genericons Samples

Twenty Fifteen Theme – Screen shot is here

wordpress theme twenty fifteen-Home-page

Help in Twenty Fifteen Development

If you’d like to help out with fixing some of those bugs in all those tickets, patches welcome. :) And we’ll be going over everything Twenty Fifteen in IRC, every Tuesday at 15:30 UTC, in #wordpress-dev. Come hang out with us and squash some bugs.

Twenty Fifteen wordpress theme review

Twenty Fifteen still under development. Most of all issues has been resolved. you can check issue list here. Twenty Fifteen is in SVN trunk now so it is not available for download.


No new widgets introduced through twenty fifteen wordpress theme yet.

Featured Content – removed

This theme remvoed  section called “Featured content”. This feature had following option

  • Use a tag to feature your posts. If no posts match the tag, sticky posts will be displayed instead.

I really loved this feature, you can check this feature here.

Apart from this functionality wise twenty fifteen has no new features.

It is early to write review

Yes, it is not really right time to give review about twenty fifteen. So I will be going to update this article, day by day.


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