6 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

Getting a website running on a WordPress CMS is a great decision and you won’t be disappointed. One of the biggest reasons WordPress is such a great platform is because of the thousands of different plugins that have been created for it. Almost everything you can think of has been made, so you don’t have a limitations.

6 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

website running on WordPress CMS, want to know about  useful plugins, webmasters should have, then take a look 6 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters.


akismat-wp-plugin, 6 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

6 Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

Unfortunatly, we all will run in to spammers at some point during our experiance with WordPress, but don’t worry too much because there is an easy solution. Akismet! It is a plugin that assists by filtering out the spam comments and messages so you can focus on what real people are posting on your site. It is considered one of the best spam protection plugins available and gives your site around the clock protection.

Smart WordPress SEO

Boost your wordpress SEO: Full SEO features Meta Tags, webmaster tools settings, Social AuthorShip for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and XML sitemap

You can enter your meta keywords and description for your homepage and each post and pages.

This plugin will add different Meta description for each individual post as your excerpt of your post.

This will help your blog to rank better in google. You can easily increase your blog traffic using this plugin.

Following are the features:

  1. Preview of Smart wordpress SEO – Home page Keywords and description
  2. WebMaster Tool Verification Setting
  3. Social Authorship for Google, Twitter and Facebook
  4. XML sitemap setting
  5. Image SEO setting
  6. Eash Post or Page SEO title, Description and Keywords setting




AddThis is an incredible plugin that allows you to add any social media widget to your pages. It comes with over 300 of the most popular and used social media sites and is easily usable. So pick and choose which social media sites you use and then give your viewers the easy option to like or follow. No matter what type of site you are running, social media is a great place to expand and find more visitors, so don’t underestimate the power of having a social media friendly WordPress site.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

wordpress-seo-by-yoast,Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters


You will need to make sure that your site is optimized for search engines to ensure that you are ranked as high as possible. This SEO plugin does many different things to help enhance your SEO and to get your ranked higher. Most of the features don’t even require you to do any work, it just does it automatically. It should be one of your highest priorities to get ranked as high as possible, so use this plugin to your advantage.


vaultpress,Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters


Backing up your site should be done multiple times a week, and that is exactly what this plugin does. If you back up your site on a regular basis, you won’t need to worry about what happens when something goes wrong and your site get messed up. You can easily just fix it by restoring your last saved version. There are plenty of things that can bring a site down such as a virus, hackers, malware, and plenty more. Don’t risk the failure of your site, get it backed up!

Google Analytics for WordPress

google-analytics-for-wordpress, Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters


Understanding your traffic is always a big part of having a successful site. Google Analytics will provide you with every detail you could possibly imagine about your traffic. What they end up doing when they get to your site, where everyone came from, your conversion rates, how much of your traffic is organic, what type of browsers they use and so much more. You can use all of this data to understand more about your site and how to get more traffic.

Contact Form 7

contact-7,Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters

Excellent WordPress Plugins for Webmasters


Everyone needs form on their site, it makes it so much easier for users to submit information to the website. This plugin provide an easy solution that is very flexible for all your form needs. You can just have a “contact us” form, or you can create an elaborate from that goes into detail about anything you want.
These all can provide you with amazing results and a much better experience while using WordPress. While these are a great place to start, don’t forget to keep looking for other useful plugins!

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