Install drush on CentOS using command line with simple steps

Drush is great native application for development of drupal project. I really like to use this tool in every project. There are some good steps to install drush on Linux or windows environment. I recently installed drush on my centos machine. Here are those steps:

Commands has been highlighted in blue color.

[root@ap107 purab]# wget
–2016-04-21 11:50:43–
Connecting to||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 5264426 (5.0M) [application/octet-stream]
Saving to: “drush.phar”

100%[===========================================================================================================================================================>] 5,264,426    221K/s   in 65s

2016-04-21 11:51:50 (78.5 KB/s) – “drush.phar” saved [5264426/5264426]

[root@ap107 purab]# php drush.phar core-status
PHP configuration      :  /etc/php.ini
PHP OS                 :  Linux
Drush script           :  /home/purab/drush.phar
Drush version          :  8.0.5
Drush temp directory   :  /tmp
Drush configuration    :
Drush alias files      :

[root@ap107 purab]# chmod +x drush.phar

[root@ap107 purab]# mv /usr/local/bin/drush /usr/bin/drush
[root@ap107 purab]# drush init
Copied example Drush configuration file to /root/.drush/drushrc.php                                                                                                                       [ok]
Copied example Drush bash configuration file to /root/.drush/drush.bashrc                                                                                                                 [ok]
Copied Drush completion file to /root/.drush/                                                                                                                            [ok]
Copied example Drush prompt file to /root/.drush/                                                                                                                          [ok]
# Include Drush bash customizations.
if [ -f “/root/.drush/drush.bashrc” ] ; then
source /root/.drush/drush.bashrc

# Include Drush completion.
if [ -f “/root/.drush/” ] ; then
source /root/.drush/

# Include Drush prompt customizations.
if [ -f “/root/.drush/” ] ; then
source /root/.drush/

Append the above code to /root/.bashrc? (y/n): y
Updated bash configuration file /root/.bashrc                                                                                                                                             [ok]
Start a new shell in order to experience the improvements (e.g. `bash`).                                                                                                                  [ok]
[root@ap107 purab]# drush

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