How to Install IE6 and IE7 on Fedora

Here in this article we will guide you to Install IE6 and IE7 on Fedora or any linux system. Now days I6 and IE7 is not used by people still I am updating this post.

Note: Don’t became root because these files will crash your linux.

Use following commands for installing the IE7 on your box.
#yum install wine cabextract
Here we are exiting the root user

#cd /tmp
#tar xvfz ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
#cd ies4linux-*
#./ies4linux –no-flash –install-ie7

I tried following command multiple times than I got succeed(6 or 7 times). Many times this command not executed properly.
#./ies4linux –no-flash –install-ie7

To launch IE6 Type on command prompt:

To launch IE7 Type on command prompt:

My comments
IE6 and 7 is running properly on my machine but some time it gives me error about IE7.
I am looking forward to solve that issue.

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