6 free seo tools from google

6 free seo tools from google, SEO is very important when you are building and maintaining a website, and Google offers FREE tools to help make your job easier.


6 free seo tools from google


6 free seo tools from google

6 free seo tools from google

Google provides very nice free SEO tools here is list.

Google Analytics:

According to the website, Google Analytics gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. User friendly features allow you to see and analyze your traffic data in a whole new way, as well as produce better targeted ads, create higher converting websites and strengthen your marketing initiatives.

Google Trends:

With Google Trends, you can compare the whole world’s interest in the topic of your choice. You can enter up to 5 topics to see how often they have been searched, how often they show up in Google News stories and what geographic locations have searched these topics the most.

Google Keyword Tool:

Undoubtedly one of the most popular in the Google toolbox, the Keyword Tool can be a gigantic help in choosing the right and most effective keywords!

Google Website Optimizer:

A very easy to use free tool for testing your website content to see if it is delivering actionable results. You can find out what leads to the highest conversion rates, listen to your visitors and increase conversions dramatically. A great free tool!

Google Webmaster Tools:

This one gives you detailed reports about your web pages’ visibility in Google search. You can see at a glance how Google crawls and indexes your site, as well as find out about problems Google is having with your site and how to fix them. You can also use the free link reporting tools and query traffic to see which search queries are driving traffic to your site.

Google Traffic Estimator:

This one will come in quite handy as it tells you such important things as average estimated CPC, estimated ad position, estimated daily cost and estimated daily clicks.

Using above tools you can boost your website.


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