add feedburner subscribe popup to wordpress

Email subscription marketing is very becoming vary famous these days. There are many companies are focused on only email subscription and email campaigning.  Email campaigning is key focus point for many huge companies. Same with small firms and companies.

In this article I will show how to add free add feedburner subscribe popup to wordpress.

add feedburner subscribe popup to wordpress

Similarly wordpress is used by many big and small scale companies. Some blogger are also looking for free solution for email subscription. Using email subscription you can increase you site visitors so drastically.

Google feedburner is absolutely free email subscription server provided by Google itself. I found very useful free wordpess plugin which allow you to add popup in your wordpress website and force visitor to subscribe email with your website.

This plugin is very useful to you when you are running the corporate site or blog.

SC Popup Subscriber Form (

jQuery Popup Feedburner Subscriber Form appears on Page Load.

You can 1. Enable/disable jQuery Popup Subscriber Form from admin panel 2. You can set the feedburner feed id from admin panel 3. You can change the Heading and Detail from Popup form from admin panel

Admin panel of Feedburner plugin

add feedburner subscribe popup to wordpress admin

Feedburner Pop in Action

add feedburner subscribe popup to wordpress

add feedburner subscribe popup to wordpress

We personally used this plugin for your sites. If you have knowledge of UI development then you can easily customize UI and look and feel of popup. Feedburner is free email subscription service so you don’t need to worry.

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