Google launched the google Buzz teen safety tips video

In this February google launched the google buzz that time many people asked questions about safety and security. On this monday google start to users to reconfirm their privacy settings.
Google really take attention over teenager.They launched the one you tube video about teen safery tips.

Google launched the google Buzz teen safety tips video

I personally liked this video very much and every google buzz user need to watch this video at least one time.

As per this video you can set the following privacy settings.

1. Keep your private information private. Posting publicly on the Web means that whatever you post is visible to all of your followers. It shows up on your public Google profile and may appear in Google search results.

2. Know who’s following you. Buzz sends a notification after someone starts following you and you can chose to block them. If you block someone Buzz doesn’t send them a message so they won’t necessarily know they’ve been blocked.

3. Control your Google profile. Before you can post on Buzz, you have to set up a public profile, but you don’t have to share anything more than your first and last name on the profile. The video reminds you that if you have a photo associated with your Gmail account, “you can chose to use this use this as your profile photo as well” but you can change or remove the photo if you don’t want it to be public. You can also elect whether you want your list of followers to show up publicly on your profile.

4. Manage posts and comments. Teens are reminded that they can edit and delete their own posts and delete any comments on your posts and you can remove comments you’ve made on other people’s posts.

5. Know how to turn it off. If you no longer want to use Buzz, you can disable it from Gmail settings. You can also hide Buzz in Gmail but still get it on your phone.

You can check the you tube video about google buzz privacy here.

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