functions file is important in wordpress theme

WordPress is most powerful tool for SEO and bloggers. We all need the custom theme for our projects. When we create custom wordpress theme than functions file important. functions file is important in wordpress theme. Here is information about functions file.

Here is the detailed information about functions.php file. Using this file we can override the wordpress functions or methods and create custom method for our theme requirement.

functions file is important in wordpress theme

A theme can optionally use a functions file, which resides in the theme subdirectory and is named functions.php. This file basically acts like a plugin, and if it is present in the theme you are using, it is automatically loaded during WordPress initialization (both for admin pages and external pages). Suggested uses for this file:

  • Define functions used in several template files of your theme
  • Set up an admin screen, giving users options for colors, styles, and other aspects of your theme

The “Default” WordPress theme contains a functions.php file that defines functions and an admin screen, so you might want to use it as a model. Since functions.php basically functions as a plugin, the Function_Reference list is the best place to go for more information on what you can do with this file.

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