हृतिक ने कंगना को जबाब दिया – Hritik Roshan’s shocking reaction to Kangana Ranaut’s statement

Kangna Ranaut talking in press conference about Hritik Roshan and Hritik Roshan’s father spoken about his SON affair.

Kangna Ranaut is great actress and she build her carrier own without any support. Still she standing and fighting with Roshen family.

The Hrithik Roshan vs Kangana Ranaut battle isn’t over yet and the latter is ensuring it. In an interview to senior journalist Barkha Dutt, Kangana lashed out at Hrithik again and said at least she was spending her hard-earned money, unlike him.

“When Hrithik says I had an affair with a fictitious person, I feel I am in a space-age film and we are all aliens. He saw me too weak in love, too docile and tame. he couldn’t imagine I could gather strength and send a notice back,” Kangana said.

All bollywood is standing with Hritik Roshan due to his father influence. It is not good. In bollywood also..politics is entering.

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