how to speed up wordpress site load time

For speed up WordPress without developer then you can also do that. In this Article we shown,  how to speed up wordpress site load time, Using some tricks you can speed up your wordpress site. Here we given some very basic steps for this.

You need to install varnish with wordpress and apache and increase wordpess website performance so much drastically.

Now more than 19 millions websites build in wordpress only. So wordpress sites market increased so much. People like the faster sites with good content and graphics. If your site visitors are less and content is limited then you don’t need to worry but content grows and traffic of your site increases then problem happens.

how to speed up wordpress site load time

how to speed up wordpress site load time

how to speed up wordpress site load time

When my site traffic is grown then I faced lot of issue. I changed four times my hosting service. I spend to much time about doing R&D about bandwidth and speed of wordpress blog. Then I noted some certain points for loading the site fastly.

In this article I written some points which are very important for increasing the speed of wordpress blogs.

Use the Cache Plugin

Use the WP Super Cache in your wordpress site. This plugin is very helpful, If you are using shared hosting then also this plugin is very helpful. you will see significant decrease in your site load time and much more efficiency in the usage of server resources.

Get good Hosting

Choosing hosting for wordpress sites if always issue. There are some very nice hosting providers for small wordpress sites. If your blog or site is having less than one thousand page views per day then only you need to go with shared hosting. If you are having more than one thousand page views then you should go for VPS or dedicated linux server. But for setting up wordpress on server you need to server knowledge also. If you are having the more than 10k to 20k visitors per day then you should go with Amazon or Rackspace or Gogrid cloud hosting server. For shared I can recommend following options.

I worked on Amazon EC2 and Amazon s3 for many web applications. If you are having any issues then you can write to me.

Hotlinking and Prevent Leeching

hotlinking means someone directly accessing your site images from other site. This will kill your bandwidth. If you want to prevent to stealing your site images then you need to just put following code in .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)? [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)? [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)? [NC]
RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$ – [NC,F,L]

Remove the unnecessary wordpress plugins

We always use the multiple wordpress plugins for various purpose. My advise is as much as possible don’t use the wordpress plugins. Just use the required wordpress plugins. For contact form and share buttons we always use the wordpress plugins but don’t use plugins for that. Use the following articles and scripts for avoiding the wordpress plugins:

  1. how to create contact us page without wordpress plugin
  2. Add the extra new users details or fields to wordpress without plugin
  3. Display wordpress Tags In A Dropdown Menu without plugin
  4. How to change the Visual Editor Font Size wordpress without plugin
  5. Display wordpress Tags In A Dropdown Menu without plugin
  6. wordpress pagination style without wordpress plugin
  7. show popular posts without wordpress plugin in theme
  8. How to send smtp email through wordpress without plugin
  9. How to put digg button in wordpress without plugin
  10. Get the recent comments without using wordpress plugin or widget
  11. How to Add the social Bookmar Icons in WordPress theme without wordpress plugins
  12. How to exclude pages from wordpress menu without plugin
  13. Show related posts with wordpress post without using any plugin

This will save your bandwidth and your wordpress load fast.

Choose the Best Theme for your site

Choosing the right wordpress theme is also important. Your wordpress theme should load faster and minimum quires will fired to database server so your web page load fast. You should check following article for choosing the fast loading themes.

With great CSS and HTML code wordpress themes are great and HTML5 ready themes will load fastly and that is SEO friendly aslo.

Use the Compressed Images

Images always take so much bandwidth so you need to be very careful about images in your wordpress blog. Before uploading images to wordpress resize the image and then upload it to wordpress.

Images that use only a few colors should be saved as .GIF or .PNG files, and images that use a full spectrum of colors (like true photographs) should be saved as .JPG files. If you use a photo editing software, like Photoshop, you can “save for the web,” which will find the best format to save, while still maintaining quality.

Show Excerpt on Home page

On homepage dont show the full post. Just show the excerpt of post on home page. With your post showing featured image is always good. That will attract your user to read the article.If each of your post is a list post and it is displayed in full text mode, then it will be very inconvenient for your users because the page will take an immense amount of time and server resources to load. Therefore you must use excerpts and limit the count on how many posts are displayed.

Compress CSS and Javascript

CSS and javascript files also another requests to apache server. You should compress your css and javascript file in one or two files.

  • Stylesheets

Stylesheets are easy to compress, just use your favorite text editor to delete comments and unnecessary spaces and line breaks. Although you won’t see a drastic difference unless your style sheets involve tens of thousands of lines.

  • JavaScript

Compressing JavaScript isn’t as simple, but it is still relatively easy. There are a number of tools available, such as this one, which is free, that will compress your JavaScript code for you. Better yet, don’t rely on much JavaScript at all if you can help it. If your site has lots of interactivity, moving parts and fancy features, there is a good chance it is running a lot of JavaScript and that could slow things down.

Optimize Your MySQL Database

Some times your tables will go overhead. You should clean your database. For this you should use  Optimize DB, wordpress plugin does exactly what we mentioned above except you don’t have to mess with phpMyAdmin. This plugin will reduce your work. Every 5 posts you should optimize the your database.

Use Sprite Images

If you are using many small images in your website then create sprite image. Sprite image will increase your site performance.


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