solved: [warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80, the first has precedence

Here I am using the Fedora 9 for this example. I solved the issue of _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80 warning in linux

If you want to host many sites on one computer or machine.
I added following lines to httpd.conf file(end of file).

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<VirtualHostĀ  *:80>

Options +FollowSymLinks
DocumentRoot /var/www/html/example1


<VirtualHostĀ  *:80>

Options +FollowSymLinks
DocumentRoot /var/www/html/example2

</ VirtualHost>


When I restarted the apache server using following command.
#/etc/init.d/httpd restart

I got the following error;
[warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 80, the first has precedence

Again I opend the httpd.conf tile and I read following lines;
# Use name-based virtual hosting.
#NameVirtualHost *:80

# NOTE: NameVirtualHost cannot be used without a port specifier
# (e.g. :80) if mod_ssl is being used, due to the nature of the
# SSL protocol.

Than only I uncommented following line and restarted the Server.

NameVirtualHost *:80

My promlem get solved.

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