my review hosting provider for my wordpress blogs

Here in this article we written my review hosting provider for my wordpress blogs. Eight year before I started blogging using wordpress CMS. Review about all hosting providers which we used.  At starting I used some nice hosting services.

my review hosting provider for my wordpress blogs

I took experience of many shared hosting services and wasted my time and money.

I taken domain from at the starting. They were very cheap and nice service providers. They offered my domain with free hosting. I used their service for 4-5 months at starting. But when my site traffic was increased I faced slowness.

Then I moved to domain to godaddy. Then I taken hosting from That was really worst experience of my life. They always took down my site. I contacted their support, Answer I got “Your site is taking too much bandwidth and other sites which is on same server that was effecting so we are taking down your site. That time my site views are only 1k or 2k per day. After some time They asked me to remove your site. Even they did not give my money back.

Then I took hosting from, I faced similier type of issue with They also taking my site very often. Then finally I was very serious about site and hosting providers after completing the only six month of my blogging with wordpress site.

Finally I took hosting service. I was with them, for next 7 months. Till seven month bluehost was really nice but after six month they send me an email saying “There is file limit and bandwidth limit with our server. You need to remove your files from server.”

my review hosting provider for my wordpress blogs

my review hosting provider for my wordpress blogs

Bluehost is not unlimited!

Bluehost at some point has a file limit. I’m thinking it is 100,000 files

You can read this:

Finally I moved my site to VPS. Because I realized there is no shared hosting provider which gives an unlimited hosting. Only VPS or dedicated server was the option for me.

So from last three years I was running my site on VPS.

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