Top 15 iOS apps that can lend great experience to WordPress users or Bloggers

Gone are the days, when phone was only used to communicate with others. Now, it has become more than a communication device, it has emerged as a complete new device named as “Smartphone” that is perfect to replace desktop computers. It can be used to accomplish day-to-day activities like health and fitness, to-do-list, entertainment, reading news and many more.

Now, when we say that small-screen Smartphone are ideal to replace large-screen computers, it means they are providing us all the features of computer in a more convenient fashion.

We know that WordPress is one of the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) that is dedicated to bloggers and is adapted by more than 60 million websites. This has encouraged mobile app development companies to design some applications to facilitate great convenience to WordPress users.

The simplicity and minimalistic design of iOS makes it the best among other Smartphone. There is no dearth of iOS applications in the market. Just search for a particular category and you will get a truckload of applications for each category. If you are looking for some iOS applications that can facilitate features of WordPress or blogging then here is a list.

IOS apps for WordPress users


IOS apps for WordPress users

IOS apps for WordPress users

A thought or inspiration can strike you anytime, manage your content on the go with ease by using this app. It allows you to access the revolutionary CMS-WordPress. It offers you a fresh user interface, useful shortcuts and allows access to HTML code image uploads and loads of amazing features.

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feedy IOS apps for WordPress users

IOS apps for WordPress users

For a blogger, it is quite imperative to keep himself updated with latest news and market trends. This app offers a convenient and hassle-free way to stay updated by displaying your favorite news and blogs at same place. Feedly is a latest RSS feed reader, which features an appealing magazine style layout. You can even add tags, categorize or share your feeds with others.

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Social streams and news feeds contain so much information that make it almost impossible to read all at once. You can use this app to bookmark and save some interesting articles, so that they can be read later at your convenience. Pocket also allows you to share, collect or tag your favorite articles.

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Truly an amazing application, BlogPress is perfect to manage various blogging platforms including, TypePad, WordPress, Tumblr and more. This blog management platform features an inbuilt comment management system, facilitates basic blogging operations, images and videos uploading.

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Schedule your status posts, share your status message on your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter profiles with breeze. This wonderful application is just perfect for you. You can also activate it on your whole social sharing process by adding an additional app like IFTTT.

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While writing some articles, we may need to browse a huge photo gallery, and iPhone being a small-screen device can make the job a bit tedious. There comes the idea for this app, you can use Photobucket to conveniently access photos, even from your small-screen devices. It also takes auto backup and features photo editor, new animated GIF maker and more.

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While working on Internet, it is vitally important to maintain unique and secure passwords for each website. LastPass is a password manager application that can help you create stronger and reliable passwords.

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Creativity hits us when it is least expected; it can come anytime & anywhere. It just hits us, consumes us temporarily and then silently escapes. Evernote is very simple to use and allows you to take notes with ease. It offers great features including, saving bookmarks, to-do-list, scheduling appointments and a lot more.

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With video and voice calling, chat, and compatibility with other Google services, Google Hangouts is a great tool for bloggers. It allows you to embed a live Google+ Hangout with viewers and broadcast it live on your website.

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Instapaper allows one to save their favorite web pages for offline usage and allows them to read those saved pages later at their convenience.

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This cloud based storage service allows you to share content among different devices and platforms. There are several WordPress backup plugins that allow you to directly backup the website content to your Dropbox account.

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You can use ByLine RSS reader to connect your Feedly account and synchronize the latest feeds of your website; it also allows you to access them offline.

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Get notify whenever your website goes down, by using Pingdom application. You can use this app to monitor your website and its services.

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Manage tasks and notes with ease, by installing this app. It displays a feature-filled web interface and offers sleek navigation. You can conveniently assign sub-tasks and maintain notes along with each task.

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Instagram allows one to share their pictures and moments in a fun and convenient way. Your recent Instagram photos can be easily displayed in WordPress sidebar. Just copy paste the image URL in WordPress and share the photo with your audiences. It is a great app for bloggers.

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Wrapping Up:

There is a plethora of useful iPhone apps that are designed for bloggers. Some of them are mentioned above, download some, which best suits you; and enjoy blogging or accessing WordPress features with breeze.

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