Free Top 5 Content Management Systems

Content management system is a software system that allow users to create and manage website with basic knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages like HTML/CSS. If you want to publish any content or want to make any changes in web content then you don’t need to constantly interact with a web designers or developers. Once you made a visual presentation of web content, then you can edit or manipulate it very easily and quickly.

Its very flexible about designing, there are lot of free templates available on the web you can choose any theme for your website and change the design of website any time with a few clicks. CMS tools provides a drag and drop AJAX system for their design modes. It makes it easy for beginners to change the design of the site.

It provides a options with the help of them Admin allows website content managers and other users to update content without much training in coding or technical knowledge of system maintenance.It comes with editing tools which allowing non-techical content managers to create and edit content. Registered author or content creator can submit a article but it can’t published until the quality controller and the editor-in-chief approves it.

There are lot of free CMS tools available on the web but we have rounded usable top 5 free and open sourse CMS softwares for 2013 which are very easy to use for everyone. Don’t forget to tell us through comments which is your favorite CMS Software or you like any other. Thanks!

1. WordPress

2. Joomla!

3. Drupal

4. SilverStripe


5. Contao

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