Create fixed side or top buttons in wordpress theme

We can easily introduce fixed side buttons in wordpress or any website. In this article I given code snippet for Create fixed side buttons in wordpress.

Create fixed side buttons in wordpress

Fixing the position of any document element using CSS this is very old technique but stillĀ  I am going to give you some good trick to show the twitter button or search buttons or add new button on bottom or sidebar.

Using following CSS code you can integrate the any button on sidebar.

#submit_news { background:transparent url(images/submit-news.png) no-repeat scroll 0px 0px; height:170px; left:0; position:fixed; top:180px; width:40px; }
div#submit_news:hover { background-position:-41px 0px; }
#submit_news a{ display:block; height:170px; width:40px; }

In this tutorial we are using the only one image as a button. As we know we are using the sprite image css here.

Open your header.php file from wordpres theme. and under body tag put following code.

<div id=”submit_news”><a href=”/submit-news” ></a></div>

First you need to create the submit news page in wordpress.

If you want to add the submit news button for your site you can download from here.

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