top 10 social media twitter tools for marketing

Twitter become very popular in past few years and now it has been used by freelancers, designers, programmer, social media company, printing company. There are lot of third party twitter tools developed by many developers and companies.

top 10 social media twitter tools for marketing

Here we have list of top 10 social media twitter tools for marketing. Twitter become popular in few years and now it has been used by social media company.

I collected the information about twitter tools. Using this information you can collect the who is followers, track visitors – who is following, not following, deadbeat users, clean your account.


Find most popular links in Twitter, sorted in categories.


Twuffer allows the Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets, and schedule their release.


Twiddict sends your tweets to Twitter even if it’s down.


Upload and share photos on Twitter.

Twitter Feed

Add RSS feeds and it automaticcly posts the headlines to Twitter.


Get regular updates to your email with conversation trackings, mentions, followers. You can even keep track of who’s tweeting your website or blog.

Friend or Follow

Useful and easily usable tool to see who’re you following, that’s not following you back and conversely.


Tweepler is a much needed and more intuitive way of processing your Twitter followers. It allows you to quickly browse trough people you might be interested in, then follow or ignore them.

Twit Cleaner

Analyses the people you follow, identifies the time wasters, spammers, bots & those who’ve quit Twitter.

Twitter Analyzer

Analyze someone’s tweet stats, popularity, reach, hashtags, subjects and more.

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