WordPress bloggers must install google gears

So many times we saw the turbo link in the upper right corner of the admin area. (Remember when computers used to have a Turbo button?) Behind it is a new feature of WordPress.com, support for Gears.

Wordpress bloggers must install google gears

WordPress bloggers must install google gears

In 2007 Google launched its new product called Google Gears. Google Gears makes it easy to browse the Internet, or sites you have already visited so you can visit them again using an amazing cache technology.

Here I will explain you what is google gears is doing. When we open our worpdpress admin, wordpress will download common images, JavaScript libraries and CSS files.

If we use the google gears then WordPress will store all these ’static’ files on your hard drive and will not download them from the web server. Means each time you are opening the WordPress admin panel that time wordpress will not download the common images and css and javascript. Thus, it should speed up things especially if you are on a slow connection.

Following article which is written by Matt (Founder of WordPress) is really helpful about knowing about wordpress and google gears.


You can go to following URL and download google gears and install it on your local machine.

Google Gears

The Google gears is available for  Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS Tiger/Leopard, Mac OS Snow Leopard, Linux and Android.

So just install it your local computer.

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