best android applications for business

In this article I will give your some great business apps for Android? we’ve selected some of the best and most useful apps for your Android smart-phone.

Best Android Applications for Business

All the application are available at the Android Market.


Though Yelp brings its sleek red design to its Android app, it leaves out some functionality.


According to the video on its Website, Evernote “grabs your info from anywhere and takes it to the magic cloud of elephants,” a wondrous place where pink elephants process your data, index it, and make it searchable for easy retrieval. Elephants aside, Evernote is a comprehensive, cross-platform note-taking application that integrates hardware, software, and other third-party apps. The free app captures text notes, voice notes, photos, or files and stores them in the cloud for easy retrieval.

Wikipedia & more!

If you have an Android phone and need a Wikipedia browsing app, then try Wapedia by Taptu. Wapedia may be the only Wiki app you’ll need.

Meebo IM

Best chat application.

Google Voice

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