how to increase website traffic for free

how to increase website traffic for free? This is common question which asked by every client. Here are some unique tricks for increase your website traffic.

Here’re some tips to help you in increasing the traffic of your website. Just follow them and get amazing result.

how to increase website traffic for free

how to increase website traffic for free

how to increase website traffic for free

1. Social bookmark every pages!

Bookmark each page of your site and each blog entry you post. While this might seem tedious, it’s worth it. You’ll see a strong increase in traffic if you social bookmark each page on your site and each of your blog entries.

2. Speaking of your email signature line

Believe it or not, people do follow your email signature links. You’ll be amazed how many folks read email signature lines.

3. Start a blog

Start a blog and then once you do, start commenting on other people’s blogs, linking to them from your site or adding them to your blogroll.

4. Make sure your blog has an RSS feed

Make sure your blog has an RSS feed so if you capture a reader you don’t lose them if they forget to bookmark your site or blog.

5. Join in forums

Join in forums that has contents relevant to your website category and keep creating new threads and replying to other threads. Don’t ever forget to add your site’s link in your signature. Also try to make it attractive by using larger fonts and colors. You will be amazed of the traffic.

6. Offer a freebie

Offer something for free that worth some $$$. That can be a free tutorial, an icon set, wordpress themes etc.

7. Offer a help

you can be an answer person at Yahoo Answers – you don’t have to spend hours on there, but maybe a few minutes a week. Make sure and include a link back to your site following your answers.

8. Set up a social networking site using Facebook, Twitter

It’s free and easy to do, just don’t forget the all-important link back to your site!

9. List yourself in the best directories

You’ll have to pay for this but since most people don’t do this (since everyone’s looking for a freebie) you could really enhance your traffic by getting a listing: dir dot yahoo dot com, business dot org, botw dot org.

10. Inbound links

Don’t waste your time on smaller low-traffic sites. Instead spend your time going after high traffic, high quality sites. Good sites should have a page ranking of 4-6 depending on the market. You can find out what a site’s page ranking is by downloading the Google toolbar which comes with a PR feature built in.

I hope these all points will be useful for you to increase the traffic of your website.

Thank You!


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