what is cloud hosting – Know In detail

In now day many times we heard about cloud hosting and cloud computing. Recently we heard from Matt (WordPress founder) also. Many web designers are not aware with cloud hosting.

In this article I am going to write about in detail about cloud hosting. We are heard about messaging servers and big web services.

what is cloud hosting – Know In detail

Twitter is the biggest mirco blogging website in the world and they are running like more than 100 mongrel server instances on Nginx server for handling the twitter. But still they are facing lot of traffic issue. May be there are multiple reasons. But still one of that is Rails. How much requests single mongrel instance can handle and if they got billions of hits in single second. What will happen we never no.

Who are in server administration they will defiantly have good idea about these issues.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is nothing but multiple virtual machines which are basically does load balancing.

Generally, website hosted on a cloud hosting operates on a clustered servers where online operations are not limited to a single server. By handling security, load balance and hardware resources virtually, the website has access to the processing power of a number of servers that are distributed in real-time.

Cloud computing is a way of computing, via the Internet, that broadly shares computer resources instead of having a local personal computer handle specific applications.

I can say Cloud hosting is solution for multiple dedicated servers. Handling multiple dedicated server is really pain. So for high traffic websites choosing the cloud hosting is the best option.

Google, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook many companies are already using the cloud hosting for better performance.

For choosing the cloud hosting there are few good options present in market. Some of few as follows:

1. Amazon

what is cloud hosting - Know In detail

what is cloud hosting – Know In detail

2. gogrid

what is cloud hosting - Know In detail

what is cloud hosting – Know In detail

If you want information about wordpress cloud hosting then check following URL:


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