TinyMCE Advanced wordpress plugin review

TinyMCE Advanced wordpress plugin will really great plugin for creating pages and posts in wordpress website. It is really great wordpress plugin which I recommend to all wordpress users. Tinymce plugin will make your work easier in wordpress. We personally used this plugin in many websites and it is very lighweight plugin.

TinyMCE Advanced plugin information

This plugin will let you add, remove and arrange the buttons that are shown on the Visual Editor toolbar. You can configure up to four rows of buttons including Font Sizes, Font Family, text and background colors, tables, etc. It will also let you enable the editor menu, see the screenshots.

It includes 15 plugins for TinyMCE that are automatically enabled or disabled depending on the buttons you have chosen. In addition this plugin adds some commonly used options as keeping the paragraph tags in the Text editor and importing the CSS classes from the theme’s editor-style.css.

Some of the features added by this plugin

  • Support for creating and editing tables.
  • More options when inserting lists.
  • Search and Replace in the editor.
  • Ability to set Font Family and Font Sizes.
  • And many others.

With this plugin you can also enable the TinyMCE menu above the toolbars. This will make the editor even more powerful and convenient.

TinyMCE Advanced wordpress plugin review

TinyMCE Advanced wordpress plugin

TinyMCE Advanced wordpress plugin

This plugin has many advanced features which will enable many functionalities in your editor. It will enable many microsoft word features in your WYSIWYG editor. Following are some list features will be added through this plugin.

  1. Font family – it will add some extra fonts to your wordpress sites. You can add custom fonts through advanced settings.
  2. Font formats – This plugin will add extra font formats with font alignment
  3. Tables – We can add tables in pages and posts using tinymce advanced plugin. This is my favorite features in this plugin
  4. Copy and paste – This feature is very useful while creating article.

There are many advanced features added through this plugin. It is lightweight plugin which adds some CSS and JS files to your admin section.


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