How to create burn effect on text in photoshop

Here I am going to show you how we can make burn effect on text.

burn effect on text in photoshop

First select text tool writes a text here I am written, “burn”

Second select a fire image & put it on your text

burn effect on text in photoshop

burn effect on text in photoshop

Here I am selected given below fire image

You only have to set the text in center poison of image on front side

We have to set some blending effect on our text

Now select texts go to layer >> blending option >> select drop shadow

Give these values

Now select outer glow

Select inner glow

We also have to add color overlay & stroke

For color overlay select “9C5414” this color value

& For stroke select stroke – 1, color value – FF0000 position inner side

& Opacity is 50%

Now we are going to some burning effects on text

Select filter >> liquefy

Give some small touch effect on text & select smudge tool from tool bar

& Give some cracks on text

So it will look like given below

Now make our text duplicate layer & put on behind to text

Your text burning effect is ready now

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