How to create great Landing Page for your website

websites first impression important. That is all depend on your website landing means home page. we shown how to create great Landing Page for your website.

For many of those visitors, it will be the first time they have been on your website, so the last thing you want to do is create a bad first impression that will have those visitors hitting the back button to get our of there as fast as they can.

How to create great Landing Page for your website

How to create great Landing Page for your website

How to create great Landing Page for your website

Here are some tips in writing a great landing page:

Write your landing pages so that a visitor has to do very little thinking about what to do next. Your job is to gently steer visitors in the direction of where you want them to go, and what you want them to do. So, your landing page message should make these things crystal clear. This is no time to be ambiguous! Have strong, concise calls to action that tell visitors what to do!

Bring out the big guns right away! Your promotional offers or freebies should always be above the fold on your landing page, which means on the top half of the page, prominently displayed where visitors can see them. However, you must get them to jump through a hoop or two before handing over the promotion or freebie. In other words, get something you want from them–such as signing up for your email subscription list—prior to delivering the goodies.

Explain the benefits of your products to visitors. People do not buy something because it’s a great widget, they buy based on how a widget benefits them. Remember that, and make it clear how they will benefit from what you are selling.

Lack of trust and credibility in your online business is a big reason why many visitors don’t become buyers. Remove those stumbling blocks to sales by displaying trust and security symbols on your landing pages, along with a brief, reassuring blurb about your business.

Use above guidelines and improve your landing page.

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