WordPress changed the statistic graph

Today when I logged to my wordpress blog account and looked at dashboard, I saw the new changed statistic graph.
The new statistic graph is looking really very cool. New graph version is better for those who are visually improved so nicely.

WordPress changed the statistic graph

For wordpress blogger and website users this news is really great.

Seeing this graph I must say you will miss having the grand total of both syndicated and on-site views for an entry.

As we know we need to updgrade the “WordPress.com Stats” wordpress plugin to see the updated stats in your hosted wordpress blogs.
You can download or update the wordpress stat plugin using following URL

Wordpress changed the statistic graph

WordPress changed the statistic graph

What wordpress is saying about changed Stat in Twitter.
Sexy Stats: http://wp.me/pf2B5-1n9

As per wordpress:
Each module can be opened and closed, moved, or hidden completely. If you don’t want to see a module, minimize it with one click or use the Screen Options to keep it out of sight. Customize everything and view stats the way you want to.

As you hover over each bar in the chart it changes color and displays a tooltip, giving you more information about the data. If the chart is showing data by day, Saturdays and Sundays have a light gray background to make it easier to see weekly patterns. Under the chart you’ll notice a new area, called “fortune cookies,” where we’ll highlight key stats.

During the redesign we went with bar charts because the end of one day and the beginning of another shouldn’t be connected. Each day starts at zero and we think bar charts work much better for this type of data. We hope you’ll agree once you get used to the change.

In this first phase of the stats redesign we’ve focused on the main page. This will allow us to collect feedback from you so we can tweak everything as we go. We’ve only mentioned a few of the highlights here, so take your stats for a drive around town to get used to the feel. Let us know what you like and what you might change. As we gather feedback we’ll apply a bit of sexy to the other stat pages.

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